Release Date: 4/8/2020

Format: Digital 

Location: Ft Collins, Colorado

Current Lineup: 

Gus – Vox

Jason – Guitar

John – Guitar

David – Bass

Beckett – Drums

Favorite Tracks: “Wash Yer Hands”

Sounds Like: TSOL, Minor Threat, Tuck Knee, and The Exploited

Per the band, “(Ft. Collins, Colorado) April 8, 2020. Fed up with people not taking social distancing and proper handwashing seriously, Colorado punk band Bad DeSiCions (note spelling) decided to take matters into their own hands, so to speak. The Ft. Collins-based punk band released a new song with an accompanying music video on Thursday April 9, 2020. “Wash Yer Hands” is a 20 second blast of punk fury—just the amount of time the Center for Disease Control & Prevention recommends for proper hand washing.

If you’re tired of the birthday song, or prefer a more rock ‘n roll approach to your personal hygiene, check it out. The song will be available free for download and streaming on all major music platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.”

If you like the kick ass track below, You can read more about Bad Desicions here,

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