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Release Date:  May 15, 2020                        

Format: Physical (Exclusive 12″ pink and green splatter on clear vinyl record”)

Label: Mom’s Basement Records, Mom’s Cellar Dwellers, Waterslide Records and Council Pop Records 

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On May 19, 1951 a legend was born in Forest Hills, NY, NY. On what would be Joey Ramone’s 69th birthday, 20 bands got together to release a Ramonescore comp called “Ramonescore Brigade. Three awesome labels, Mom’s Basement Records/Mom’s Cellar Dweller, Waterslide Records, and Council Pop Records got together to release this kick ass record on vinyl. It is currently sold out so I suggest you hit them up and ask to make a purchase. Denver locals The Bricheros are also on the record with “Narcoleptic Youth”. 

So head over to and see if you can place an order!

Track List (Per Bandcamp)

Side Hey
Johnny Terrien & The Bad Lieutenants – I Lost My Mind
McBain – When I Was Old
Atoms – Pre-Teen Coke Fiend
Evil O’Brians – I Wanna Be Dumb
Follow Ups – Hey Yo (Ballad Of Razor Ramon)
Fil McRackin & The Hens – Great Eggspectations
Black Russians – A Blaze In The Soviet Sky
Softcrime – Skip The Punk Rock Show
Radio Blast – Dog In The Window
Tarleks – Silver Machine

Side Ho
Barbecuties – Wearing Thin
Yodees – Loony
Radio Buzzkills – Without A Trace
Prozacs – We Wanna Rock
Kobanes – Dilemma
Mean Black Cat – Don’t Sell It (Don’t Give It Away)
Anderson Stingrays – I Don’t Wanna Be A Vampire
Heart Alarms – Digging In My Heart
Bricheros – Narcoleptic Youth
Sad Sally – F.L.N


Mom’s Cellar Dwellers Contact Info 

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Instagram – @momsbasementrecords 

Twitter – @momsrecs

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Release Date: 10/31/2019                                                    

Format: Digital, Physical, Vinyl 

Location: Moncton New Brunswick Canada

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Mike K – Guitar/Vox
  • Tyler A – Guitar/Vox
  • Jamie O – Bass
  • Greg M – Drums/Vox 

Favorite Tracks: Love Letters From The Black Lagoon, Idiocracy, Crystal Lake, Monsters, 

Sounds Like: Ramones, The Queers, NOFX, Aimless Again, and the The Lillingtons

CPRA fan favorites The Follow Ups are back again with a response to “The Half Of It”. The Ramonescore boys are dropping, “…Don’t Like You Either” on 10/31/2019. We couldn’t be more excited! This release is currently in pre-order stage. For the best copy be sure to pick it up on vinyl here,

Let’s take a look at the new record. The first track is, “Nancy Pelosi”. This song is hilarious with some great drum work, and pure Ramones core melodies. Damn do they know how to write tracks with addicting melodies. The next track is, “Love Letters From The Black Lagoon”. 

Have you ever been in love with a person and felt not good enough? Based on the famous 1954 movie, “Creature From The Black Lagoon”. This track is written from the perspective of the monster. 

“I’m lurking just below the surface, 
Patiently waiting for you”

I love the theme and the killer backbeat. The midway guitar solo kills! The whoas are perfectly timed and well placed. “Crystal Lake” follows as a nod to, “Friday The 13th”. The track is like a frontal lobe assault of punk rock. If Jason Voorhees was a punk, this would be on his iPhone playlist. This track is not so much Ramonescore, yet still kicks ass with an original sound. 

The next song is “Idiocracy”. The Ramonescore sound returns with a punch. This track may be related to the movie with the same name. Since the 1980’s the United States has become a “Consumer” based nation. Feeding off the nipples of corporate and political entities. We have allowed them to dictate morality and it will be the end of this country. Will you stand up or join the “Idiocracy”?  Don’t believe me? Just take a look at our president. 

The next track is “Depth Of Character” comes flying in with a heavy bass line. Are we as humans losing our depth? Are we losing the “Humanist” inside all of us? This track will be a fun one in the pit! “Hey Ho (The Ballad Of Razor Ramon)” follows with definite tribute to the Ramones, “Blitzkrieg Bop” and wrestler, Razor Ramon aka Scott Hall

“Monsters” is next and from the “The Half Of It” EP. I still listen to this track frequently from my purchase back in 2019. The track is still a favorite, but I’m even more excited to listen on vinyl now. The minute I started the track I was like, “Hell Yeah”! “No Remedy” is the next song and also a favorite from, “The Half Of It”.

The last song is “Burn It Down”. Now I have to admit this song surprised me. This song seems to be one of the faster paced tracks. It’s sounds like 10 FT Pole with a skatepunk sound, leaving their traditional Ramonescore sound. I would love to hear more tracks like this! This is a perfect ending to an even better album! 

Overall, The Follow Ups, “Don’t Like You Either” is 100% punk satisfying. Not only will it appeal to hardcore Ramones fans, but the pop/skate punks looking for something new. As stated above the record will be best listened to via vinyl. So hit that preorder link here,

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Track List (Per Bandcamp)

  1. Nancy Pelosi
  2. Love Letters From The Black Lagoon
  3. Crystal Lake
  4. Idiocracy
  5. Depth Of Character
  6. Hey Ho (The Ballad Of Razor Ramon)
  7. Monsters 
  8. No Remedy
  9. Judy’s Got A Boyfriend
  10. Burn It Down


Release date: 4/20/2018

Format : Digital

Label: No Affiliation Records

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

Mike K – Guitar/Vox

Tyler A – Guitar/Vox

Jamie O – Bass

Greg M – Drums/Vox

Our Favorite Track(s) : The Half Of It and Monsters

Sounds Like : NOFX, No Use For A Name, Ten Foot Pole, Lee Rocker

From : New Brunswick, Canada 


Canadian punk’s The Follow Ups are back in the CPRA spotlight. As their new ep, “The Half Of It”, drops on 4/20/2018. If you wish to time travel back to the review click here. So when we scored an advanced copy of the ep we were super excited to review it. It’s not often when listening to music you realize you’re actually listening to a novel of some sort. Is this a hero vs villains kinda thing? I am absolutely loving this album. Let’s check it out track by track!

  1. Heart On My Sleeve – This is a great intro and sneak peek into the rest of the ep. I really dig the opening guitar riff and drums. Have you ever been in that situation where you really love someone, and that person doesn’t even know you’re alive? “I’m still a sucker for punishment, just tell me that I can see you tonight”. Man that’s fucking deep!
  2. Krista’s Getting Married – Written to the tune of The Dixie Cup’s, “Chapel of Love”. You know, “We’re going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married’. This is what’s like when the person you’re madly in love decides to get married to somebody else. It’s fucking heartbreaking, but our hero decides to deal. The Follow Up’s really show how talented they are on this track. They’ve turned this older tune, into a rocking psychobilly punk beat.
  3. Monsters – I love this fucking song! I’m guessing Krista changed her mind is now fucking with our hero again. Jesus Krista! Get your shit together! Trying to sleep when your head and heart are stuck on someone else, SUCKS! “I’m running from invisible monsters, and they’re waking up again tonight”.
  4.  At The Drive In – This is a perfect follow up to Monsters. It’s about reminiscing about times long gone. The drums again on this song are amazing!
  5.  The Half Of It – Next to Monsters this is by far my favorite song on the EP. I can definitely see this song landing on Punk Tacos, (Iheart radio you still sucks btw). You know the feeling when a relationship is just awful and will break at anytime? You’re dealing with those monsters in your head and now he/she says, “We need to talk”.  “Hold on till tomorrow, we about to see how bad this can get”.
  6. Rock And Roll Show –  Again the Follow Ups show their talent by shifting gears from a punk anthem like the Half Of It to a hard rock and roll beat. Yet it’s a beat you can grab your girl and dance to.
  7. Tell Me You’ll Be Mine – A simply love song that keeps you head boppin with melody and up tempo beats. Is our hero stuck in the friend zone on this one?
  8. No Remedy – When it’s over, it’s over. This a great progressive song about calling it quits.

Why does this EP kick ass?

The Follow Up’s have created an engaging ep, which shows their talents in a blend of superb punk rock and roll. Their songs are related to the human condition and trying to find strength none can be found. This ep really engaged the younger side of this old school punk. If you know anyone who likes punk even a little, bring them to the Dark Side with the Half Of It. I am hoping we get a tour sometime soon.

Pick up “The Half Of It” on 4/20/2018 here, Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram link – Be sure to also check out their label, “No Affiliation Records”, they have some great bands!