Marty, The Russians Are Coming! The Black Russians Drop New Album – “Death By Communism” Via Outloud! Records on 3/11/19

Release Date: 03/11/2019

Format: Digital

Label: Outloud! Records

Location: Leningrad Beach

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Black Russian 1
  • Black Russian 2
  • Black Russian 3
  • Black Russian 4

Favorite Tracks: Red Dawn, Leningrad Beach, My Mommie Is A Commie, UBV76, and Russian Bear

Sounds Like: Ramones, Lillingtons, Sunset Silhouette, and No Use For A Name

The Russians are coming Marty! The Black Russians that is with their latest release, “Death By Communism”. This Soviet Era Pop Punk band is heavily influenced by the Ramones. Truth be told I am in love with this record. From the wicked 80s style guitar solos, kick ass drums, to the thumping bass lines. The vocals are very similar to the Queers, yet there’s still a nod to Johnny Ramone in there.

My personal favorite track is Leningrad Beach. It may be an ode to The Ramones – “Rockaway Beach”, but the Black Russians present this song in a pure skate punk format. This is perfect melodic hardcore at its best. I want to grab my board and hit the streets just listening to this song.

“My Mommie is a commie and she’s running from the CIA”

Black Russians – “My Mommie Is A Commie”

My second favorite track is, “Mommie Is A Commie”. Talk about a song that is super catchy. The guitar hooks are wicked. I am sure hoping this gets a vinyl release at this point even in the review! To be perfectly honest all of these tracks are killer! Time for me stop ranting. Black Russians new, “Death By Communism” should immediately join your download collection. Don’t be surprised later when CPRA says, “We Told Ya So”.

Be sure to pick up the album here,

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  • Red Dawn
  • Rostov Ripper
  • Leningrad Beach
  • Saviour Of Your Blood
  • 5 Year Plan
  • Night Witches
  • Mommie Is A Commie
  • A Blaze In The Soviet Sky
  • Kremlins
  • UVB76
  • Russian Bear
  • Soviet War Machine
  • Satan U.S.S.R.


An Italian Band That Sounds Like They Stepped Right Out Of The LA Punk Scene? Breakmatt Fastgyver – “The Light Inside Is Broken But I Still Deliver”

Release Date: March 2, 2018

Format: Digital

Label: DIY

Location: Milano, Italy

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Mattia Cattaneo
  • Federico Vegetato
  • Marco Guerrini
  • Gabriele Masulli

Favorite Tracks: To Asuka, We’re A Team, We stick together, My Roommates, The Demons, and Five

Sounds Like: Briggs, Sniper 66, Dirty Work, Street Dogs, Transplants, Zipperz and NOISE

Italy’s Breakmatt Fastgyver surprised the absolute hell straight out of me. We get 10-15 album review requests a week. Sadly we cannot review all albums submitted as we all work full time jobs in addition to family obligations. So after staring the first track on, “The Light Inside Is Broken But I Still Deliver”. I thought I know I’ve heard these guys before. However, I quickly came to realize that indeed they are brand new to me.
Their sound however is not so much brand new, but an amazing combination of classic, pop, and a bit of skate. The straight guttural style is what really drew me in. Let’s break these tracks down. “To Asuka” is the first track. I’m not sure if this is a love song or about trying to help a friend with depression. Lyrically this song is simply beautiful. The drums and melodic hardcore style keep me hitting the repeat button.

“I need appreciation, I need the whole world to know that I exist.

I want to shout out loud, please look at me!

Don’t tell me it’s pathetic, don’t ever tell I shouldn’t feel like this.

This is what I am, this is how I feel”.

“The Gardens, At Night” is the second song on the track list. The one has a really sweet bass/guitar intro. The lead singer’s vocals remind me a bit of Al Barr. “We’re A Team, We Stick Together” is the next song. This song deals with the pain one feels from either growing up or moving on with life. It has a nostalgia for the simpler times. Did you grow up and forget your dreams?

“But then years go by, we all take our separate ways.

And then we drift apart in time.

Today our scripts read reassuring lines.

Can we really say we’re doing just fine?

Did we grow scared to reveal ourselves?

Is it a consequence of life?”

“We’re A Team, We Stick Together” comes in fast and strong with pure emotion. The drums are killer. That feeling that I’ve heard this song before comes creeping back. I absolutely love it! The hooks are right on point when joining the melody. This is yet another beautifully written song. This is my personal favorite song on the EP.

Next up is “My Roommates, The Demons”. The bass line on this song is so damn good. It’s haunting, and continues when the drums and guitar join in later. Why is band not traveling the world? So good! “Five” is sadly the last song on the record. This song is the perfect ending to a perfect EP. Personally I would probably avoid the pit myself on this one. It would be insane. This one sounds a lot like something NOISE would write.
It’s time to wrap this one up. CPRA has found yet another undiscovered band that should be touring the world and filling ear holes with joy. Part of me on the other hand is sad. Will I ever get to see Breakmatt Fastgyver live? “The Light Inside Is Broken But I Still Deliver” is a masterpiece EP that you should pick up ASAP! It’s currently Name Your Own Price on bandcamp! Be sure to throw down at least $5.00!

Track List Per Bandcamp

1. To Asuka 02:46
2. The Gardens, At Night 02:39
3. We’re A Team, We Stick Together 03:02
4. My Roommates, The Demons 03:24
5. Five 02:39

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Belgian Pop Punk Boxing Day Creeps Onto to US shores with “Retrospect” EP


Release Date: December 26th 2018

Format: Digital

Label: Real Ghosts Records

Location: Buggenhout/Belgium

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  •    Kevin Monsieur – Stem
  •    Sven Corvers – Gitaar, Stem
  •    Tijs Lissens – Gitaar
  •    Stijn Van der Jeugd – Bas, Stem
  •    Stijn De Nollin – Drum

Favorite Tracks: Retrospect, Loose Noose, Whisper Like You Mean It and Father’s Day

Sounds Like: Sunset Silhouette, Neck Deep, and Wonder Years


It’s not often we get some kick ass pop punk from Belgium. In fact, I think this may be our first review ever for a Belgium based band. Boxing Day formed back in 2016 and “Retrospect” is their second release. So let’s check this one out!

The records intros with, ‘Retrospect’. I can already tell I’m gonna dig these guys. This song is lyrically perfect. I’m a bit surprised this one hasn’t landed on the pops. Sadly we all know how the pops work and chances are slim. This song has some real catchy notes. The bass and guitar seems to compete with each other. That’s not a bad thing. It’s pretty impressive. The sound mix on this one is wonderful.

The next track is, “Whisper Like You Mean It”. This one kind of hit me hard. It’s about a relationship ending or sorts. The song is so relatable. The chord progressions are beautifully composed, while the drums key into the emotions. Lyrically the song is catchy, yet powerful.

“Loose Noose”, is the next song up. Pull out that dusty air guitar for this one. I could be completely wrong on this one. I feel like this song is about all of us who don’t fit in with the “Normies”. Those so called normal kids like to pick on us. Sadly driving some to suicide. I love the sense of confidence towards the end to rise above.

“Father’s Day” comes in roaring next. This one is anthem heavy and a bit harder than I expected for a pop punk song. The drums are my favorite part of the track. Kevin’s vocals are excellent.  This reminds a bit of Blink 182’s “Adam’s Song”, yet purely original. I think many of us can relate to this song.

Here comes the last song, “Either Way”. This is probably the slowest track on the record. The melodies are beautiful. There is some immense talent in this band.  I should wrap this up. Boxing Days, “Retrospect” is masterfully composed and breaks the chains of traditional pop punk. Pop punk fans don’t miss out on this one. Be sure to give it a listen here,


  1. Retrospect
  2. Whisper like you mean it
  3. Loose Noose
  4. Father’s Day
  5. Either Way

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Loser Points – “Denial & Error”

Release Date: Sept 21, 2018

Format: Digital

Label: DIY

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Current Lineup:

  • Shawn – Bass
  • Kurt – Guitar
  • Ozone – Drums

Favorite Tracks: Make It Out Alone, The Rack, Papercuts and Sleepyhead

Sounds Like: The Corps, Came And Took It, Flatliners, and Lawrence Arms


We have reviewed a number of amazing Canadian punk bands over the last few years. There’s no doubt in this writer’s messed up head. The scene up there is going strong. So let’s check out Edmonton based, Loser Points. I reached out to the band to gain some insight into their music.

denial-front Smaller - Jason Ezeard

“Many bands take years to develop and find a concise, mature sound. Loser Points, as they have done since their inception in 2015, follows no traditional timeline. With their latest full length, Denial & Error, Loser Points trades in the hardcore yells and blazing-fast song structures that earned them their place in the upper-echelon of the western Canadian punk scene in favor of hook-filled rock songs and massive, unforgettable choruses.”

So let’s dig a deep further into “Denial & Error”, which was released in fall 2018. ‘Make It Alone’ kicks off the record. This is definitely one my favorites. It’s addicting and catchy lyrics combined with melodic hardcore, will get you singing along. Somewhere deep within this song is hope for brighter days. The almost “Doo-wop” like chorus is charming seems to blend in perfectly with the song.

“Stuck in this disaster everyday it’s getting old
Reduce to ashes and burn
How can we make it on our own
We’ll never make it out alone
Beaten up and dragged on well beyond its prime a shell
Of what it never once was”

Next up on the track list is, ‘Sleepyhead’. I love the lyrical writing on this one. It’s dark and deep, yet remains relatable. The drums are the kicker for me. Yep I was air drumming to this song the whole way through. If you’re looking for you next hook. It’s here. Next up is, ‘No Motion’. This one slows down the pace a bit, yet its still incredibly good.


‘Adult Girlfriends’ is up next. The title of this song already has me asking questions, just like the song writer. We’ve all been is those messed up relationships at one time or another. I love this song. Not only is it extremely relatable. The harmonies are amazing. There’s a sweet guitar solo as well. It was unexpected, but perfectly placed.

“I don’t know who you are on any given day

That makes it so damn hard to find the words to say

They never seem to count anyways

I can’t keep living like this

Wondering when you’re around

Who I will be dealing with day to day”

‘Gas Lights’ is up next. I feel like I’m repeating myself somewhat here. The harmonies again are the highlight. This one has a great dark background riff. The next song up is, ‘NFM’. I’m pretty sure you can guess what “NFM” means. It’s that horrible part in a relationship where the afterglow becomes a shiny piece of shit. The one slows it down. The lyrics are very well written.


‘Papercuts’ is up next on the track list. It’s heavy on melodies. The sound on this really reminds me of later Alkaline Trio or the Flatliners. Next up is ‘The Rack’. This one is harder and heavier than most of the other tunes. The fast old school riff really kicks the song off. Another tune with great harmonies and melodies.

Overall Loser Points new album is full of talented musicianship, well written lyrics, and masterfully composed melodies. Be sure to check this one out in the links below!


  1. Make It Out Alone
  2. Sleepyhead
  3. No Motion
  4. Adult Girlfriends
  5. Gas Lights
  6. NFM
  7. Papercuts
  8. The Rack
  9. Make It On Our Own (Reprise)



Call It A Day – “Mind The Gap”



Release Date: 11/01/2018

Format: Digital

Label: Thousand Islands Records

Location: Strasbourg, France

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Max – Drums
  • Alex – Guitar
  • Alex – Bass / Vocals
  • Ted – Guitar / Vocals

Favorite Tracks:

  • For Your Safety
  • Empty Promises
  • Valium

Sounds Like: No Use For A Name, JFA, Lagwagon, and I Am The Owl


It’s not often we get some really kick ass skatepunk. But when we do, we absolutely love it! Strasbourg, French punks, Call It A Day are releasing their brand new EP, “Mind The Gap” on 11/01/2018. The album is being released under, Thousand Islands Records. “Small Label October” hasn’t finished just yet! In proper CPRA fashion we gonna check it out! You really should take a few minutes and check out the kick ass music Thousand Islands are putting out. Anyhow let’s roll into, “Mind The Gap”.

‘For Your Safety’, kicks off the album. This one leans somewhat on the speed punk metal side. The guitar and drums are fucking nuts. The different harmonies and melodies are mixed well. ‘Empty Promises’, is up next on the list. The bass seems to be more emphasized on this track. This make for a great pit song. This one will be brutal! ‘Valium’ is the last track on the EP. The drums and guitar solo shine on this one.

Call It A Day’s, “Mind The Gap”, sits on the edge of hardcore while maintaining a core skatepunk sound. Any fan of hardcore skatepunk should add this their collection on drop day!


  1. For Your Safety
  2. Empty Promises
  3. Valium