Release date: 9/14/2018

Format: Digital

Label: PCT Music


  • Talk Show Host- Canada
  • Chump- Belgium
  • Bias- France

Current Lineup:

Talk Show Host:

  • Sean-Drums & vocals
  • Chris-Vocals & Guitar
  • Fab-Bass & Baking


  • Bruno-Guitar
  • Niko-Guitar
  • Romz-Bass
  • Raf-Drums


  • Shak-Bass & vocals
  • Guif-Guitar & vocals
  • Ju-Drums

Favorite Tracks: The Long Way Home, Tony Sly, Be Water My Friend

Sounds Like: 

Talk Show Host- (First track Melodic Punk (think Lagwagon/Pulley), track 2 more Social D or Tumbledown)

Chump – (Old School punk/skate punk, NoFX with a little more screaming.)

Bias – (90s punk, All, Down By Law, Propaghandi)


Talk Show Host

Remember when there was CDs & you didn’t learn about bands from streaming a track on Spotify or YouTube? Bands would either get a track on a compilation album, or a couple of bands would split the costs & put out a split ep project. This record is the latter. If you’re a fan of one of these bands, you’ll likely enjoy the others & it helps spread their music to each other’s fan bases.

The first of the three bands are Talk Show Host. This does what a 2 track sample is supposed to do. It makes me want to hear more. This was my personal favorite of the three bands. The only thing I would want to know is, what is their consistent sound? The first track, “Skull & Bones” is solid melodic punk, could have been on many of the punk comps I picked up in the 90s. What stuck out to me was The Beach Boys-like harmonies. Fun pop punk

“The Long Way Home” is up next. The sound changes. They’re both great, just different influences, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Could keep an album from all running together, but could keep a band from latching on when they really like the sound of one track but not into others. I for one dig it. This one has the bluesy/country flair of Social D or Tumbledown. Great rootsy song, that I’m sure plays really well live.



The second band is Chump. Their first track, “Not My President,” shows that political animosity is everywhere. Even though they aren’t from the US, many of us will relate to this one. Musically, it’s straightforward, hardcore punk. Vocally, there are 2 vocalists featured. Most of the time it works really well, hearing the harmony between the 2 of them, one presenting the message with a little more clarity, while hearing the angst from the backup vocal.“Tony Sly,” is an tribute to No Use For A Name, and punk legend.

A heartfelt track and the standout of their submission on the split. The more I listen to these 2 tracks, the more they grow on me. Not a ton of polish here, & it wouldn’t be as good were it over produced. Great old school punk rock, that again, wouldn’t be out of place on a Punk-O-Rama or Fat Music for Fat People comp.



The final band is Bias. The vocals grabbed me on this one. It’s fast, it’s punk, it’ll start a circle pit where ever you listen. “Be Water My Friend” was easily the standout of their 2 tracks. Although, “Walls of Darkness” had a great breakdown toward the end of the song, & even has a bit of a cameo from Yoda, reminding us of the dangers of what leads to the darkside. If you need a fix of some old school 90s punk, this is a good grab. It’s all about opening yourself up to try a new band, or maybe 3. It worked with me, as I felt like Talk Show Host was the standout from my personal taste, & now I need to find a little more.

I forgot to mention this split record is NAME YOUR OWN PRICE!!!


Talk Show Host

  • Skull & Bones
  • The Long Way Home


  • Not My President
  •  Tony Sly


  •      5. Be Water My Friend
  •      6. Walls of Darkness


About the writer:

Griffin has been listening to punk records for the last 25 years. Now residing is Colorado Springs with his wife & 4 kids, he still tries to catch as many shows as he can.