#CPRANewMusicAlert: Lee Resistant & The Lost, Drop ‘Thirteen Years Gone By’, On 4/15/2019

Release Date: April 15, 2019                                                          

Format: Digital

Label: DIY

Location: Ontario, CAN

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Lee Resistant
  • Jakob Durocher (guitar)
  • Brian Venne (bass)
  • Alex Hill (drums)

Favorite Tracks: Least Resistant, For The Few, Wishlist, Where Would You Run?

Sounds Like: Nothington, Hot Water Music, and Fletcher

Leaving something and starting a new project is always tough. Frankly it can be really scary at first. You never know when a piranha might come by even if you’re just dipping a toe in. Personally when we started CPRA I was mortified. What if the project fails? What will people think? Finally I just decided to say screw it and go for it. So a major shout out in this review goes to Lee Resistant for leaving Fletcher when they broke in 2005 and striking out on his own with, Lee Resistant & The Lost.

The band recently dropped their debut EP, ‘Thirteen Years Gone By’ via self release. The EP contains 3 re-recorded Fletcher songs . So let’s get into, ‘Thirteen Years Gone By’ in pure and proper CPRA fashion. The record starts out with “Lease Resistant”. I love this song! The chorus, the vocals, even the tiny little guitar solos. This little song has a big message about standing up and fighting for your beliefs.  

The next track is, “For The Few”. This song is immediately catchy. Put those fists up and sing along! I feel like this song resonates with anyone who is going through a struggle. The drum work on this track is fantastic. “Wishlist” is up next. It comes in with a great roaring melodic hardcore sound. This track speaks of a past intimate relationship and how the song writer wishes the relationship went better. I feel like all of us can relate on some level or another to this song.

The last song is up next, “Where You Run?”. This track is strong on an anthem power pop punk sound. Personally I am really enjoying this EP and excited to see what the future holds for Lee Resistant & The Lost. They are currently working on a full length release. Check out what Lee has to say below!

Speaking about the release, Lee says: “Once I decided that I wanted to end 20l8 with a full band show, it was an easy decision to add some of the old songs into the set. I still think that the Fletcher material holds up well after all this time, and I honestly thought that I would never get to play those songs in a band situation again, so it was a lot of fun to give them a new lease of life.” On the decision to re-record the material, Lee adds “I think it’s a good way to bridge the gap between the music I made in the early 2000s to the music I’m making now, almost like a reintroduction, while we work on the LRATL full-length record.”

You can pick up, ‘Thirteen Years Gone By’, right now here,


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Track List (Subject To Change)

  1. Least Resistant
  2. For The Few
  3. Wishlist
  4. Where Would You Run?


Shift-D – This Message Will Self-Destruct

Release date: June 21, 2018

Format: Digital

Label: Thousand Island Records, Crack Records, 206 Records

Location: Ontario, Canada

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

Current Members:

Dan – Vocals & Guitar

Todd – Guitar & B.Vocals

Andrew – Bass & B.Vocals

Steve – Drums

Sounds Like: The Penske File, Filthy Hearts, Oh See Demons, The Follow Ups, The Brie Face

The Corps.

Favorite Tracks: Recovery, Reasons, Straight To Hell, Sorry, Vicious Memory, and One Man Show.


I have seen so many articles in the last few years with the headline, “Rock Is Dead”. The phrase commonly used by journalists to hook a reader. This phrase usually describes how EDM and Hip Hop/pop are destroying the popularity of good old fashioned rock n roll. I get Dan Ozzi’s point that mainstream rock is dying only to survive in genres and sects. His intro, “The phrase “rock is dead” makes people angry. Whisper it in seclusion at the top of the Himalayas and 30 people in CBGB shirts will materialise to drop some well, actuallys… on you.” Did video really kill the radio star, or did big media?

Rock N Roll will always survive even in tiny little amounts. Guitars will still shred and people will still bang their heads. My point is if the main pop rock industry is dying we NEED to support rock’s genres and sects.

We as a people need start buying physical copies and more merch. Can’t make that punk show you really wanted to see? Hit the band’s website and order their discog or a t-shirt.


My rant leads me into some kick ass punks from Ontario, Canada, Shift – D. Their brand new ep releases today, ‘This Message Will Self Destruct’. This ep contains some great melodic, yet semi hardcore tracks.

Let’s break these down track by track in pure CPRA fashion. “Recovery”, is by far my absolute favorite track on the record. This song is pure angry political punk rock. The lyrics on this are fucking amazing. I can definitely see this one playing on some majors.

“Stop right now

Take a look around and I’ll tell you what I see

Disconnected humans staring down towards their feet

Maligned and angry

Spouting hating everything

All the while they hide behind their pixelated screens

As I look back at myself that sounds a lot like me

But I’m working hard on breaking free

from the anger inside me

Cause I’m well on my way to a road of recovery”.

That’s some pretty powerful shit, combined with some awesome shreds on guitar, great vocals and drums. It definitely make we want to break shit, yet it remains hopeful for change.

Let’s move on to, “Reasons”. I really love the message. This is true, as we coined it, “Break Up Punk”. We all look for reasons to hang onto something that’s falling apart. This has a very melodic sound it.

“Crowns And Anchors”, slows it down a little. It takes reference from the dice game, named the same. We are all rolling the dice in the game of life. This is another melodic gem. “Straight To Hell”, comes back ripping. The drums are fantastic backed by Dan’s vocals. It’s angry, yet poetic. Again this one has a strong chance of landing on the major airwaves.



“Sorry”, brings back the melodic with hardcore mix. This is song is about growing up and taking personal accountability. On to “Vicious Memory”, another more on the hardcore almost rock n roll side. I really love the chorus, guitar and bass; they seem to blend seamlessly together. “One Man Show” has a simple and lovely reggae/ska sound. This song is beautifully written.

Alright I bet you’re done with my mumblings, ok, pure self-genius thought. Let’s wrap this one up. Canadian Punk is keeping, Rock N Roll very alive. Almost all of the Canadian punk albums I’ve listened to. Almost seem to have their own story lines. I think this aspect is what makes you remember your favorite albums and why others may seem more forgettable. Speaking of forgettable songs, Bad Religions new song, “The Kids Are Alt-Right”, is pretty damn forgettable. Did some tour roadie drop this in Greg’s bag?



Shift-D’s new ep has a storyline and we fucking love it.

“This Message Will Self-Destruct”, is an 8 track experience through the eyes of punk rock. The different and intriguing sounds they bring leave the listener wanting more. Oh and by the way you can as of today. Buy their entire discography on bandcamp for $11.70! That’s fucking wicked!


Website: http://www.shift-dmusic.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Shift.D96/

Bandcamp: https://shiftd.bandcamp.com/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1N4wMmNMZy8SpH9OABWYfo

CPRA Spotify June Reviews Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/coloradocelticpunkrockarmy/playlist/7HjfPGhWOVpByOa6gPNQSd