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Format: Digital

Label: Heart On Records (Women based punk label)

Location: Oakland, CA

We love our underground punk rock labels here at CPRA! A few days ago, Oakland based and women focused, Heart On Records announced a new comp, “This Will Not End Quietly” This comp features some of our favorite bands such as Faux Replika, City Mouse, Year Of The Fist, Cheap Perfume, Broken Baby, Teenage Bigfoot, Sad Girlz Club, Future Tense, Cut-Rate Druggist, Gina Volpe Music, Failing Up, It’s Embarrassing, Enemy Of My Enemy, Skip The Needle, Whoosie What’s It’s, The Humblers & Dee Skusting & The Rodents

Proceeds of the new comp will benefit Fair Fight and & Get Her Elected. There is no time to waste and must ensure our elections are free and open to all. Don’t forget to vote this November. You can go here it’s quick and easy, I’m so excited for this comp which features 17 bands from across the country! Let’s hope it gets a vinyl release! You can pre-order here,

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Track List (Per Bandcamp and subject to change)

Faux Replika – White Throne
City Mouse – Bullets
Year Of The Fist – Blood Bath
Cheap Perfume – Time’s Up
Broken Baby – Meat Week
Teenage Bigfoot – Bystander
Sad Girlz Club – Ex-Men
Future Tense – Centrifuge
Cut-Rate Druggist – Run Rabbit Run
Gina Volpe – Time To Come
Failing Up – Antichrist
It’s Embarrassing – Dry Heat
13Enemy Of My Enemy – Never Again
Skip The Needle – We Ain’t Never Going Back
Thee Whoosie What’s It’s – Middle Feather
The Humblers – Our Best Customers
Dee Skusting & The Rodents – Cold War


Release Date: 6/22/2019

Format: Digital                              

Label: DIY

Location: Denver, Colorado

Production: Mixed and produced by  Felipe Patino at Green Door Studios (Bricheros) and Ira Decther who mastered (OverTime)

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Blake Pendergrass, drums
  • Hans Meyer, vox
  • Lindsey Housel, keys and vox
  • Jason Tollen, bass
  • Taylor Pendergrass, guitar

Track listing:



“Only One”


“Kill You to Live”

Normally when writing a review, we choose a few of our favorites…but I can’t choose a song I like best on this EP! I love every single track. Things that stick out to me: the opening riff of “Streets” is awesome and I love the vocal delivery.  Great choice as the EP opener. “Talk” is one of the faster tempo tracks, and the lyrics are awesome. It’s upbeat, rhythmic and relatable.

“The more they talkity talk

The less you walk walk walk

And the more they squakity squak

The more we walk walk walk away!”

“Only One” is perfectly aggressive, the guitar riff on “Riots” is infectious and has quintessential sing-along vocals: “The bell tolls. The riots roll!”

“Kill You to Live” has an awesome breakdown and the build up is well placed and timed.

Reminds me of: Suicide Machines, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Pennywise, The Buzzcocks, Rancid, Ten Foot Pole, Dwarves, Murder City Devils, TSOL, The Muffs.

Overall: Production wise, I think this EP is very well done. The drum sound is punchy and in your face but not overpowering, the bass and guitar tones are energetic yet still warm, the keyboards are mixed very well, providing a lush harmonic noise floor, and both vocalists deliver tireless, passionate words that you know they believe in. This band is not posing at all! This recording captures their energy and enthusiasm which I can only imagine is equally as good live.

Be sure to catch the Wild Lives EP Release Party this Saturday at Streets Of Denver with Cheap Perfume and Vic N’ The Narwhals. Get your tickets soon as this banger is likely to sell out!

About The Reviewer:

Megan Kelley is the front woman for Denver based post-punk band Married a Dead Man. She is an accomplished pianist, keyboardist and singer, with a full time private music teaching studio. She is also a composer, songwriter and holds degrees in classical voice and piano, as well as a second degree in sound engineering. Music is her entire existence.

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The thing that just BLEW ME AWAY about this band was the intensity of the lead singer.  It was a pretty packed house that night… but even so, when she came down off the stage and started singing from the pit, the crowd was actually intimidated by her!  People were backing away with a shocked look on their faces.

That intensity translates beautifully on the album!  The music is chaotic, but with great rhythms and melodies.  The vocals and backing vocals are perfectly dissonant balanced.  The lyrics are entirely political, and exemplify Punk attitudes and ethics echoed by the great Dead Kennedys and Black Flag.

In some ways, I’m reminded of 90’s bands like L7, but also classic Punk, like Bikini Kill.

I recommend this album for anyone hungering for the Punk sounds of the early days, with the updated politics of today’s issues.


… so, really, I recommend this album for just about everyone! Pick up this album here,