You might love him or hate him, but there’s no doubt John Lydon/Johnny Rotten, has left an everlasting legacy within the music industry. Per the doc’s website, “After the breakup of the Sex Pistols, John Lydon / John Rotten, formed Public Image Ltd (PiL)– his groundbreaking band which has lived on nearly 15 times as long as his first one.

He kept the band alive ever since, through personnel and stylistic changes, fighting to constantly reinvent new ways of approaching music, while adhering to radical ideals of artistic integrity. John Lydon has not only redefined music, but also the true meaning of originality.

Former and current bandmates, as well as fellow icons like Flea, Ad-Rock and Thurston Moore, add testimony to electrifying archival footage (including stills and audio from the infamous Ritz Show). With his trademark acerbic wit and unpredictable candor, Lydon offers a behind-the-scenes look at one of music’s most influential and controversial careers.”


That’s some pretty cool stuff right there. Be sure to check out the movie if you haven’t already! If you have seen it drop a comment and let us know your thoughts! This post will be updated with paid streaming links and merch site once they are released!