Release date: July 27th 2018

Format: Digital, physical, and vinyl

Label: Lockjaw Records

Location: Manchester, England

Current Lineup: Per Facebook

  • Danny – guitar/vox
  • Dave – guitar
  • Josh – bass/vox
  • John – drums/vox

Favorite Tracks: Distress Call, Royal Flush, Cowabunga, Hostile Company, and Hanging

Sounds Like: All Out Helter, Propagandhi, Strung Out, The Shell Corp, Local Resident Failure, Main Line 10, United Defiance and War Fever.

Anger driven metal punk? Sounds GREAT to me…



We are really fucking lucky here at CPRA. This week we reviewed so many different types of music.

We started it off with Aussie melodic punks, Nerdlinger. Then onto glitter surf punks, Hayley and The Crushers, and now we get heavy with the Fair Do’s.  Let’s check out their upcoming new release, “Leopards”.



The album kicks off with by far my favorite song of all, ‘Royal Flush’. This track has some kick ass drums, awesome shreds, and vocals. Let’s flush the royalty out and for me that includes the American government. I wonder if Trump’s hair would make a cool swirly going down?

The next track up is, ‘Distress Call’, this one keeps up the melodic speed, with almost Dime Bag like bass lines. The drums again are fantastic. ‘Cowabunga’, is about not giving up a fighting for the common man. The vocals are fucking amazing on this one. The guitar riffs on this one are reminiscent of Maiden’s Dave Murray.



Next up, ‘Hanging’, this song will definitely bring out the metal head in you. The combination of shred, and drums is insanely good. It only seems to get better when the vocals kick in.  ‘Closing In’, really reminds me of early Corrosion of Conformity. The range the vocalist can reach is fucking nuts. ‘Hostile Company’ continues the onslaught of progression and speed. Watch out for the pit on this one, somebody’s going to the hospital.



‘Candleman’ continues the record and the mayhem. Again I hear very Dime Bag like bass lines, and awesome vocals. ‘In The Mean Time’, this might actually be one of their slower songs on the album. This track continues the extreme talent on guitar.

This track is another one of my favorites on the record. This one definitely needs to be heard on vinyl. ‘Lose My Touch’, I really dig the drums on this one. ‘Carried Away’ closes out the album. This one is less on the metal, but more on the melodic punk side. This is a great song with a perfected sound. It makes me wonder, are our leaders the Leopards circling us like prey? Or is it the exact opposite?

Overall this album absolutely shreds. The Fair Do’s have created an album which combines the brutality of metal with a melodic skate punk sound. Make sure to load this up on your playlist before participating in anarchic activities, haha! Get this one on vinyl for the best sound! Also be sure to check out Lock Jaw Records while you’re there!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fairdosband/

Bandcamp: https://lockjawrecords.bandcamp.com/album/leopards

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7cAuYl6Kzztzn9L3Q6xQXv