Release Date: March 7, 2020               

Format: Digital

Producer: Wassup Rocker Radio Presents

Favorite Tracks

The Kids – Pale Lips, Secrets – Grumpster, Mood Ring – Eroders, Number Seven – The Speedways, I’m Just A POS – Battlebeats, Hit And Run – Natalie Sweet, Bubblegum Music – ABC Music, Pinch Points – Stranger Danger, World War IX – Fired For Partying, More Kicks – Blame It On Satellite, The Gala – Gimmie Gimmie, Los Pepes – Positive Negative, and Danger Inc – Your Boy

The days of going into your local record store and coming across a kick ass comp may be over. That hasn’t stopped Toledo based Wassup Rocker Radio from releasing a massive new 25 track comp, “Sick Sounds 2”. I am loving every single track as each band has something new and different to offer. Read the press release below from Wassup Rocker Radio’s Alex Kish!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – (Toledo, Ohio) The underground music scene has gone digital. DIY internet radio programs—like The World Famous Wassup Rocker Radio Show out of Toledo, Ohio—have allowed picky punk music fans to enjoy a curated music experience with just the click of a mouse.

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The show’s second digital compilation, Wassup Rocker Radio Presents: Sick Sounds 2, takes that idea one leap further, allowing a range of unique independent rock bands to show off their collective might. The free digital-only release—slated to drop on Bandcamp on March 7th 2020 —showcases Wassup Rocker Radio program director and host Alex Kish’s picks for the best new garage rock, power pop, glam, punk and rock and roll tunes from around the world, including a previously unreleased track by Indiana’s ABC Gum.

Featuring fresh songs from 25 bands, including Hammered Satin (Burger Records / Dead Beat Records), Grumpster (Asian Man Records), The Whiffs (Dig! Records) and Canada’s Pale Lips (Spaghettytown Records) the compilation boasts approximately an hour of thoughtfully crafted mayhem.

“I hope the compilation inspires listeners to support these often under recognized artists (and their respective independent labels), whether that be through purchasing more music from the band or providing a review or recommendation,” Kish said. “I know these bands put their heart into their songs. My job is to get that music out there, on the front lines. Creating a complication allows the music to shine brighter than it would alone.”

About Wassup Rocker Radio

Wassup Rocker Radio is a radio show featuring the latest garage rock, punk and power pop. The show also hosts concerts in the Toledo and Detroit area. Recordings of past internet radio episodes and ones on WXUT-FM are available here.

—END OF PRESS RELEASE—I don’t know about you guys, but I personally cannot wait for this comp to drop on 3/7/2020! So many bands for everyone. Be sure to hit that download it’s FREE! Also support your fellow  creators that help bring non mainstream bands to the forefront like CPRA and Wassup Rocker Radio. Share posts, share music, and help spread the underground word!

Bands On The Comp:

Pale Lips, Canada

Hammered Satin, California

Grumpster, California

The Whiffs, Missouri 

Eroders, Detroit

The Speedways, UK

Conmen, California

Hayley and the Crushers, California

Josephine, New York

The Battlebeats, Indonesia

Natalie Sweet, California

Bambies, Canada

ABC Gum, Indiana (Previously Unreleased Track!)

Les Lullies, France

Brower, New York City

The Sino Hearts, China

Pinch Points, Australia

World War IX, New York City

More Kicks, UK

The Gala, Boston

Gyasi, Nashville

Los Pepes, UK

 Danger, Inc. California

Poison Boys, Chicago

The Sorels, Canada