Loser Points Release New EP “Games We Play To Hide” Out Now Via Thousand Islands Records

Pic by @Raven3Moons

Release Date: April 9, 2020

Format: Digital

Label: Thousand Islands Records

Edmonton, Alberta (CAN)

Current Lineup:
Shawn – Vocals & Guitar
Kurt – Guitar
David – Bass
Ozone – Drums

Favorite Tracks: Where Did All My Money Go?, Games We Play To Hide, Tribes, and Nostalgia

Sounds Like: The Follow Ups, The Corps, Brie Face, Let Me Downs, Sunset Silhouette, and Fourbanger

Sometimes we all need some good pop punk in our lives that mixes a little skate and poppy tenderness. Now does that mean it will be lame? Hell no! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going nuts locked inside my own home! I cannot wait to get to my next show. Loser Points from Edmonton, CAN just dropped their new EP, “Games We Play To Hide” via Thousand Islands Records. 

Before we begin, I just want to give a quick shout out to the label as we have reviewed quite a few records here, https://coloradopunkrockarmy.com/tag/thousand-islands-records/. It’s probably more than listed; however that was before I understood word tags. We also reviewed Loser Points last album, “Denial And Error” here, https://coloradopunkrockarmy.com/2018/12/12/loser-points-denial-error/. It’s no secret that we LOVE our Canadian based bands. 

So let’s give, “Games We Play To Hide” a spin! The first track up is in fact titled, “The Games We Play To Hide”. I totally dig the drums on this track. The guitar and bass seem to play off each other complementing each and every hook. Lyrically this song will get burned into your brain. The next song is a personal favorite of mine, “Where Did All My Money Go”. I 100% LOVE this song. Be sure to check out the lyric video below. This song needs a proper music video!

Have you gone to a show, drank a bit too much and spent all your cash? When a relationship ends, it’s best to be with friends at a punk show! This track has serious airplay potential. The next track gets serious with “Tracers”. The tempo is fast with a strong skate punk sound. It’s heavy on bass and drums. The song could easily fit onto a Tony Hawk Proskater soundtrack. 

“Tribes” is up next and continues a kick ass skatepunk tune. It’s fast and catchy with deep and powerful lyrics. I personally wonder what will become of the elitists when this Covid crisis blows over. Be sure to eat your local rich person today! The next and final song is “Nostalgia As A Drug”. I love the opening intro riff. The lyrics speak volumes for me. Often when I’m scared or anxious I’ll watch 80’s movies to help calm me down. Yet Hollywood has to go out and piss me off by “Remaking” them. So far the only remake I’ve liked has been, Mad Max: Fury Road.

In closing, Loser Point’s “Games We Play To Hide” is an EP that will only leave you wanting more. The tracks “Games We Play To Hide” and “Where Did My Money Go” have strong potential for landing on the airwaves and popular podcasts. Check em out before they blow up here, https://loserpoints.bandcamp.com/

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Tracks: (Per Bandcamp)

Games We Play To Hide
Where Did All of My Money Go
Nostalgia As a Drug


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loserpoints/
Website: https://loserpoints.ca/home
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/loserpoints/
Bandcamp: https://loserpoints.bandcamp.com/
CPRA Review Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAHReU2iGck3MJt3v-V9CRGp9iEdodsy6

Loser Points – “Denial & Error”

Release Date: Sept 21, 2018

Format: Digital

Label: DIY

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Current Lineup:

  • Shawn – Bass
  • Kurt – Guitar
  • Ozone – Drums

Favorite Tracks: Make It Out Alone, The Rack, Papercuts and Sleepyhead

Sounds Like: The Corps, Came And Took It, Flatliners, and Lawrence Arms


We have reviewed a number of amazing Canadian punk bands over the last few years. There’s no doubt in this writer’s messed up head. The scene up there is going strong. So let’s check out Edmonton based, Loser Points. I reached out to the band to gain some insight into their music.

denial-front Smaller - Jason Ezeard

“Many bands take years to develop and find a concise, mature sound. Loser Points, as they have done since their inception in 2015, follows no traditional timeline. With their latest full length, Denial & Error, Loser Points trades in the hardcore yells and blazing-fast song structures that earned them their place in the upper-echelon of the western Canadian punk scene in favor of hook-filled rock songs and massive, unforgettable choruses.”

So let’s dig a deep further into “Denial & Error”, which was released in fall 2018. ‘Make It Alone’ kicks off the record. This is definitely one my favorites. It’s addicting and catchy lyrics combined with melodic hardcore, will get you singing along. Somewhere deep within this song is hope for brighter days. The almost “Doo-wop” like chorus is charming seems to blend in perfectly with the song.

“Stuck in this disaster everyday it’s getting old
Reduce to ashes and burn
How can we make it on our own
We’ll never make it out alone
Beaten up and dragged on well beyond its prime a shell
Of what it never once was”

Next up on the track list is, ‘Sleepyhead’. I love the lyrical writing on this one. It’s dark and deep, yet remains relatable. The drums are the kicker for me. Yep I was air drumming to this song the whole way through. If you’re looking for you next hook. It’s here. Next up is, ‘No Motion’. This one slows down the pace a bit, yet its still incredibly good.


‘Adult Girlfriends’ is up next. The title of this song already has me asking questions, just like the song writer. We’ve all been is those messed up relationships at one time or another. I love this song. Not only is it extremely relatable. The harmonies are amazing. There’s a sweet guitar solo as well. It was unexpected, but perfectly placed.

“I don’t know who you are on any given day

That makes it so damn hard to find the words to say

They never seem to count anyways

I can’t keep living like this

Wondering when you’re around

Who I will be dealing with day to day”

‘Gas Lights’ is up next. I feel like I’m repeating myself somewhat here. The harmonies again are the highlight. This one has a great dark background riff. The next song up is, ‘NFM’. I’m pretty sure you can guess what “NFM” means. It’s that horrible part in a relationship where the afterglow becomes a shiny piece of shit. The one slows it down. The lyrics are very well written.


‘Papercuts’ is up next on the track list. It’s heavy on melodies. The sound on this really reminds me of later Alkaline Trio or the Flatliners. Next up is ‘The Rack’. This one is harder and heavier than most of the other tunes. The fast old school riff really kicks the song off. Another tune with great harmonies and melodies.

Overall Loser Points new album is full of talented musicianship, well written lyrics, and masterfully composed melodies. Be sure to check this one out in the links below!


  1. Make It Out Alone
  2. Sleepyhead
  3. No Motion
  4. Adult Girlfriends
  5. Gas Lights
  6. NFM
  7. Papercuts
  8. The Rack
  9. Make It On Our Own (Reprise)