Denver’s Poor Me Drops Surprise New track, “Classwar”, Don’t Forget To Vote!

Release Date: 11/1/2020                                                          

Format: Digital

Location: Denver, CO

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

Brett Delaney: Vocals / Nick Butler: Guitar / Nick Chmel: Drums / Mike Goyn: Bass/Vocals / Jason McWhinnie: Guitar/Vocals

Favorite Tracks: Classwar

Sounds Like: The Shell Corp, Propagandhi, Good Riddance, and Anti-Flag

Denver’s Poor Me dropped a surprise new single yesterday in support to remind you to get out and vote. Poor Me’s latest release, “Classwar” is an anger driven punk rock anthem that begs you to challenge the truth. The gang vocals really make this track stand out. You can pick it up here,

Make sure your voice is heard on November 3, 2020, You can find your local polling place here,

“This oath is class war – tandem discourse.

No wished reward. Here’s giving to lofty goals.

Ugliness took the polls.

Touché. Well played.

And they never cared at all.

And they never cared.

No, they never cared at all.”

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Track List (Subject To Change)



CPRA Presents: Doc Rotten To Headline CPRA Valentines Punk Show 2/21 At 3 Kings W/Poor Me & Skatepunk Hooligans – The Swifts (Update Tickets MOVING!!!)

Did Valentines Day come and go without much love for you? Come out to 3 Kings and shoot cupid in the head with some kick ass skate punk from NJ’s Doc Rotten! The boys will play the hallowed beer soaked floor’s of Broadway’s 3 Kings Tavern. If you haven’t listened to Doc Rotten you my friend are seriously missing out!

Facebook Event Link:

The boys are taking their show on the road to visit Denver and the rest of the world later this year!

The Local Line up!

Did anyone know this fact? Denver’s Poor Me was one of the first bands CPRA not only attended, but also reviewed? They played a major inspiration in the foundation of CPRA! You can check out our last review here,

Have you ever been to Broomfield, Colorado? It’s a quite and parts agricultural town. One might say even a bit boring at times, now of course this was before the Swifts decided to light it on fire with kick flips. We LOVED their last album, “All Sunshine” and we cannot wait for new one!

Venue Information

3 Kings Tavern

Facebook Event Link:

Doors at 8pm, show at 9

$8.00 W/ Valid 21+ ID!

60 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209

Poor Me – ‘Sugarcane’ EP

Poor Me – ‘Sugacane’ EP


Release Date: August 14, 2018

Format: Digital

Label: DIY

Location: Denver, CO

Current Lineup:

  • Brett Delaney – Vocals
  • Nick Butler – Guitar
  • Nick Chmel – Drum/Vocals
  • Mike Goyn – Bass/Vocals
  • Jason McWhinnie – Guitar/Vocals

Favorite Tracks:

Perpetrators & So, Brother

Sounds Like:

Bad Religion, Down By Law, & Millencolin come to mind, mixed in with some metal influences & some hardcore vocals.



Discovering Poor Me was a pleasant assignment. This band has its roots in 90s skate punk, & could have easily fit in during the heyday of Epitaph Records. While that’s their roots, there is some obvious influences that never let their sound become stale or predictable. You’ll hear metal riffs coming from the guitar, a little hardcore thrown in, & some screaming that rivals the best screamo vocalist. Even with those influences there, they don’t deviate from who they are, which is a consistent rock band with a passion for the art of writing a message into their songs.

The message of being you & true to yourself & your convictions are there. From the track “Mistakes Can Be Made” & the realization that you can make mistakes & feel like a defeated coward & changes need to be made, to the titular track “Sugarcane” and being like a sugarcane & never breaking. This is the type of record that is needed in a society that wants to mold you into what is acceptable & politically correct at all times instead of allowing you to form your own opinions. Where there is no learning from past mistakes, & instead being judged forever by them.

This EP contains strong vocals, great message, & music that will keep your energy up for whatever activity you are in the middle of while listening.

If I had to review it in a sentence, this record kicks ass & you should be paying attention to this band.

Track List:

  1. Mistakes Can Be Made
  2. Papa Tells Me
  3. Perpetrators
  4. So, Brother
  5. Sugarcane






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