Special shout out to Mr P. from DCxPC Live Presents for sending us the new 2MA (Two Man Advantage) record “Live At CBGB’s/Live At The Fremont County Club. He also sent us a killer release from Year Of Fist – Live At The Ivy Room in Albany, CA.

DCXPC Live – https://www.facebook.com/dcxpcbooking

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2MA – https://www.facebook.com/TwoManAdvantagePunk

Bandcamp – https://twomanadvantage.bandcamp.com/album/dcxpc-live-presents-two-man-advantage

Year Of The Fist – https://www.facebook.com/yearofthefist

Bancamp – https://yearofthefist.bandcamp.com/album/dcxpc-live-presents-year-of-the-fist

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