Release Date: Mar 13, 2020          

Format: Digital

Label: Batcave Records


  • Pueblo, Colorado

Current Lineup: (Facebook)

  • Lucian: Stand Up Bass, Electric Bass and Vocals
  • Pickle:Drums
  • C. Von Los: Guitar and Vocals

Favorite Tracks: Semjaza: The Sermon, Hellbound, Two Bullets, Semjaza: Occult, Pissin’ on My Leg

Sounds Like: Dick Dale, Lucitones, Gamblers Mark, Rev Horton Heat, Queen City Sinners, Nick 13, Tiger Army, The Meteors, and The Long Tall Texans

I am in a state of absolute shock as many of us struggle with the Covid-19 isolation. There’s one thing we must do, “Stay positive”! For almost all of us this sort of thing has never happened before. Our friends and families are losing their jobs, supplies are running low, and overall hope is diminished. Now is the perfect time to support our underground artists struggling to make ends meet. 

The Colorado music community has banded together to help each other out with fundraising and volunteering. We may be into all different types of music, but we all share a common goal of making it through these trying times. This Friday, March 20, 2020, our merch vendor is waiving all fees and allowing artists to collect all proceeds. We here at CPRA will donate all proceeds from Friday to Punk Rock Saves Lives, a local non profit organization. You can find our merch here for the 3/20/2020 sale,

Pueblo’s The Dead End have been nonstop supporters of CPRA since the very beginning. Their style of catchy, dark, psychobilly have made them one of my personal favorite bands.  Now it’s our turn to give back to an awesome band that fills my life with hope. They dropped their new record, “Hellbound” recently via their label, Batcave Records. So let’s give this record a spin! 

The first track is “Semjaza: The Sermon”. Per, Wikipedia, “In the Book of Enoch, the watchers (Aramaic עִירִין, iyrin) are angels dispatched to Earth to watch over the humans. They soon begin to lust for human women and, at the prodding of their leader Samyaza, defect en masse to illicitly instruct humanity and procreate among them”. I don’t know about you, but Semjaza sounds like he would be fun to party with. 

This song feels straight outta the late 1950’s and inspired by legendary guitarist Dick Dale, played by the infamous Creeper C. Von Los. Lucian’s bass pounds with every thump. With no feeling of dread, it’s time to start this journey down with Pickle on drums. The next rack is “Hellbound”.  I adore this track! Grab your dancing partner and step on the Hellbound train. Everything about this track is perfection! 

Track 3 is “Two Bullets”. Not only is this a great dancing song, but it’s filled with an exceptional story line. We’ve all been there in a fit of jealousy and rage. Now of course we are not acting on our impulses, but with track Creeper is planning love rampage. Pickle’s drums are excellent, while the guitar has an amazing old school country steel sound.  

“A bullet for her,

bullet for him,

bang bang baby,

I shot them dead”

The next song is “Young Hollow” and continues a wicked storyline. Lucian’s upright bass foretells a dark, dangerous tale before the drums and guitar join the fray. This song feels a little more on the punk rock side, while still retaining the elements of psychobilly. “Neon Moon”, follows and no it’s not the lame Brooks And Dunn version.  This is one of the slower tracks, but another fantastic narrative.

The next track is “Little Sister”, a cover written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman and made famous by Elvis Presley. The Dead End’s version is faster, heavy on bass and an overall blast. Next is another personal favorite track, “Semjaza: Occult”. This song is 100% pure psychobilly as it clocks in at a whopping 1:08.

Pic by Deadhand Art

Sadly we are down to the last new track from The Dead End, with “Pissin’ on My Leg”. By far my favorite on the record. This track is  addicting with catchy lyrics, combined with heavy bass thumps, wicked drums and perfected vocals. We can ALL relate to this song. Why are they not headlining Viva? 

To sum this record up, The Dead End’s, “Hellbound” is by far their best release to date. Their mix of blues, classic country, and punk rock has been masterfully composed and fires on all hot rod cylinders. Be sure to hit the purchase button on many of the links below. Cpra hopes to get the Dead End back into Denver as soon as we are all given the go ahead! 

Format: Anyone who pre-orders the CD or LP will get a signed copy from the band!

Release Date: May 17th, 2019

Label: Primal Beat Records

Location: Fullerton, CA

Production: Album produced and engineered by Paul Miner whose credits include

New Found Glory, C.J. Ramone, Lisa Loeb, Adolescents, Thrice, Agnostic Front

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Greg Antista-
    (of) Joyride, Foxy, Flock Of Goo Goo.
  • -Warren Renfrow-
    (of) Cadillac Tramps, Manic Hispanic, Adolescents, Agent Orange, The Black Diamond Riders.
  • -Jessica Kaczmarek-
    (of) The Busstop Hurricanes, Russell Scott & The Red Hots, Bourbon Jones.
  • -Jorge E. Disguster-
    (of) CoDependents, Mr. Mirainga, Mink Daggers, Disguster.

Tracks and Art: All songs by Greg Antista except “Forever” by Steve Soto

Recorded & Produced by Paul Miner at Buzzbomb Studios, Orange, C

Logo & cover art by Louis Perez III

Favorite Tracks: Shiver, Goodnight Ramona, Forever, Carmelita, and Finally Say Goodbye

Sounds Like: Social Distortion, Reno Divorce, The Dead End, Tiger Army, Stray Cats, and Gamblers Mark.

There’s nothing in this world like some good old-fashioned rockabilly. Just like Brian Setzer’s, “Really Rockabilly” song. I have no idea what exactly is considered rockabilly in this day and age. Hell by now there’s probably even emocore rockabilly. We don’t get a lot of Rockabilly into CPRA. I’ll be the first to say hey, “That’s my review”!   

Pic By: Harmony Gerber

The story behind the formation of Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets is intriguing. The band has actually been playing together for many years before forming as the Lonely Streets. Just look up at line up notes above. This band is full of excellent and talented musicians. As you can see here multiple members from various legendary California bands.

The coolest part of this story for me is Greg Antisita’s friendship with Steve Soto. In 1990 Antista joined Soto in Joyride. Joyride released two well-received pop punk albums with Johnny Bravo (1992) and Another Month of Mondays (1994). I played this shit outta of Johnny Bravo back in the 90s.

Forward to 2019, this Socal outfit is ready to release their first new album, “Shake Stomp And Stumble”. CPRA was given exclusive access to preview the new album. Let’s check out some tracks. The first track is “Shiver”. This track is filled with some excellent bass and guitar. Right away your ears are gonna perk up. The lyrics are quite catchy while not relayed in a generic sense. Kaczmarek kills it on guitar.  Did I mention she is endorsed by Gretsch Guitars? How badass is that?

“Goodnight Ramona” is next and by far my favorite track on the list. There is a perfect blend of outlaw country, punk and rock. The drums really draw me in followed by some kick ass vocals by Antista and crew. Grab you a dancing partner and hit the dance floor. Funny thing is for a punk site. I don’t get to say that very often. I love this song, because although it retains an old-fashioned sound, it resonates with anyone leaving a relationship.

Goodnight Ramona Debut Video

“Nasty Weather”, follows with some great drum work. This song has a very Social D like sound to it with that familiar Socal surf. The lyrical writing on this is fantastic.  

“When the stars above are fallin’, and the streets below they offer no hope
It looks like nasty weather, you better find yourself some shelter
And we all go down together”

“U-Haul”, is the next track up. It almost feels like Antista is writing the song directly to me! We’ve all been in that shitty relationship. You get home and the house is empty, or they stole all your stuff. Yet another track with some great lyrics, drums and excellent guitar work.

Pic By Harmony Gerber

“Beat Down And Broken” follows up. Per Greg Antista, “This is the tale of a personal rock bottom that I hit in the years following the demise of Joyride. Although I typically enjoy intertwining reality and fiction when writing lyrics, this one felt like it needed to be literal. For me, the Thunderbird, the city and street shout outs — they, all help the song to ring true. I love this tune. We’ve all been beat down and broken.

“One by one the good things they all melt away
Till you find yourself at daybreak in Westminster again
The Thunderbird she’s come to die in this Chevron parking lot
There goes the last friend that I got”

“They Killed Lily Bell” is another one of my favorites. Personally I thought this was a cover of a much older song, but it was written by Antista. I was a huge fan of AMC’s, Hell On Wheels. This song pays tribute to the character Lily Bell. In the show her husband was killed by Indians, and she escaped only to be strangled later by the show’s antagonist the Swede. Frankly I was pretty pissed off at AMC for this, but I realize that it helped build the main character, Bohannon.

This track sounds like it pulls some influences from Richie Valens or Orbison. It just plain rocks! This is more on the western swing side. Per Greg Antista, “Lily Bell was the lead female character on the AMC series Hell on Wheels. She was abruptly killed off in a season finale and the song wrote itself. It provided a great chance to sing about the backstabbing and betrayal we all encounter at some point.”

“Forever”, this is a cover from Steve Soto’s version. This version pays pure tribute to Soto. It made me tear up a little. It deals with band struggles, being on the road, and feeling far from home. Soto’s is more on the folk side, while Antista is electrified. No matter whose version you prefer the most. This song still kicks ass.

Steve Soto – Forever

“Carmelita”, brings in a heavy bass before the melody kicks in. I know I mentioned Valens before. This song proudly represents the sweet album cover by, Louis Perez III, but also the proud Hispanic culture of Southern California. This is a simple love song, still well paced and very well written.

The record closes out with another hip shaker, “Finally Say Goodbye”. This song has more of an old school Ramones sound to it, still keeps that twang the rockabilly guys and gals love. Overall I’m sad this review has come to an end. Greg Antista & Lonely Streets, “Shake, Stomp and Stumble”, is masterfully composed. It’s the perfect blend of outlaw country, punk, and rock and roll. I can only hope that this review has done this album the ultimate justice it deserves. Hit that pre-order link here,

Pic By Harmony Gerber


1. Shiver

2. Goodnight Ramona

3. Nasty Weather

4. U-Haul

5. Beat Down and Broken

6. They Killed Lily Bell

7. Forever

8. Carmelita

9. Finally Say Goodbye

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#CPRAMusicNews – Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets release their debut video for “Goodnight Ramona”.

We will have a review coming out later this month for this record. All I can is guys and gals, punkers, rockers, rockabilly lovers, you’re gonna love this record! Hit the pre-order info below!


Shake, Stomp and StumbleLP/CD/DL
Primal Beat Records
Pre-order: HERE

Greg Antista & the Lonely Streets:
Facebook: gregantistaandthelonelystreets
Twitter: @greg_antista
Instagram: @gregantistaandthelonelystreets

Release date: May 29, 2018

Format: Digital

Label: DIY

Location: Denver, CO

Current Lineup: 

Ethan – Drums

Seth- Guitar and vocals

Favorite Tracks: The Munsters (Theme cover), Icepick Lobotomy, Rigormortis Blues, Alien LSD

Sounds Like: The Turbonauts, Dead End, Hayley and The Crushers, Lucy and The Rats, Dick Dale, Tiger Army, and The Cramps.



The one genre we don’t seem to get to review much is by far surf. We reviewed Arvada, Colorado based band The Turbonauts back in May.  I realized back then how much I really enjoy listening to surf music in general. I don’t know if it’s the guitar fuzz or the Ventures popularized drum surf beat. As soon as I hear it. I’m already hooked. As I started listening to The Swamp Rats, “Manslaughter Of Natural Magnitude”. That old familiar feeling came back to me.

Now let’s mix in some baddies from the “Monster Era”. Now add in some kick ass scifi references as well. What do you get? This is a homegrown mile high monster of an album. Yeah I’m gonna use some gifs on this review. So prepare yourself now for the epic proportions of cheese like gifs coming your way.



The album starts with ‘Spacehelmet Aquarium’. This song has some great drum work. It’s a great intro into the rest of the record. Now many of these songs are purely instrumental as is this one. I could be wrong, but I think I hear an organ or keyboard in the background.  It gives off that surfy, yet kinda creepy feeling.



‘Waterboard Your Neighbor” is up next. For whatever reason this song reminded me of the show CHIPS. No idea why, but probably when the boys are chasing down some baddies. The guitar on this absolutely shreds.

‘Skiffilin Daze’, slows down the record, yet brings it around with a funk beat. This song will sure to be a favorite among those super high in the audience. Haha! ‘Broken UFO’ comes up next on the album. This one brings back the fuzz! I really like the guitar riff on this one.

‘Munsters’, this is cover of the theme song from the hit tv show with the same title. This is a fantastic little cover! It brings back some great memories of watching the show with my grandfather.


‘Creature From The Black Spitune’, this is a rocking song with some some awesome sound clips. The drums return with a vengeance.  The title is obvious a fun take on the movie, The ‘Creature From The Black Lagoon’. ‘Benders Family Inn”, now I could be wrong on this one. I think this song may be referring to American serial killers, The Bloody Benders. This is actually the only song I can tell with band vocals. It has great little western twang to it. I really dig the progression towards the end of the song.



‘Rigormortis Blues’, is up next and returns back to a surf sound. This one will get those guys and gals out on the dancefloor. Yet it still retains that creepy, “Monster Mash” feel. ‘Alien LSD’, is the last song on the record. It’s quick and acts as if more of a finally type outro.



The Swamp Rats have crafted a monster. Their psychobilly surf sound is like walking through a cheesy 1960’s monster movie. Except in this movie Frankie Valli is an evil scientist that surfs and makes monsters. If I could change one thing about this album would be the addition of an upright bass. Be sure to check out their music here, !

Track list:

  1. Spacehelmet Aquarium
  2. Waterboard Your Neighbor
  3. Icepick Lobotomy
  4. Skiffilin Daze
  5. Broken UFO
  6. The Munsters
  7. Creature From The Black Spitune
  8. Benders Family Inn
  9. Rigormortis Blues
  10. Alien LSD






Release date: Summer 2018

Streaming Link:
Format: Digital and Physical

Label: DIY

Location: Denver, Colorado

Current Lineup: (Facebook)





Our Favorite Track(s): Cowgirl, Full Speed Dead, Rock Like A Monster, Scorpion, We’re All Gonna Die, and Spooky Action

What do get when you cross great horror punk/scfi and rockabilly? You get Denver’s Turbonaughts! These guys are the latest addition to the CPRA Band Radar Alert. So let’s blast off with them and their soon to be released ep, Zero Gravity Mind.



When I first popped on The Turbonaughts my first thought was this band has a very unique sound. I hear so many mixed influences. It would be near impossible to nail them to one genre. You could call them psychobilly, rockabilly or horror punk. Maybe Dick Dale meets Tiger Army? Let’s check out some tracks. The song, ‘Full Speed Dead’ brings in surf fuzz, with progressive drums, kick ass vocals. This song lends its hand to the listener’s imagination with the sword play sound effects at the end.

‘Rock Like A Monster’ is a throwback to the days of Hollywood’s monster movies. This track has a rocking guitar solo, with a backbeat bass line sure to draw you in. The song, “Scorpion”, well from the band’s soundcloud pays homage to Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion character. Although it’s not really about Scorpion, its basically a love song, about being wrapped around someone.

‘We’re All Gonna Die”, probably one of the harder songs on the album. The chorus and drums will have you bouncing in your car on your way to work. Just keep your eyes on the road. The band is not looking for sacrifice on this one. I kid of course or do I? On ‘Spooky Action”, we get hear the psychobilly side of the band. I absolutely love this song. Again we hear surf punk progressions, rockabilly bass lines, and kick ass drums on this instrumental tune.

‘Cowgirl’, shows off their rockabilly side. There’s strong riffs, with a good bass back, and great vocal melodies.  Let’s wrap this one up. The Turbonaughts are great for someone craving some rockabilly surf punk in their lives. Their talent makes for a great listen. I can definitely see these guys playing, Viva Las Vegas next year. Let’s help them get their by sharing their music with your friends and buying some merch.

If their track covers on Soundcloud are anything like their merch, please sign me up! The only current drawback is you either need to wait for a commercial ep release or pick up a physical copy at a show. . Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Don’t miss them with the Turbo A.C.’s at Streets Of London on 5/31/2018!