Hardcore Vs Pop Punk Night At Antero Hall (AKA Ecks Saloon) Tonight! Who will take the win?

A battle of epic PROPORTIONS, The fight of the century!

Tonight is the fight we have all been waiting for. The match of the century! Let’s first meet our referee! Weighing less than 3lbs from Adams County, Colorado is Slappy! Slappy has been busy as you can see below. He is the booker, security team, and overall ladies man for Dryer Fire. Slappy will be under scrutiny as he is currently in a substance abuse program.

Be sure to ready up and read our review of Dryer Fire’s, “Van Candy” here, https://coloradopunkrockarmy.com/2018/10/05/dryer-fire-van-candy/. He is in no relation to Mr Marbles, although this editor has heard some small footsteps in the night.

The contestants

Nebraska Pop Punks Liar Wire are are coming in hot off the heels. Check out their interview with Spotlight Omaha! Does Liar Wire have what it takes to take the crown?

Steadfast is rolling through with an impressive record for street punk and hardcore savagery! This Houston based band is ready to fight!

Who will this fight? You be the judge tonight at Antero Hall, Doors at 8, show at 9!

Dryer Fire – Van Candy

I’m going to be blunt and straight-to-the-point for a change…

I know, I know… usually, I dilly-dally around, talking about “feelings” and “life” and other bullshit that I feel (in my deluded, self-absorbed mind) is relevant to the album… but not this time…

No, this time, I’m not going to talk about how much I like the bands that have apparent influence on this album… like King Missile (especially Detachable Penis), Dead Kennedys, New York Dolls, Descendants, and The Pixies…

I’m not going to mention that shit before I just bluntly state that THIS FUCKING EP IS GODDAMN AWESOME, AND YOU SHOULD JUST FUCKING BUY IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!

That’s where I feel I should start with this.

This is truly a brilliantly written album! I really appreciate it when a band puts some planning behind their work, and puts together a recurring theme or tells a story. Essentially, this EP revolves around a van… but not JUST a van… an EPIC van! Sure, it may not look like much from the outside, but the travels and adventures this van has seen paints a picture of the van that someone like Deedee Ramone must have owned at some point. It’s parked in strange places; it’s somewhat busted; lots of beer cans; been to some AWESOME parties… this van has seen it all!

In some songs, the van is the feature; in others, it’s there, but not as prominent. Either way, you know that this van has some stories to tell!

… and now that I’m done with this review, I’m gonna go get “Poo Pants Drunk” with my buddies!

You can find the album at https://1800slappy.bandcamp.com/album/van-candy  Be sure to follow this band!  https://www.facebook.com/DryerFireband/

Go get it NOW NOW NOW!!!