Spewers, Drop New Ep,“A New Disappointment”, And It’s…

Release Date: 7/5/2019                                                       

Format: Digital 

Label: DIY

Location: Chilliwack B.C., CAN

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Blake Pinder
  • Brandon Roper
  • Tony Fehr

Favorite Tracks: Change, Citizen, Slime Category, and I Feel Gray

Sounds Like: Almataha, Dirty Work, Crass, Circle Jerks, Sniper 66, and Zipperz

Photo by Out of Step Productions

Canada seems to be bursting at the seams with tons of great new music. In the last few months we’ve reviewed some other Canadian bands such as Jerkswitch, Hangtime, and Trashed Ambulance. All of them I have really enjoyed listening and singing along. Today we’re going to check out the latest release from, Spewers, “A New Disappointment”. 

“No Change” is the first track up. This song is heavy on bass with an old school punk sound. “Citizen” is the next up. Bring your pogo and jump in the pit. It’s fast and fun, like early Black Flag or DK. “I Feel Gray” rolls in next. This track is pure street punk. The bass and drum throw in a disturbing perfect darkness. 

“Sensitive Punks”, follows with a fast heavy progression. Watch out for the pit! It’s gonna get nasty. Now “Slime Category”, is the last track on the EP. The song has a wicked buildup intro into the vocals. This one speaks to all of us that bust our asses. Only to be left with pennies come pay day. This is by far my favorite track as it crosses back and forth with an almost metal sound. 

In review, “A New Disappointment” by Spewers is a fantastic little EP. I honestly wish it was a bit longer. It’s also NYP in the bandcamp store currently, although toss them at least $1.00 a track! You can listen and download here, https://thespewers.bandcamp.com/album/a-new-disappointment

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Track List (Per Bandcamp)

  1. No Change
  2. Citizen
  3. I Feel Gray
  4. Sensitive Punks 
  5. Slime Company 



FullCount – Part Of The Game


Release Date: October 12, 2018


Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl


Label: Lockjaw Records


Location: Quebec City


Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Chris Lehoux-Vocals/Bass
  • Jessy Boilard-Drums/Backing Vocals
  • Max Cat-Guitar/Vocals
  • P-O Brouard-Guitar/Backing Vocal
  • Jean-Philippe Alain-Guitar/Backing Vocal

Favorite Tracks:

Back Against the Wall, The Motion, Discord & Treachery

Sounds Like:  Skatepunk with a good amount of Metal-core thrown in


This is the perfect band that you’d hear at the peak of Warped Tour, then want to check out later when you were looking for new tracks to add to your playlist. Strong rock & roll, that you’ll want to hear more of once you’ve heard a little. Gritty vocals, skate punk bass lines, punk speed on the drums, and guitar. Holy crap, the guitar. This dude is a metal head.


The record starts with “Back Against the Wall.” Which, as a song title, does it get more “punk-angst” than that? And this is angsty music, not a feelgood album of the year. I mean, who hasn’t had a day where you want to turn up the dial on a song called “Losing at Bullshit”? Powerful, mad at the world music, as good punk should be.

The metal guitar shines on the aforementioned “Back Against the Wall.” The vocals are gritty, a little sloppy at times, but it’s punk rock. No one was saying that Johnny Rotten had the voice of an angel. The backing vocals are really strong here and throughout the record, & give a nice blend to their sound.

Another standout track again for me was “The Motion.” Here, the melodies of the vocals, both lead & backing, really shines, then there’s that metal breakdown at the close of the song.


On “Discord & Treachery,” the lead vocals go right into hardcore, & that where the lead vocals were strongest. On “Maze Dream,” I was really liking the sound & feel of the song, then it ended, as it was pretty short, but it still really stood out. Then it went right into “Leap of Faith” which was another great energetic punk track.

One thing that artistically stood out was that each song played into the next. It plays like a live show, & thought was put into the order like a set list, not just track after track.

Solid punk, that you’ll want to add to your list of bands to stream, & if it’s your thing, order the record for that next “Losing at Bullshit” day that you want to get through with a good rock record.



  1. Back Against the Wall
  2. Killdozer
  3. The Motion
  4. Dry Bite
  5. The Host
  6. Them Shots Deep
  7. Discord & Treachery
  8. Alter Ego
  9. Maze Dream
  10. Leap of Faith
  11. Losing at Bullshit
  12. Dare Me Once




Haley and The Crushers – Jewel Case

Release date: October 7, 2016

Format: Digital and Physical


Eccentric Pop Records (Vinyl) eccentricpop.com

Lost State Records (Cassette) loststaterecords.com

Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

Current Lineup: Per Facebook

  • Hayley Crusher Cain
  • Dr. Cain Crusher Cain
  • Gabriel Crusher Olivarria

Favorite Tracks: Seventeen strum, Backseat Love, Jaywalkin, Jewel Case, Glitter and Glue

Sounds Like: Blondie, The Turbonaughts, The Dead End (Colorado), The Go Go’s, Lucy and The Rats, Joan Jett (Blackhearts/Runaways), FIDLAR, B-52’s, and Gambler’s Mark


Glitter surf punks Haley and The Crushers are catching a tide and swingin their way down to Colorado. We thought in proper CPRA fashion we would give their last album a review and help you get ready for their shows. Before I start this review here’s a list of their Colorado tour dates!

  1. Thurs. July 19 – Triple Nickel, Colorado Springs w/ Chief White Lightning (CA), Shiii Whaaa, Bad Year
  2. Fri. July 20 – Tooeys Off Colfax, Denver w/ Colfax Speed Queen
  3. Sat. July 21 – (Day Show) Mile High Parley Fest, Denver (UMS)
  4. Sat. July 21 – Pinball Jones Campus West, Fort Collins with Bad Decisions, BombThreat
  5. Sun. July 22 – Bar Bar, Denver (early show 6:30 pm)


The album is like riding a surfboard through the mind of woman starring in her own kick ass surf punk comic book. The fuzz is strong, the bass low, and drums straight out of a 60’s surf movie. Some of my favorites on the album are, ‘Backseat Love’, ‘Jewel Case’, ‘Jaywalkin’, and ‘Glitter and Glue’.



Overall this album is a blast to listen to. Their next album, “Cool/Lame is scheduled for release on 9/28/18! The range of influences is amazing. I hear punk era Blondie, the Go Go’s, and even the B-52’s. Here are some suggestions for Colorado acts they would pair well with The Dead End, Turbonaughts, Queen City Sinners, and Johnny Barber. So hit up their shows and get some merch to avoid shipping/handling!

Don’t forget Cool/Lame drops 9/28/18! 




Facebook: www.facebook.com/hayleyandthecrushers

Bandcamp: https://hayleyandthecrushers.bandcamp.com/

Website: https://www.hayleyandthecrushers.com/

The Virile One’s – Only The Rad Die Young!!!

Release date: 2018

Streaming links: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4REBtOVPWn86lFxcShjWcQ?si=A69xPVKpSTeicQfn3TDiOA ShjWcQ?si=WBP6xxS7T3CaJNpKEgkQwgen.spotify.com/artist/4REBtOVPWn86lFxcShjWcQ?si=WBP6xxS7T3CaJNpKEgkQwg
Format: Digital

Label: Johnny Beverage Records “18

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)
Johnny Beverage

Our Favorite Track(s): The Rule Of Dumb, The Hands Of Time, The Middleman

Sounds Like: The Scutches, King Shelter, Dinosaur Jr.


It’s not often we receive requests from one man/woman bands. So when we do the experience is pretty interesting. LA’s Johnny Beverage wrote and played every instrument heard throughout his new EP. He also recorded, engineered, produced, mixed mastered and serves has his own distributor. That’s pretty fucking wicked. So let’s talk about the new ep.


It’s rad when a musician can combine several different genres into their music. It keeps the listener, listening closely to every note.  I really enjoyed the song , ‘The Middleman”. The drums really kick ass on this song. The riffs are eccentric and deep. My favorite on the ep is by far, ‘The Hands Of Time’. I love the guitar on this track. The vocals are great as well.  Overall this song is just some good old rock n roll!


Let’s wrap this one up. “Only The Rad Die Young!!!” shows how talented Johnny Beverage really is. From indie rock, punk, and rock n roll. This ep has something for any music fan. You can pick up the ep here, https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/the-virile-ones/1067619257.

Also on Spotify as well https://open.spotify.com/artist/4REBtOVPWn86lFxcShjWcQ?si=A69xPVKpSTeicQfn3TDiOA.   Be sure to check him out on Facebook, http://www.facebook/thevirileones.com. Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/thevirileones2018/.

Aimless Again – 2020 Future Punks

Release date: March 16, 2018

Format: Digital

Streaming Link: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6aVS4NNDEnpb0762oUqBss

Label: DIY

Location: Long Island, New York

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Jake Ferring – Lead Vocals/Guitar
  • Anthony Denapoli – Bass/Vocals
  • Seany Juevos – Drums

Our Favorite Track(s): My Mistake, Shredder, Scream, Turn And Run, 7 Lonely Days
Sounds Like: The Dead Milkmen, Violent Femmes, The Scutches, Backseat Vinyl


It’s not often these days an album tells a story like a novel. Usually an album or ep tends to be a mashup of the best songs available at the time. I don’t blame any band of course for trying to get some music out quick. An album with a backstory for me tends to send a more memorable impression. They also leave the opportunity for some awesome comic art like MF Ruckus! New York punk’s, Aimless Again are doing just that with 2020 Future Punks.

I reached out to the band for some background information. Here’s what Seany Juevo’s had to say, “Aimless Again has been a band since 2007 releasing albums such as “Bill!” “The North Shore Demo” but this newest album marks the highest point in the bands history with their new album “2020 Future Punks” an 11 track journey thru the human experience, threw the whindy ups and downs of life. We feel this new album is very important for the next generations of punk rock lovers. This album has a diy spirit, recorded in Staten Island at the haunted Kreisher Mansion by Brian Crowe and track 10 recorded on Long Island by Frank Bones. The Albums message is to face the future head on based on principles and values that the greats layed out for us. Facing your anxiety and becoming the best individual you can living in the wasteland that is America in the 21st century”

The song, “Tracer” has some great progressions. I really enjoyed the mix from hardcore to melodic. “Rejuvenate” comes back with another fuzz on surf sound, with a great drum build up. “Celebration” has some inspiring harmonies which collaborate into a good solid sound. Onto the last song on the album which is, “7 Lonely Days”. This song really reminded of something My Chemical Romance or The Used would do. It has somewhat of an emo sound it. I loved the acoustic intro, which builds into a kick ass chorus later in the song.

Ok this album was recorded in a haunted mansion? Damn that’s pretty sweet! I have to wonder if the intro to the album was just some background noise from the studio? Should we call the ghostbusters? Alright let’s get down to reviewing this album. This album comes off the heels of their previous releases, North Shore Demo, and Bill.

The album opens up with “Shredder”. Simply put this song is about destroying the past, learning and moving on. I really like the drums on this one. It’s hopeful, in a time that seems unforgiving.

The song, “Scream”, really reminds me of the Dead Milkmen. The riffs shred along with a catchy pop punk sound. The way the songs builds towards the end is perfect. “Uptight, I hear you screaming all night”. It’s almost like writer is saying, “Hey everything’s fucked up, but I can beat this”.

Next onto, the song, “My Mistake”. I feel like this song really shows off the talent, Aimless Again has to offer. The lyrics take us on a journey through the writer’s mind. “So what, who cares, fuck my life, cut my hair”. I see a bunch of skate punks saying, “You know what fuck it. I don’t care, what exactly society expects me to be”.

Alone. It makes me wonder if you’re in the Upside Down from Stranger Things would Aimless Again be playing?



The song, “Tracer” has some great progressions. I really enjoyed the mix from hardcore to melodic. “Rejuvenate” comes back with another fuzz on surf sound, with a great drum build up. “Celebration” has some inspiring harmonies which collaborate into a good solid sound. Onto the last song on the album which is, “7 Lonely Days”. This song really reminded of something My Chemical Romance or The Used would do. It has somewhat of an emo sound it. I loved the acoustic intro, which builds into a kick ass chorus later in the song.

The song, “Tracer” has some great progressions. I really enjoyed the mix from hardcore to melodic. “Rejuvenate” comes back with another fuzz on surf sound, with a great drum build up. “Celebration” has some inspiring harmonies which collaborate into a good solid sound. Onto the last song on the album which is, “7 Lonely Days”. This song really reminded of something My Chemical Romance or The Used would do. It has somewhat of an emo sound it. I loved the acoustic intro, which builds into a kick ass chorus later in the song.

Time to wrap this one up. Aimless Again is producing something new and fresh into the world of punk rock. 2020 Future Punks is a  roller coaster through hardship and pain, but in the end hope remains. You can download the album here, https://aimlessagain.bandcamp.com/album/2020-future-punks . Follow them on Facebook here, https://www.facebook.com/aimlessagainpunks/ . Or on the magic of Instagram as well, https://www.instagram.com/aimlessagainpunks/ . Be sure to download their previous releases as well all of them kick some serious ass!

Gutter Villain – Wasted All The Time/Fuck Your Feelings (EPs)

Release date: January 8, 2016,  September 22, 2016

Format: Digital, Tapes,

Label: DIY

Location: Tulsa, OK

Current Lineup: (Facebook)

3 Assholes and 1 Pretty Alright Guy.

Our Favorite Track(s): Fuck Your Feelings, Beware I Am Here, Chillin’ With My Chillum

Sounds Like: Gorilla Biscuits, Wasted Youth, Rene SG, Minor Threat


Music is made to make you fucking feel something, Maybe it’s love, maybe hate or just energetic. It’s not often I find myself walking down the street, headphones, on and fist pumping like a fucking maniac.  Sure enough as soon as I loaded up Gutter Villain’s 2016 release, “Fuck Your Feelings”. I was fucking pumped! With songs like, Fuck Your Feelings, Beware I Am Here, Chillin’ With My Chillum, this EP is amazing. It seems like the issue with hardcore punk is that sometimes the songs are so short. It’s hard to grasp how good a band may be. This is not the case with Gutter Villain.


The sheer anger and animosity drives both fucking EPs. Here I am listening at work, downright and sadly sober. I can totally see drunk me running to the pit when Sick Of The Swine plays. Talk about being tired of cops. This song has a sick fucking intro riff and leads this song into a fucking frenzy. Again this EP is called, “Fuck Your Feelings”.

So let’s move right along to, “Wasted All The Time”. The EP was released in later 2016. Wasted brings the Gutter Villain we all know with some harder, almost metal like sounds. This EP really reminds me of , Rene SG. Only in that the speed is insanely fucking fast. This EP is hardcore speedpunk, sure to have you kicking down some walls.

Both EP’s are currently available for “Name Your Own Price” on bandcamp!  Although we suggest you drop at least $15.00. Be sure to see them here in Colorado on June 8,9, and 10! These shows will likely sell out. The pit at 7th Circle will be batshit crazy!

Follow Gutter Villain here on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/GutterVillain/. Also on Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/guttervillain918/.

People Corrupting People – Loan Shark

Release date: September 11, 2017

Format : Digital

Label : DIY

Website : http://pcpsux.com/

Current Lineup: (Per the band)

  • Nick Cormier – Lead Vox
    Heath “Candyman” Milton – Lead Guitar
    Kyle Nash – Drums
    Nate “L’Chaim O’Brien” Nepsky – Guitar/ Vox
    Austin Tinsley – Bass
    Jen “#jencam” Torres – Violin
    “Regular” Rich Granville – Trombone
  • The lineup for the Loan Shark recording was as follows:
    Nick Cormier – Lead Vox
    Nic Farber – Lead Guitar/Vox
    Matthew Krempel – Drums
    Nate “L’Chaim O’Brien” Nepsky – Guitar/Vox
    Doug Nicholas – Bass
    Jen “#jencam” Torres – Violin
    “Regular” Rich Granville – Trombone

Our Favorite Track(s) : Hands Up Don’t Shoot, Rolling Stoned, and Kyle’s In The Attic Again

Sounds Like : Fishbone, Less Than Jake, NOFX, Streetlight Manifesto


Not to sound like El Gaupo from 3 Amigos, but Denver has a plethora of super talented ska and ska punk bands. We have skacore band, Sorry Sweetheart, Northern Soul/Trad ska, The Dendrites and ska punk bands like Younger Than Neil and People Corrupting People. The ska scene in Denver is flourishing! We’ve already reviewed all of the bands I rattled off except for People Corrupting People, AKA PCP. I know there are more Denver ska bands out there, but I’m drawing a giant blank currently. So let’s check out PCP and their 2017 epic EP release, “Loan Shark”.



I reached out to PCP for some typical backstory info. I was looking for basic stuff like band year formation and such. In typical PCP fashion their response was, “Desperate for something good to listen to, with no hope in others or a future, PCP was born.” It seems that not only is PCP a band, but also a mentality. After listening to “Loan Shark” I quickly started to pick up their cheerful nihilistic humor. For example listen to “Krazy Kris” or “Kyle’s In The Attic Again”, basically a song about a dude jerking off in the attic.

“Kyles in the attic again, Kyles going at it again, Kyles jerking off in the attic again”

The best part of both of these songs is not only the humor, but both display the true talent composed. “Krazy Kris” has a skacore, metalapocalypse sound behind it. While “Kyle’s In The Attic Again” is upbeat, and keeps your head nodding. So let’s move onto the rest of the EP. Next up is “Cuntroll”. Now I could be wrong, but I see a funny little play on words here. It’s a bit darker and Orwellian. Again typical PCP kick ass fashion.

How many old schoolers remember Ace of Base and their pop hit, “The Sign”? Sadly we cannot forget as it still played all the time. I was really happy to hear PCP’s cover. They took an original song and gave it a completely different meaning. In my opinion this version is not even really about a person. It seems to feel more politically motivated and meaningful.


This leads me into one of my favorite tracks on the EP, “Hand’s Up Don’t Shoot”. “I used to think I was never alone, someone would be there to protect my home. These days I can’t differentiate, between what is help and what is hate”. That’s pretty powerful shit!  I absolutely love this song. The darker tone, the blare of the trumpets, and vocals really make a brilliant combination. What’s up with their sweet album covers? Animal Farm anyone?

As I come to the end of this review I find myself quickly loading up my playlists with PCP. PCP is blazing new territories for ska.

This ska band should really not be labelled anything other than, “Fucking Fantastic”. You can pick Loan Shark here, https://peoplecorruptingpeople.bandcamp.com/album/loan-shark. Be sure to check them out on the Big Brother’s Cuntrol box, https://www.facebook.com/peoplecorruptingpeople/. Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/pcpsux/.