Release Date: 2/27/2019                                                              

Format: LP with digital download codes

Label: Mom’s Basement Records

Location: East Coast, USA

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • the COLA – Vocals
  • the DUNK – Guitar
  • the ALIEN – Guitar
  • the PROBLEM – Bass
  • the BASEMENT – Drums

Favorite Tracks: #YoureDead, Flip Cup, El Cucuy, and The Catfish

Sounds Like: Penske File, Proton Packs, Livermores, and Lillingtons


The Suck are set to release their new LP, “In-Cog-Neat-O” on 2/27/2019. This record is full of catchy tunes, wicked shreds, and fantastic drum work. Songs like ‘#YoureDead’, ‘Flip Cup’, and ‘El Cucuy’ have been stuck on repeat! ‘The Catfish’ is a hilarious song about a guy getting catfished and falling in love with said fish.

While not a raw as early horror punk, and more on the Nerd Punk side. This record is a blast to sing along with. It’s the perfect mix of horror and pop punk. I highly recommend picking this up on vinyl. You will also get the download codes, so you can keep that record in the plastic!

Per Mom’s Basement Records, “Black vinyl – 100 copies, Orange vinyl – 100 copies

Monster green vinyl – 100 copies” So be sure to pick up a copy soon!

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Release date: May 17, 2018

Format: Digital, Vinyl comes as a screenprinted one sided 12”

Label: Monster Zero Records

Location: Klagenfurt, Austria

Current Lineup: (Per Monster Zero)

  • Manu – Drums / Lead Vocals
  • Bobo – Bass / Lead Vocals
  • Kalle – Guitar / Backing vocals
  • Marcel – Guitar / Backing vocals

Sounds Like: Aimless Again, Nerf Herder, Proton Packs, Livermores, Lillingtons, Ramones

CPRA Favorite Tracks: Books Not Bombs, Is She Really Going Out Tonight?, The Extra Mile,




Well the real Adam Goldberg please stand up? I mention Adam as he has become my personal favorite of all time nerd. He like many of us loves, monsters, sci/fi and is obsessed with the 1980’s. We have also been the subject of bullying, and less than enthusiastic parents regarding our hobbies. Our hobbies tend to be non-sports related and often cost just as much. What happens when you take a bunch of nerdy musicians combined them for some kick ass punk? You get Austrian based, pop punks, Dorkatron!

Dorkatron’s new ep, called, “The Extra Mile”, dropped on 5/17/2018. This ep is a blast of nerdy melodic pop punk to your ears. The ep kicks things off with, “Is She Really Going Out Tonight?”. This “Break Up Punk” love song, has a very tight Ramones like sound. I really love the melody and the bass line. “Chemical Reaction” continues this awesome nerd assault in your ears, with heart pounding drums and riffs.

“Start reading books, don’t drop bombs”

‘Lunch Money’, talks about standing up to that asshole stealing your lunch money every day. Man I had a few of those guys back in the day. Assholes for sure! I can definitely see a fun mosh pit starting out for this one! It has a great little riff, fun lyrics and is encourages self- preservation.

“L.U.I.S.E”, is fast and fun with great drums, and poppy. Are you seeing a rhythm here yet? It’s fun! One of my favorites is definitely, ‘Books Not Bombs’. This song deserves some serious airplay. It’s immediately catchy and you get that awkward “Peace” feeling too! This should be the world’s anthem, “Start reading books, don’t drop bombs”.



‘The Extra Mile’, is the last on the ep. It slows down just a bit to a nice comfortable level. I really love the lyrics, the vocals, and the sound of this song. It’s definitely more on the serious side and breaks away from that formulaic Romone’s sound.  Overall this is a kick ass ep. I cannot wait for the next release. Dorkatron keeps the nerdy, and the punk combined where they should be, together.

Track Listing:

1. Is She Really Going Out Tonight?

2. Chemical Reaction

3. Lunch Money

4. Luise

5. Books Not Bombs

6. The Extra Mile





Release Date: March 17, 2018


Label:  I Buy Records (IT), Mom’s Basement Records (US), Commando Records (IT) (Collab)

Distro: Monster Zero


Proton Packs – Siena/Arezzo Italy

The Livermores – Ancona, Italy

Current Lineup(s): (Per Facebook)

Proton Packs

  • Matt, Brodie
  • Alex,
  • El Lèon Blanco


  • P.P. – vocals/bass
  • Mattia – drums
  • Nisba – guitar/vocals

Our Favorite Track(s):

Proton Packs

-Living On Mars, USA Vs Usb

The Livermores

-Rave On Club, Panama Papers

Artwork: Riccardo Bucchioni ( Screeching Weasel, Riverdales, Manges ecc ecc)

Sounds Like: The Ramones, Latte+, The Lillingtons, Head And Mange


Being the old school geezer I am. My first introduction to “Horror Punk” was The Misfits – Walk Among Us, way back in 1994. I was already late to the party as Danzig had already gone solo with, “Danzing” in 1986. While my buddies were rocking out to the pop stations on FM, I was buying old albums by the Ramones and T.S.O.L. The Ramones were able to cross horror and pop punk leaving a legacy to be followed. Bands now like the Proton Packs and Livermores are continuing the tradition of mixing catchy pop punk sound with horror/scfi themes.

The Proton Packs and Livermores have teamed up to create a 7” split, “Party Time For Astronauts”! This split offers us 4 songs, 2 per artist. My personal favorites on the album, “Living On Mars” and “Panama Papers”. Both songs have catchy lyrics, mind blowing guitar riffs, and powerful drum progressions. My only regret is listening to this digitally. In fact I’ll probably buy the 7”, as I really want to hear this on vinyl. Not only for an old school sound, but the kick ass artwork by, Riccardo Bucchioni!


Sadly I couldn’t locate a video for the any songs by the Proton Packs located on the EP.  They still kick ass. Check out “Stay Puft Marshmallow Man”! They really show off they’re Ecto Punk here!


You can stream and download the ep here, As I suggested you can pick up the 7” here, Be sure to follow them both them on Facebook, Livermores –, Proton Packs – . If you want the latest news be sure to follow!