#SOCAL Skatepunks CHASER Announce ‘Look Alive’ 7” Pre-orders Open 7/31/2020

Release Date:  Drops 9/4/2020, Pre-orders begin 7/31/2020                        

Format: Digital & Physical

Label: Available worldwide in 4 different color variants via Thousand Islands Records (Canada), Sound Speed Records (USA), SBAM Records (Europe) and Pee Records (Australia). Limited to 333 copies with pre-orders going live on July 31.

Location: Orange County, CA

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

Mike LeDonne (vocals), Jesse Stopnitzky (bass/vocals), Bill Hockmuth (guitar) and Davey Guy (drums

Sounds Like: Good Riddance, Sick Of It All, Strung Out, JFA, Bigwig, and The Faction

Legendary socal skatepunks Chaser have announced a new 7” ‘Look Alive’ to be released on 9/4/2020 with 100% of the profits going to Equal Justice Initiative, Educational First Steps, Crisis Aid International, and Surfrider Foundation. As COVID continues to rage across the world the band hopes they can help keep up the good fight. 

“Our proceeds from the record will be donated to 4 carefully handpicked charitable organizations: Equal Justice Initiative, Educational First Steps, Crisis Aid International, and Surfrider Foundation. 2020 has been a year like no other. In the face of such unprecedented crises, one’s impact feels further minimized. However, if we have learned anything from these experiences, it is that we are all in this together and have a responsibility to do our part. At the minimum, manage what we can control.”

After their 2018 amazing album, ‘Sound The Sirens’, the band continues on 20 years later with main stage invitations and a desire to give back to the community. Be sure to stay tuned for that pre-order link! 

Look Alive 7” tracklist:

Look Alive (Side A)

Found Myself Again (Side B)


Previous releases: https://chaser.bandcamp.com/

Facebook- https://chaser.bandcamp.com/

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/chaserpunk/

CPRA Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAHReU2iGck3MJt3v-V9CRGp9iEdodsy6

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Nerdlinger – “Happy Place”

Nerdlinger – “Happy Place”


Release date: July 13th 2018

Format: Digital, physical, and colored vinyl

Distro for North America: Thousand Islands Records  

Label: Pee Records

Location: Sydney/Wollongong

Current Lineup: Per Facebook

  • Scotty McNairn – Vox/Bass
  • Timothy Bulmer – Vox/Guitar
  • Michael Cannings – Drums
  • Daniel Antix – Guitar

Favorite Tracks: Contagious, Can Yu Forgive Me?, The Ballad Of Rod Lightning, Fat Gav, German Wings, Song Of The Damned

Sounds Like: NOFX, Rancid, 10ft Pole, Strung Out, Unwritten Law, and Bad Religion

CPRA 2018 Album Of The Year Nominee? Yeah it’s that good. 

How many albums can you say you loved from back to front? If you’re like me. You probably only have 5-10 favorite of all time albums. The Clash, “London Calling” takes the number 1 for me. I get laughed at for that one, but in true Joe Strummer style I give zero fucks. Why bring this up when it comes to Nerdlinger’s, “Happy Place”?



Personally Nerdlinger is brand new to me. So this is coming from a virgin listener. So when I started up “Happy Place”. I started to quickly fall in love with the band.  One of my favorite songs on the album is, ‘Contagious’. This fast paced song has some great lyrics, awesome riffs, and drums. I’ve played this probably 100 times now. It defines our definition of  “Break Up Punk” to a T.

‘Can Yu Forgive Me?’, continues this blast of punk in your face. Again amazing fucking vocals! I really like the writing on this one.

“You can’t escape it
It’s your quality of life
Share the champagne
Dance to Mac the Knife
Thankfully it’s
Only blood not wine”

‘The Ballad Of Rod Lightning’, slows it down a little. I really like the track placement as well. Yeah it slows it down a bit, but the progression quickly comes back with a blast.


‘Sails’, has some catchy lyrics sure to have you dancing in your car. This song I feel is about not apologizing for being you. ‘Underrated’ slows the record down, but with more of a ballad type song. The drums and lyrics again take the high road. ‘Fat Gav’, probably my favorite on the album brings the speed to continue this kick ass record. The trumpet like ska-punk sound just adds that last amount of brilliance. I love the sound of the lead singer inhaling before the song starts.

‘Sunny Day’, I love the opening of the song leading into a full on crescendo. The song has somewhat of a dark undertone. It speaks of mental illness and depression, yet also the light a sunny day brings. ‘German Wings’, is another favorite of mine. Per  vocalist, Scott McNairn, “Basically it’s a song about Germanwings Flight 9525 which was intentionally crashed into the French Alps by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz. He locked the pilot out of the cockpit when we went to the can…

I couldn’t understand what could make a person want to do something like that, so the lyrics are me trying to understand what was going on in the guys life that would compel him to do something so horrific. For instance, “I’ve packed my bags and put the kids in the van, you’ll never see them again, I’m optimistic you’ll crash and burn in hell some day” I imagined was the last conversation with his ex wife (fiction, I’m not sure he had a wife but just trying to figure it out) with ‘You’re God damn right” being his thoughts back to her.

Either Way, your Fucked is about the passengers, 3 of which were from USA. There’s no escaping a situation like that and I just pictured them picturing their home in the final minutes.There’s also two samples from the Black Box recorder, the first one is in the break during the second verse, turn the volume up if you want chills down your spine, it’s the pilot banging on the door pleading to be let back into the cockpit, the second one is at the end with the beeping ‘Pull Up’ is the guidance system and the fuzz is the plane exploding. ”

‘I’ve Taken Five’, another great track right here. This song is basically about taking five from the shit you’re going through. The riffs and drums again are the highlight, yet the vocals are just perfect. ‘Miyajima Cockroaches’, are people done yet doing horrifying things to each other in the name of their so called, “God”. Another great politically charged song.

‘Song Of The Damned’, I love the lyrics on this one. They are catchy, heartwarming and kick some serious ass. “I demand a re-write of my life”. Hey Punk Tacos play this one! I doubt Iheart will read this since their too busy compiling their AI generated playlists.

‘Milk’, is just a fun little song. Sure to become an epic song of all time.



‘Superficial’, ends this amazing record. It continues the blistering pop punk sound they’ve perfected so far.

Let me make this a wrap. “Happy Place” is now added to my list of favorite all time records.  Overall Nerdlinger has crafted an album full of anger,  animosity, helping the masses find their Happy Place. I’m definitely throwing this one into the box for a nomination for the CPRA Album Of The Year! Seriously pick this one up on a colored vinyl!



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nerdlinger.punkrock/

Bandcamp: https://nerdlinger.bandcamp.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nerdlingerpunk/