Upper Downer – S/T EP


Release Date: 11/05/2018

Format: Digital

Label: DIY

Location: Los Angeles

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Chris – Guitar/Vox
  • Bert – Bass/Vox
  • Paul – Drums/Vox

Favorite Tracks: Disarm The Police, Dog Food, Somebody Died, and Glue

Sounds Like: NOFX, Choking Victim, DRI, Fun Abuse, Bitter Grounds, Strung Out, and Beat The Smart Kids


LA Punks Upper Downer has returned with a brand new EP. If you haven’t checked out our review of their last EP, “Dysregulated” do it now! If there’s one thing I love about this band it’s that each and every song sounds different from the last. So let’s check out the new one!

The EP starts out with, ‘Disarm The Police’. This is one angry track. That everyone can identify with. Sadly I can provide too many examples of why we should disarm the police. The latest example comes out of Laramie, Wyoming where a cop killed a local skater, Robbie Ramirez.

Per the news reports it appears the investigation was pending due to the upcoming “election”. The cop who shot Robbie has been involved with shootings before. Due to Robbie’s condition he suffered extreme distrust of the police. Here at CPRA we hope the justice is served for Robbie Ramirez and his family. Sadly the police will call this yet another, “Justified shooting”.

The next track up is ‘Somebody Died’. This one comes in with a familiar Rancid like ska riff, before the progression builds into a explosion of drums, guitar and vocals. The pit on this one is gonna be nasty as hell. ‘Alone’, is a neck breaking turbo smash like song. This one reminds me of DRI and Black Flag. You will soon be breaking shit to this song.

Next up is my favorite on the record, ‘Dog Food’. I can see this one easily hitting the major airwaves like Punk Tacos, or KROQ in LA. It combines everything I love about ska and pop punk. The lyrics are catchy and you’ll be singing along in no time. ‘Piss Jug’ is the next song. This one is about struggling with addiction and speaks to all of us on some level. The bass, guitar and drums are amazing on this one.

‘Glue’ is sadly the last track. This one sounds like classic, NOFX. The anthem like sound makes for a perfect ending for the record. Ok let’s wrap this review up. Upper Downer have composed an EP that can relate to any punk on the street. It will have you blasting your speakers right out of the fucking car. It also feels a bit heavier when compared to the likes of NOFX or Rancid. I’m throwing this EP into my personal mix for CPRA’s EP of the Year Award for 2018. You can pick it up here now, https://upperdowner.bandcamp.com/releases.

Tracks: (Per Bandcamp)



Upper Downer – Dysregulated – EP

Is there such a genre called, “Turbo Smash ska punk”? Think a mash between Black Flag and the Mad Caddies. Although this is no happy trip we’re on. This is getting hepatitis from touching the walls at CBGB’s. This EP is hardcore ska punk. Although not quite the metal ska, but more Less Than Jake meets D.R.I. The Upper Downers represent the gritty LA streets they call home proudly.

The tune Somebody Died starts out with your typical melodic ska beat, has a superb Joy Division guitar riff. Now let’s talk Garbage Human, fast paced aggressive punk in your face, with a deeper fucking meaning. Alone will get you heading for the pit. I love the slight breaks and build up. Now Heroin is probably my favorite off the EP. I really enjoyed the jam opening and the message this song holds. Addiction is a fucking monster and sadly it takes too many too fast and too young.


Overall I really enjoyed this EP. Sadly since it’s an EP. It leaves the listener wanting more. The Upper/Downer band provides a much needed relief from the bullshit we call the “Real World”.

You can pick up the EP here, https://upperdowner.bandcamp.com/releases. Be sure to check them out on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/upperdownerband/. Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/upperdownerband/.

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