About The Album – Per the band, “ Melodic punk rock from the 90s has been a great inspiration for this album. It has been an important record to make, since this genre is heartfelt by members of the band. With pulsating punk rock rhythms, nostalgic melodies and honest lyrics, the record shows a wide spectrum of musical influences.”
Album title: Personal Issues

Release date: 02/23/2018

Format: Vinyl (12”) and digitally

– Produced by Martin Andreas Jakobsen

– Independent/DIY-release.

Music production, artwork, promoting done by the band itself!
Current Line Up :
– Martin Andreas Jakobsen – Vocals
– Vegard Servoss – Guitar/Vocals
– Rune Ellingsen – Bass/Vocals
– Rune Hals – Drums

Sounds Like :
-Strung Out
-Sick Of It All
-Early Green Day (Dookie and Prior)
-My Chemical Romance (Early releases)​

Our Review :

We recently snagged an early release copy debut album of “Oh See Demons” – Personal Issues. The full album will hit the digital sales markets on 2/23/2018. The Norwegian Punk Rockers, released their first EP, Bite Off back in September 2016. As I began my morning commute to my rat race job. I tuned into the album. This was before I really started communicating with the band. Norway is putting out some great bands and we are stoked to get early access.

The intro song, “Don’t Forget Me”, made me quickly check my phone to make sure I didn’t accidently skip over to a Strung Out or Sick Of It All album. You could say this album defines the youth of the 1990’s. A time when all the old school punks were grown and their kids were off to start a new genre. An album that  I was quickly swimming in memories of Tony Hawk Pro Skater and high school romances. See my blog post,  “How I found myself through Punk and Ska” , for more of my stupid memories.


The album mixes melodic punk with with harcore riffs. It feels like you’re swimming through a range of emotions. My personal favorite song is “Mouth Breather”. The drums mix perfectly with the bassline into a climatic front. Have you ever had a hard time saying goodbye to someone who is absolutely no good for you? I can see this song making a cross over to #iHeartRadio.
This band reminds me of a version of My Chemical Romance without Gerard Way’s winey, sometimes intolerable voice. Not that I dislike MCR, they just get downright depressing. This album although dark, is not depressing. It’s uplifting, with great back beats and energetic riffs. Martin Andreas Jakobsen’s range on songs like “Glass Houses and “You Fall, I follow” is frankly astonishing. Do you have a younger cousin or sibling?

Have you been trying to get them into your stuff? Seriously gift this album. You will have a future punk on your hands.
Alright let’s wrap this up. I personally cannot get enough of Oh So Demons and cannot wait for another record. My recommendation is you pre-order today! Remember CPRA is a non profit promotion company. We don’t take money for reviews and we sure as hell do not believe in, “Pay to play”. So if we like it, you can sure bet you will too!
Be sure to get the album here on 2/23/2018, https://ohseedemons.bandcamp.com/ 

You can follow them here, https://www.facebook.com/OhSeeDemons/