Photo by Pat McGuire

Release Date: 9/12/2019

Format: Digital 

Label: DCC Records

Photos: Pat McGuire; except for the album cover. Be sure to check out Pat’s blog here,

Location: Lanarkshire, Scotland

Favorite Tracks:  Dizzy, Oklahoma Girl, Psycho, Man! and Trump, Tories and Other Relics from Middle Earth

Sounds Like: The Damned, FEAR, Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers, The Vibrators, and The Clash 

I was born during the rise of punk legends like The Clash, Damned, and the Sex Pistols. My Dad is a huge Clash fan and instilled in me a love for 70’s and 80’s punk. Although he likes their disco crap, so that’s where we split ways musically. I kid of course, love ya da! So while checking my email I ran across a band from Lanarkshire, Scotland called the Red Lite District. 

As of publication date of this article they are currently with DCC Records. So let’s take a listen. The first track and introduction to the band is, “Dizzy”. The song totally reminds me of FEAR. It could be that the lead singer’s voice sounds a little like Lee Ving. It’s the fast hooks, quick change ups, and simple, but kick ass lyrics that really drag the listener in. 

The next track is, “Oklahoma Girl”. If you have never seen,Peepshow I highly recommend it. It’s currently streaming on Amazon Prime. The show is hilarious and features a female on the show that fits this track to a T. She’s an American gal and quite mental. Everything about this track kicks ass! 

“She’s just a dirty f@#ken Oklahoma girl, 

She’s just a dirty Oklahoma, 

She’s such a beautiful sadomasochist”

The third track up is, “Psycho, Man!”. This track has some addicting lyrics. The simple drum beats seem to lead this track, before the bass and guitar join into the fray. The song reminds me a bit of Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers or even the New York Dolls. I feel this track perfectly fits the state of the world, where every day it drives people madder and madder. 

Photo by Pat McGuire

The next track is gets dark with, “Trump, Tories and Other Relics from Middle Earth”. Holy crap is this track amazing. This song has a sweet garage rock like sound. It’s a bit on the heavier side, which lends towards its message to question authority and those in power. Head to pit when this comes on! 

The last track on the EP is, “Lanarkshire Uber Alles”. It pays homage obviously to the Dead Kennedys song, “California Uber Alles”. The chants of “OI, OI, OI,” heard through the chorus provide that extra burst of energy to make this an incredible song. It calls for change and doing whatever is needed to make that change come true. 

In conclusion, “Bang Gang, by Red Lite District” has proven to me. That the legendary punk sound will never die, but continues to evolve, be a catalyst for political change, and stay relevant in the age of overproduced sampled audio. Tracks like “Dizzy”, “Psycho Man”,  “Trump, Tories and Other Relics from Middle Earth” and “Lanarkshire Uber Alles” tell the age old story “Punk Isn’t Dead”.

Tracks: (Per Amazon UK)

  1. Dizzy
  2. Oklahoma Girl
  3. Psycho, Man!
  4. Trump, Tories and Other Relics from Middle Earth 
  5. Lanarkshire Uber Alles

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WRTHLESS – “Give Me A Reason (Single)



Release Date: Out Now!

Format: Digital

Label: DIY

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Favorite Tracks: Give Me a Reason

Sounds Like:  Good Charlotte, Blink 182

We all had our gateway drug into punk rock. For me it was MxPx & Green Day. It hooked me, so I got into a lot more punk rock, finding other bands of the era, I found Rancid, Bad Religion, then got deep into the roots & discovered The Ramones & The Stooges. But when it came time that I started my first band, we tried to sound like MxPx & Green Day, because that’s what hooked us. It wasn’t for everyone, but it’s what we liked.

I have a feeling these guys heard Good Charlotte & Enema of the State era Blink 182 at a crucial moment of there music development & it stuck with them. Maybe it’s what you grew up with & love as well, & if you did, you definitely should give this band a listen.

Lyrically, it’s the perfect break up song. If you’re heart has ever been broken, & you’re down on yourself & everything you probably did wrong to sabotage your own happiness, you’ll feel what the writer is feeling. It’s a bit emo lyrically, but we’ve all been there, & it has been perfect therapy for generations. Musically, it’s the bridge, the rock & roll breakdowns are great, & I’m sure a blast to play.

It’s music, not everyone will love the same things, but if this was your era, I see the appeal. Go give it a shot. If nothing else, a few streams on Spotify will help a band trying to breakout, so go support their dreams!