Release Date: 10/31/2019                                                    

Format: Digital, Physical, Vinyl 

Location: Moncton New Brunswick Canada

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Mike K – Guitar/Vox
  • Tyler A – Guitar/Vox
  • Jamie O – Bass
  • Greg M – Drums/Vox 

Favorite Tracks: Love Letters From The Black Lagoon, Idiocracy, Crystal Lake, Monsters, 

Sounds Like: Ramones, The Queers, NOFX, Aimless Again, and the The Lillingtons

CPRA fan favorites The Follow Ups are back again with a response to “The Half Of It”. The Ramonescore boys are dropping, “…Don’t Like You Either” on 10/31/2019. We couldn’t be more excited! This release is currently in pre-order stage. For the best copy be sure to pick it up on vinyl here,

Let’s take a look at the new record. The first track is, “Nancy Pelosi”. This song is hilarious with some great drum work, and pure Ramones core melodies. Damn do they know how to write tracks with addicting melodies. The next track is, “Love Letters From The Black Lagoon”. 

Have you ever been in love with a person and felt not good enough? Based on the famous 1954 movie, “Creature From The Black Lagoon”. This track is written from the perspective of the monster. 

“I’m lurking just below the surface, 
Patiently waiting for you”

I love the theme and the killer backbeat. The midway guitar solo kills! The whoas are perfectly timed and well placed. “Crystal Lake” follows as a nod to, “Friday The 13th”. The track is like a frontal lobe assault of punk rock. If Jason Voorhees was a punk, this would be on his iPhone playlist. This track is not so much Ramonescore, yet still kicks ass with an original sound. 

The next song is “Idiocracy”. The Ramonescore sound returns with a punch. This track may be related to the movie with the same name. Since the 1980’s the United States has become a “Consumer” based nation. Feeding off the nipples of corporate and political entities. We have allowed them to dictate morality and it will be the end of this country. Will you stand up or join the “Idiocracy”?  Don’t believe me? Just take a look at our president. 

The next track is “Depth Of Character” comes flying in with a heavy bass line. Are we as humans losing our depth? Are we losing the “Humanist” inside all of us? This track will be a fun one in the pit! “Hey Ho (The Ballad Of Razor Ramon)” follows with definite tribute to the Ramones, “Blitzkrieg Bop” and wrestler, Razor Ramon aka Scott Hall

“Monsters” is next and from the “The Half Of It” EP. I still listen to this track frequently from my purchase back in 2019. The track is still a favorite, but I’m even more excited to listen on vinyl now. The minute I started the track I was like, “Hell Yeah”! “No Remedy” is the next song and also a favorite from, “The Half Of It”.

The last song is “Burn It Down”. Now I have to admit this song surprised me. This song seems to be one of the faster paced tracks. It’s sounds like 10 FT Pole with a skatepunk sound, leaving their traditional Ramonescore sound. I would love to hear more tracks like this! This is a perfect ending to an even better album! 

Overall, The Follow Ups, “Don’t Like You Either” is 100% punk satisfying. Not only will it appeal to hardcore Ramones fans, but the pop/skate punks looking for something new. As stated above the record will be best listened to via vinyl. So hit that preorder link here,

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Track List (Per Bandcamp)

  1. Nancy Pelosi
  2. Love Letters From The Black Lagoon
  3. Crystal Lake
  4. Idiocracy
  5. Depth Of Character
  6. Hey Ho (The Ballad Of Razor Ramon)
  7. Monsters 
  8. No Remedy
  9. Judy’s Got A Boyfriend
  10. Burn It Down


Release date: May 29, 2018

Format: Digital

Label: DIY

Location: Denver, CO

Current Lineup: 

Ethan – Drums

Seth- Guitar and vocals

Favorite Tracks: The Munsters (Theme cover), Icepick Lobotomy, Rigormortis Blues, Alien LSD

Sounds Like: The Turbonauts, Dead End, Hayley and The Crushers, Lucy and The Rats, Dick Dale, Tiger Army, and The Cramps.



The one genre we don’t seem to get to review much is by far surf. We reviewed Arvada, Colorado based band The Turbonauts back in May.  I realized back then how much I really enjoy listening to surf music in general. I don’t know if it’s the guitar fuzz or the Ventures popularized drum surf beat. As soon as I hear it. I’m already hooked. As I started listening to The Swamp Rats, “Manslaughter Of Natural Magnitude”. That old familiar feeling came back to me.

Now let’s mix in some baddies from the “Monster Era”. Now add in some kick ass scifi references as well. What do you get? This is a homegrown mile high monster of an album. Yeah I’m gonna use some gifs on this review. So prepare yourself now for the epic proportions of cheese like gifs coming your way.



The album starts with ‘Spacehelmet Aquarium’. This song has some great drum work. It’s a great intro into the rest of the record. Now many of these songs are purely instrumental as is this one. I could be wrong, but I think I hear an organ or keyboard in the background.  It gives off that surfy, yet kinda creepy feeling.



‘Waterboard Your Neighbor” is up next. For whatever reason this song reminded me of the show CHIPS. No idea why, but probably when the boys are chasing down some baddies. The guitar on this absolutely shreds.

‘Skiffilin Daze’, slows down the record, yet brings it around with a funk beat. This song will sure to be a favorite among those super high in the audience. Haha! ‘Broken UFO’ comes up next on the album. This one brings back the fuzz! I really like the guitar riff on this one.

‘Munsters’, this is cover of the theme song from the hit tv show with the same title. This is a fantastic little cover! It brings back some great memories of watching the show with my grandfather.


‘Creature From The Black Spitune’, this is a rocking song with some some awesome sound clips. The drums return with a vengeance.  The title is obvious a fun take on the movie, The ‘Creature From The Black Lagoon’. ‘Benders Family Inn”, now I could be wrong on this one. I think this song may be referring to American serial killers, The Bloody Benders. This is actually the only song I can tell with band vocals. It has great little western twang to it. I really dig the progression towards the end of the song.



‘Rigormortis Blues’, is up next and returns back to a surf sound. This one will get those guys and gals out on the dancefloor. Yet it still retains that creepy, “Monster Mash” feel. ‘Alien LSD’, is the last song on the record. It’s quick and acts as if more of a finally type outro.



The Swamp Rats have crafted a monster. Their psychobilly surf sound is like walking through a cheesy 1960’s monster movie. Except in this movie Frankie Valli is an evil scientist that surfs and makes monsters. If I could change one thing about this album would be the addition of an upright bass. Be sure to check out their music here, !

Track list:

  1. Spacehelmet Aquarium
  2. Waterboard Your Neighbor
  3. Icepick Lobotomy
  4. Skiffilin Daze
  5. Broken UFO
  6. The Munsters
  7. Creature From The Black Spitune
  8. Benders Family Inn
  9. Rigormortis Blues
  10. Alien LSD