Dead Already land at CPRA with “Gilded Age Of Piss”. These Aussie street punks mean business


Release Date: 8/25/2018

Format: Digital

Label: DIY

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Current Lineup:

  • Rach S – Drums
  • Pat S – Guitar
  • Jack S – Bass
  • Paul W – Guitar
  • Scott R – Vox

Favorite Tracks: Radioactivity, Nervous Wreck, This Machine Empowers Facists and Darkness Glows

Sounds Like: Exploited, Almataha, Rene SG, Minor Threat, and Gorilla Biscuits


We get a ton of reviews requests on a weekly basis. Some are so good, we can’t refuse. Some we have to pass, because it may not fit our format. On that note if you would like to help keep our reviews and website up, please donate here.

On that note we get a ton of pop punk review requests. Don’t get me wrong I love me some good pop punk, but sometimes you just need some good street punk in your lives. You need the energetic, fuck the establishment, pure and raw sound. Melbourne punks, Dead Already are doing just that with their latest release, “Gilded Age Of Piss”.

This EP is non stop train of old school classic punk straight out the back alleys of Melbourne. With songs like, ‘Nervous Wreck’, ‘This Machine Empowers Facists’ and ‘Darkness Glows’ I find myself fist pumping inside my office. My boss is probably thinking I’ve gone mental. Oh well fuck him anyway. So if you need something to accommodate an angry outburst, socially powerful, Dead Already’s, “Gilded Age Of Piss” is exactly the EP you NEED.  



Tracks: (Per Bandcamp)

  1. Radioactivity 01:48
    2. Nervous Wreck 01:39
    3. This Machine Empowers Facists 01:39
    4. Gesso 02:05
    5. Multiball 02:31
    6. Darkness Glows 01:03
    7. Foetid Hell 03:07


SAGO – “Flood Island”

Release Date: September 1, 2018

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl

Label: DIY

Location: Toronto

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Piers – Drums
  • Alex – Vocals
  • Marty – Guitar
  • Chad – Guitar
  • Mike – Bass

Favorite Tracks:

  • Capitol Punishment
  • Galloping Beauty
  • Burning Books

Sounds Like:  Agnostic Front, Zeke, Straight Faced


We’ve all been to that show where you go to hear the headliner, but there’s an opening band with a ton of energy that hits you out of nowhere unexpectedly. That’s how this record hit me. Just straight forward hardcore/thrash punk. It’s fast, & has a ton of energy. Great band that will drive you forward whether it’s a drive on the interstate, a workout, or just to hype you up for the day ahead of you, as well as make you want to get to a show & get your angst out in a circle pit.

It’s pretty unapologetically what it is, & that’s a fast punk record. 10 tracks that are over in 16 minutes will leave you wanting more, which is a good thing. It doesn’t leave tracks that you’d want to skip. From the first track, North X South, you know what to expect from the band. You could almost smell the sweat & beer smell from the club of fist pumping punks in the pit.


They do show some variety on Capitol Punishment, slowing things down a bit, dropping that bass, but keeping it hardcore. Fun intro on that track as well.

Good vocal range & good use of a fun, although short, guitar solo on the song Ahead.

Galloping Beauty, at just under 3 minutes, is the longest track on the record, and gives the most dynamics as far as song structure. I love the build to the chorus & how they flow into a great instrumental, then just the drum & vocal sing along of, “kill a man in cold blood, get away with murder,” leading into a great breakdown, then stopping with a guitar fade out. Definitely a standout track.

Lifejacket was a solid next track, love the backup vocals and solos on this one a lot. Then Burning Books was the next stand out to me, simply encompassing the bands sound in a track. While North X South was a solid opening track, this could have been a great alternate for the opener. Fast thrash to start the energy.

White Lies, & The guitar solo closing it was a perfect closing track. Left me wanting to hear what’s next from this band, because I think there will be more great stuff to come.

The lyrics, like the music, come fast & distorted. I loved the tone of Alex‘s voice, but wasn’t always lyrically clear on the recording. Which would be my one wish for the record, would be to be able to make out the lyrics & message of the vocals.

So if you like your music fast, distorted, and fucking punk, go check them out. The links are below for Bandcamp & Spotify. I’d recommend a listen.


  1. North X South
  2. Los Ojos
  3. Capitol Punishment
  4. Scars
  5. Ahead
  6. Galloping Beauty
  7. Lifejacket
  8. Squealer
  9. Burning Books
  10. White Lies


About the writer:

Griffin has been listening to punk records for the last 25 years. Now residing is Colorado Springs with his wife & 4 kids, he still tries to catch as many shows as he can.

UNIFORMS – “Reasons To Breathe”

UNIFORMS – “Reasons To Breathe” EP Review



Release date: 8/24/2018

Format: Digital and Physical

Label: Make That A Take Records and TNS Records

Location: Dundee, Scotland

Current Lineup:

  • Derrick – vocals, guitar
  • Jamie – guitar
  • Jason – drums, vocals
  • Ade – bass, vocals

Favorite Tracks: Get Me Out Of Here,  Searchlights, and The Constant Here is You.

Sounds Like: Murderburgers, Elway, City Mouse, Mr T Experience, and Teenage Bottlerocket.


Alright punks it’s time to step into Ska Bones wayback time machine. Let’s go back to the early 1980’s when records were all the rage. Punk was gaining serious momentum in the UK and US.  My parents were considered young at the time being in their early 20’s. They were always buying the latest pop albums. Most of it was some Billie Joel or Springsteen crap.

The album that sticks out the most for me was, The Clash, “London Calling”. From the first time the needle dropped to the day our record player died. I’ve often thought about my first punk experience.  Thankfully for people like me vinyl has resurged with more and more people buying record players. You may have to fight a hipster to get one now. Haha.

I crave that pure original sound before the digitizing and mastering comes in. There are some albums that must be listened to on vinyl. Some of my favorites are Black Flag – “My War”, The Damned – “Machine Gun Etiquette”, Sham 69 – “”Sunday Morning Nightmare”, and Stiff Little Fingers – “Inflammable Material”.

This leads me to introduce Dundee, Scottish punks, UNIFORMS. The melodic hardcore band formed in 2011 and after various line up changes is still cranking out tunes. So let’s check out their latest EP release on Make That A Take Records and TNS Records, “Reasons To Breathe”. Be forewarned you want this one on vinyl!


The first track, ‘Get Me Out Of Here’ kicks off the record. I find myself instantly hooked in by lyrics that seem to flawlessly flow with the music.

“Maybe we need to learn to listen

Maybe we’ll develop empathy

Don’t tell me who I am, what offends me

I promise you everything’s better than it used to be.

Well, well, well…”

“My Wise Friend” has some amazing drums, and hooks in just the right places. The lyrics are catchy yet meaningful. This reminds of some of my dark days where I question the meaning of life. Not that it’s a depression sort, but more or less self-reflective.

“We all make mistakes,

sometimes hearts will break.

We will always share the moon.

She sees everything.

New stories will begin.

You will learn to love again,

as you’ll learn for yourself.”

“Searchlights”, is next up on the record. Here’s another song where the lyrics are fucking beautiful! The drums and riffs accompany the vocals to make this a very memorable song.

“Remember when we were kids?

We’d put those records on,

lie there on your bed,

hold hands and sing along

with glow in the dark stars above our heads.

I still remember every single word you said.”

“The Constant Here is You?” closes out the record. Be sure to pick up this version either digitally or on vinyl so you can get this song! I love the guitar strike at the intro. This one has very street punk sound to it. In comparison one might say Rancid meets the Murderburgers. The lyrics and anthem like sound could easily end up on Dying Scene Radio.



Overall I absolutely love and recommend this EP. The lyrics, and music seem to tell a story and I love what I hear. This record should be listened to via vinyl. The band has this very familiar sound, yet remains entirely new. The only con of the EP, would be the fact it’s an EP. So make sure you pick up some previous releases to the music doesn’t have to stop there.

Track List:

  1. Get Me Out Of Here
  2. My Wise Friend
  3. Searchlights
  4. The Constant Here is You? (This version)


System Restore – Suburban Drones Review



Release date: June 24, 2018

Format: Digital

Label: No Affiliation Records

Location: Casper, WY

Our Favorite Track(s): Self-Inflicted, Suburban Drones

Sounds Like: NOFX and Bad Religion

System Restore’s yet to be released album Suburban Drones portrays exactly what the title sells: anarchist-ish ideals mixed with the self-deprecating yet unclear tone of a suburban teenager growing up in hectic times. Or better summarized, a kid going through 2018. As much as I would love to put this band down for it’s obvious inspiration from bands such as the Offspring, NOFX and Bad Religion, it’s hard to overlook shining moments of complete originality.

Self-Inflicted, brings well-crafted lyrics that most listeners will gloss over. Additionally, the fast paced instrumentals mixed with a somewhat melodic drum beat at times kept me engaged and a kind of energized. Songs like the Jackal, on the other hand, despite their attempt at originality, lack a defined thought or meaning. Not to mention, specifically in the Jackal, the instrumentals not only bore me, but completely end up letting me down in its ending, which seemed like a possible breath of something engaging ended up being the band wrapping it up. I didn’t know whether I should have felt cheated or relieved.

This song aside, however, the title track Suburban Drones packs a powerful punch of politics and amazing instruments and originality. Despite it’s obvious influence from Bad Religion, this song turns the cynical attitude echoed by modern punk bands on its head without seeking to offend while also being obvious about it. Not to mention the instrumentals of this one! It’s something you would just have to hear for yourself, trust me.

Overall this album’s staying power in 2018 seems to be high, and most albums are; however, this album seems to landmark 2018 instead of pandering into it. It documents the views of the disgruntled youth while also staying safe of references that will die with time. The band itself seem to be heavily influenced by punk from the past, but show glimmers at attempting something new and trying to reach a different comfort zone. This album as a whole would earn a 83 from me with a higher score depending on the future endeavors of this band.

You can pick up the EP here on 6/24/2018, Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram link – Make sure to follow No Affiliation Records as well!

Review by @coloradopunk

Almataha – Kill The Leaders


Release Date: May 5th, 2018

Format: Vinyl, Cd and Digital

Label: Major Letdown Records

Location: Denver, Colorado

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

Trond Goderstad – Vox
John E. Quesada – Guitar
Bella Quesada – Bass
Max Arbess – Drums

Our Favorite Track(s): Illusion Wall, Genocide, American Taliban

Sounds Like: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies, Subhumans, Bad Brains, The Exploited

Great Hardcore? Look No Further!

When it comes to hardcore punk, there are certain things you expect: fast buzzsaw guitars, pounding drums and those over the top throat ripping vocals. Almataha’s latest effort delivers that in spades! Personally, I loved the little “vintage” atom bomb instructional intro on Illusion Wall. While this sort of thing has been done before, it’s fun and tasteful. Plus, with the warning siren in the background, it does feels like the big one is about to be dropped. Duck and cover!





The rest of the album quickly aligns with the sound and feel of “Wall” and doesn’t let up until the very end. This band needs to make its way to Milwaukee, they would do very well! Can’t wait to see what else these lads (and lass) come up with next.

Guest Review by: Maxwell Liam of Hi/Jack

Drink Drank Punk – The Nederland Lament

Currently Available at the following locations: Copies are available at Barts Cds, and Albums On The Hill in Boulder, reverb link,

Format: Digital, Disc, bandcamp release expected in June 2018

Label: DIY

Location: Rollins, Colorado

Current Lineup: (Facebook)

Ig Eels-guitar/vocals

Lisa Mccarley-bass/backing vocals

Mike Barnes and/or Rolf Gunnar Hauge-drummers

Our Favorite Track(s): OI, Lemme See That Bass, Drink drank punk , Rat Boy, Pentatonic Gin & Tonic

Sounds Like: The Stooges, New York Dolls, Anti Flag, The Creeps


Colorado’s Drink Drank Punk aka DDP recently rocked the Toad’s Punko De Mayo fest. This was actually my first time hitting a DDP show. I was blown away and was lucky to catch guitarist/vox, Ig Eels after their set. We discussed how Ig used to be a part of Radio KNED, a pirate radio station that once blasted out of Nederland, Colorado.  KNED sadly was issued as with most pirate stations, a cease and desist letter. They did not hold a FCC licence and could no longer operate. This leads me to wonder.

Since the FCC continues shutting down pirate radio stations does this allow big media to thrive? Was Mark Hunter right when he said, “Do you ever get the feeling that everything in America is completely fucked up?”. Every day we see the corporate world taking on more and more power than they deserve. Hell England has even contracted with a private police force to patrol wealthy neighborhoods. How long before DPD, renames itself, “Denver Corp Police”?

Alright so maybe I moved off topic a bit with a political rant. I’m here to talk Drink Drank Punk! We scored a limited commercial release of DDP’s album, “The Nederland Lament”. The album has some great old and new school punk sounds, such as OI, and Pentatonic Gin & Tonic. There may be a special cover in there as well! But let’s talk about what makes this album stand out among the rest. The album includes some KNED commercials that harken to Christian Slater’s Hard Harry. I am hopeful KNED or other similar like stations will return.

So let’s get a quick backstory from DDP’s Ig Eels. Per Ig, “Drink drank punk started in March 2013 in Nederland, Co. Our first 2 shows were house parties for radio kned, a pirate radio station. We broadcast these shows on air and began regular recording of station drops for kned. Our original lineup was: ig eels-guitars, vox. Lisa Mccarley, bass guitar. Josey Wales, drums. The band name drink drank punk comes from an anti flag song. Before radio kned, i did a punk rock show on kbfr in boulder, and that song always caught my eye on the station playlist, it seemed like a great band name for the kind of music i play and write.

The initial idea was to play blusier, standard rock songs for the start of a 3 hour bar show, which evolved to hard core punk rock by the start of the 3rd set.  In August of 2013 we got a show at 3 Kings Tavern for the NIPP reunion party. From that point on DDP has been primarily a one set denver punk rock band, having played around 100 shows. We play original songs, and always a few covers. Usually by black flag, circle jerks, agent orange, stooges, or ramones.

In the fall of 2016 original drummer-and former Leftover Salmon drummer- Josey Wales rode off into the sunset after a long Colorado rock n roll career, moving to Mexico to continue his Outlaw thing. Since then drums for DDP have been alternated between Mike Barnes and Gunnar Hauge, both of whom kick ass on the kit.  DDP bassist Lisa McCarley has organized the Rock, Metal, Punk, and Ska festival (RMNPS) every year since its inception in 2015 at the Stage Stop in Rollinsville, CO. We are happy to bring punk to the mountains again this year on 7/21 at the Pioneer Inn in Nederland and on 9/15 for RMNPS”.

The 3 blew me away at Cinco De Punko. Ig’s vocals, matched with Lisa’s bass. Barnes was a animal on drums. This album will offer that same feeling! You can peak a free listen over on their reverb page, . Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Don’t forget to check bandcamp in the coming weeks for The Nederland Lament!

The Unaccepted – We’re The Unaccepted and Trump Is A Chump EPs

Release date: August 4, 2016 (We’re The Unaccepted),  and 2017 (Trump Is A Chump)

Format: Digital, vinyl out summer 2018

Label: DIY

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Tom – Guitar, Vocals
  • George – Drums
  • Derrik – Bass
  • Paco – Theramin (Mascot)

Our Favorite Track(s):

Donny Boy, Tales of the Suburban Anarchist (Vol. 1), To Be Free, Sick and Tired, and TrumpleThinSkin

Sounds Like: CIV, The Queers, Black Flag


Denver’s music scene is becoming a hotbed for the punk scene in general. We get daily emails from bands asking about the scene. Questions like, “Who’s the best opener? Where’s the cheapest place to rent? Can my band survive in Denver without having to work 9-5’s?  These are all very hard to answer on our part. Although we still try to help. We SUPPORT the scene that made us! This brings me to introduce The Unaccepted and why you should support them.

The Unaccepted released, “We’re the Unaccepted in 2016 and Trump Is A Chump in 2017. We decided it was best to review both EP’s in one review since both are fucking fantastic. Let’s start with We’re the Unaccepted. The EP starts out with, “Sick And Tired” and moves flawlessly through. The drums keep your head nodding, while the guitar solos show the true talents of the band. In this EP I hear so many different styles of music and influences. From Black Flag to The Exploited, this is a very wide range for any band.

This brings me to my favorite song on this EP, Tales of the Suburban Anarchist (Vol.1).  This song leads in with a little bass riff then reaches full velocity. We all know that suburban green mohawk punk. Kids spanging outside 7-11 for a pack of smokes or trying to bum a ride to a gig. Possibly stereotypical, yet most of us, know somebody like this. Overall this EP is a kickass ride you should be on.

Now let’s move on to, “Trump Is A Chump”. The EP was recorded on President’s Day, 2017. Oh the irony! As America celebrated the birth day of Lincoln and Washington, the orange haired big mouth was plotting to destroy it. As you can see we are not a Trump friendly site, nor will, we ever be. This entire EP is dedicated to President Donald J Trump. With songs like, Trump Is A Chump, Donny Boy, TrumpleThinSkin, and Trump Resort.

My personal favorites off this EP are Donny Boy and TrumpleThinSkin. Donny Boy reminds me of Black Flag’s hardcore edge, while TrumpleThinSkin brings in a Minor threat influence. If the president pisses you off, just share the video far and wide. Just maybe you can help another punk out there not lose their fucking mind. Yes Donald, “You’re a fucking piece of shit”!


Influences and Origin

I reached out to the band and I really wanted to understand their formation and influences. Per the band, “The Unaccepted formed in late 2016 when Tom (Guitar, Vocals) posted an ad on Craigslist which was immediately answered by George (Drums.) They jammed for a few months with a bassist who had to be replaced. After many auditions and many months Deryk joined the band and he has been the bassist ever since. Influences include, but aren’t limited to : Black Flag, Misfits, Germs, Fear, Circle Jerks,  Ramones, Descendents, All, The Queers, Street Dogs, Screeching Weasel, U.S. Chaos, Chaos U.K., The RICHLESS, Drunken Cholos, Vandals, D.I., The Exploited, Flag, and many, many more…”

Overall I immensely enjoyed listening to The Unaccepted and suggest you download all their shit right away! The music they put out is a testament to punk’s never ending spirit. Per the band they are hitting the studio this summer to record new material. They will also be releasing a new  4 song record this June! You can download the Unaccepted release from most major music providers. I used the Google Play release here, . Be sure to follow them here on Facebook . Be sure to catch them at The Toad Tavern’s, Cinco De Punko event!


Bottom Bracket – …is something else

Bottom Bracket – …is something else

Release Date – 4/20/2018  (Release show at Denver’s Lost Lake Lounge)

Format – Digital or vinyl

Current Lineup

-Ed Tunna – Bass/Back Vocal
-Dan Monaco – Drums/Back Vocal
-Mic Beseda – Guitar/Lead Vocals
-John Doheny – Lead Guitar

Sounds Like :

-Black Flag

-Minor Threat

-Circle Jerks

-Jerry’s Kids

-Rene SG

Review = Buy this fucking album! 

Denver’s Bottom Bracket is set to release their 4th EP on April 20, 2018, with a record release party that night at the Lost Lake Lounge . CPRA was lucky enough to get our greedy little hand’s on a pre release copy. I love ep’s, because you can add a bunch of them to a playlist and never get tired of the same songs playing again. Plus they tend to get released sooner than full length albums. Shit you can buy their full discog for 8 bucks right now! Also, because their tracks in pure harcore format are on average are about 1:30 long. The album title seems like a funny little inside joke, but it actually works. Tell your friend’s Bottom Bracket … is something else!

As I popped on Track 1 – Party Hats, which has an amazing little guitar intro. I felt slammed back into the 1980’s hardcore scene, at some amazing BMX show. The record only continues to get better from there. You know that feeling when you’re ready to blow? I don’t mean coke. I mean your fucking furious at life and everything in the surrounding universe. This is the record you need.. With songs like, “Doesn’t Matter” and “Who Cares?” the album leaves you wanting more.

I am proud to find the same anger, same passion, and same volatility, loaded in, “…is something else” as in previous releases. My suggestion is buy the 7”! Hell buy both versions, but if want that original sound go vinyl. Bottom Bracket is proving the Denver hardcore scene is still alive and fucking pissed off!

Check them out here on Facebook  and Instagram. Make sure to give them a like or 3. Their new EP will drop on 4/20/2018 on their Bandcamp. Again go vinyl! I forgot to mention how amazing their cover art is for their EP’s as well!

Rene SG – Fucko

Rene SG – Fucko

Release date: 02/14/2018


Vinyl Single

LabelMonster Zero Records , Austria.

  • Current Lineup –
    Rene: Vocals + Gibson SG
    RJ SG: Drums
    Dennis: Bass

Sounds Like :

  • Black Flag
  • -The Exploited
  • -Ramones
  • -Motorhead

Our Review : Rene SG recently released their Fucko EP on Monster Zero Records. Hailing from Amsterdam this is the band’s 6th record release per their wikipedia page. From a glance at their Wikipedia page the band describes themselves as, “Speedpunk”. Speedpunk basically means that every song it quick and right to the point. At that is exactly what you get with Fucko. This album blends mayhem and speed. With songs like, “I just don’t give a fuck” and “Till Hell freezes over” combined might be near the 2 minute mark. In fact their album is actually only about 10 minutes long, thus labeling it as an EP.


The anger and animosity on the record fills a needed void from todays generic punk. These speed punks remind me of early 90’s trash skate bands. Some dude running around spray painting his band symbol everywhere he can without getting caught. Do yourself a favor a pick up Rene SG, “Fucko” here! You can follow them here on Facebook, .