Release date: February 2, 2018

Format : Digital

Website :

Label: DIY

Current Lineup: (Per Bandcamp)
Marc Paraschuk – (Guitar,Vocals)
Michel Nastas – (Bass,Vocals)
Anthony Farina – (Drums)
Ariel Bouchard – (Guitar)

Our Favorite Track(s) : Walking Wounded and Nice Guys Finish Last

Sounds Like : Face To Face and The Ramones


Montreal’s The Brie Face released First Serving back on February 2, 201. So maybe this review is a bit late, like in true American fashion. As Americans we tend to poke fun at our northern neighbors all in good fun. As I’m sure they do us as well!

First Serving is band’s first full album release, totaling 11 songs. They remind me of a mix between Face To Face and The Ramones. Although I also hear other influences such as Bowie and some Springsteen. All of their songs on this album are very relatable to the human condition. “But.. there’s just one thing I could never buy and that’s your drama for nothing”…


This album is a blast of great rock and punk in your face. The amazing drums keep your head moving, while the riffs seamlessly rip through the album. Overall I enjoyed the album immensely. Hopefully a new full length album is on the way! Pick up The Brie Face, “First Serving” here . Be sure to check them out on Facebook, . Instagram link – .