Release Date: 03/05/2021

Location: Denver, CO

Current Lineup: Justin – Vocals/Guitar Devin – Vocals/Bass Noah -Vocals/Lead Guitar Marcus – Drums

Sounds Like: Sunset Silhouette, Saves The Day and The Ataris

It’s Pop punk Release Day here at CPRA. Today we’re kicking it off with Denver based Bury Mia. We have been fans of Bury Mia for a long time now. Today they released a new single “Better Off”. Check it out below!

This track was recorded at the infamous Blasting Room in Ft Collins, Colorado. Per the band this is the first single from a new record out later this year!





CPRA Playlist

Release Date: 10/28/2019                                

Format: Digital 

Location: Oakland, CA

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Mario: Guitar/Vox
  • Bret: Bass/Backing Vox
  • Trey: Drums

Favorite Tracks: Never Know, Old Life, Worst Part, and Reboot

Sounds Like: Overtime, Bottom Bracket, Voice Of Addiction, and The New Narrative

During the rise of pop punk circa 1990s I began to wonder what would happen to hardcore punk. Out of nowhere bands like Blink 182, Goldfinger and Greenday, began to overtake the airwaves. Its successor emo pop, was less desirable to me with bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco. I knew punk was changing after seeing Fall Out Boy on the Warped Tour line up back in 2006. Don’t get me wrong I hold a special place in my heart for the Gilman bands, yet I’m not a big fan of emo. 

I like to also point out the massive popularity of the Tony Hawk Pro skater games as contributing to the rise of pop punk, although hardcore bands were on some of the soundtracks. So this leads me to today’s question. Did emo and pop punk kill hardcore? Before anyone accuses me of saying, “Punk Is Dead”, let me clarify PUNK NEVER DIED it only evolved into different forms. 

East Bay hardcore punks, Protected Left want you to decide with their latest release, “Fossil”. So let’s check out the new EP. “Never Know” is the first track up with powerful drums, heavy bass lines and intense guitar work. Lyrically it’s written in a question format. I dig it. 

The next rack is, “The Swell” this track is 100% skatepunk. This song could’ve easily ended up on one of the Tony Hawk soundtracks. Some heavy bass lines, almost metal with some sweet guitar solos rage on within. I think this where pop punk changed by losing the metal solos. I kind of miss them, so it’s great to hear a solo in this track. 

Next up is my favorite song on the EP, “Old Life”. The massive onslaught of fast hooks, perfected drums and vocals continues. A bad-ass guitar solo compliments the end, before slowing and allowing a few acoustic notes in. This song kicks ass! “Worst Part” follows being the shortest track on the EP, at 45 seconds long. Probably the best 45 seconds of my life! 

“Reboot” is the last track on the record and my second personal favorite. The lyrics are amazing, sad, yet hopeful at the same time. Here’s one for your, “Break Up Punk” playlist! It’s short and sweet. As we have come to an end, it’s time to wrap up this review. I began by asking the question, did pop and emo kill hardcore? The answer is, NEVER. There are a thousand or more bands out there playing hardcore for years to come. 

Pic by Heartless Jen

Protected Left’s, “Fossil” proves to us that hardcore is a root of punk rock and it’s staying power is timeless. With tracks like, “Never Knew”, “Old Life”, “Worst Part”, and “Reboot” this EP will leave you wanting more. Be sure to pick it up here on release day, On a side note come see Chicago’s Voice Of Addiction this Saturday at BAR BAR!

Check out their last release below! Get it on tape!

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Track List (Per Bandcamp)

  1. Never Know
  2. The Swell
  3. Old Life
  4. Worst Part
  5. Reboot


Release Date: 11/1/2019

Format: Digital 

Location: UK

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Andy – Bass
  • Ben – Drums
  • Ian – Vocals
  • Jim – Guitar/Vocals
  • Mike – Guitar/Vocals

Favorite Tracks:  Beer Bullet, Mental Health, Histrionics, To Wound and Wander, Destitute

Sounds Like: All Time Low, Audio Karate, Filthy Hearts, Face To Face, Dial Drive, and The Mezingers

Our Souls is set to release their second release, “I’ve Made A Terrible Mistake” on November 1, 2019. Their first debut EP ‘I Might Drink Myself to Death’ dropped back on November 16, 2018. The EP was well received with reviews from some of my favorite zines such as Keep Track of The Time, Colins Punk Rock World, Ear Nutrition, and The Punk Site. If you haven’t checked them out be sure to do so! 

So let’s dive straight into, “I’ve Made A Terrible Mistake”. The EP launches with, “To Wound and Wander, Destitute”. The melody on this track is killer. The guitar and bass playfully create the background as a second guitar drifts away for a little solo.  The song speaks of relationship breakup and the inability to find the light. I love this song! 

“But if the banality of lie, 

Dosen’t kill me, 

Then the c#nt inside my mind, 

Will just slowly,

Take my fu%cking soul,

Until I want to discuss fucking throw pillows” 

The next song is, “12312341”. So just when I started thinking, Our Souls may be on the pop punk side, out of nowhere comes some insane hardcore skate punk. The pit on this track will be dangerous. All of those over 30 should stay out, ha ha ha! Next is by far my favorite song on the EP, “Histrionics”. The track swings back towards the melodic side. 

Here at CPRA we use the phrase, “Breakup Punk” often. When a relationship begins to die so many things go through you head. What am I doing wrong? What are they doing wrong? It’s their fault, my fault, etc. If you need a song that will help you leave a toxic situation. Throw this on!

“Because when all is said and left unfinished, 

No idea if I’d be running away or starting again, 

And when all is said and undone, 

Would it be giving up or letting go?”

“Mental Health” follows and this is a tough track. The lyrics are deep and you can hear the emotions as they are belt out. The drums are the star on this as they lead the track through a confusing and broken time. I’ve lost too many friends and family to suicide. Don’t be afraid to ever reach out to one of us here at CPRA. Or please consider calling the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, at 1-800-273-8255. The truth this song inflicts will make you tear up. 

The final track is “Beer Bullet”. So many people can identify with this track. How many “Beer Bullets” do we fire on ourselves attempting to self-medicate ourselves into happiness? It’s short, but all of my favorite songs are less than two minutes long. The chorus is catchy, yet impacting. 

Overall, Our Souls, “I’ve Made A Terrible Mistake, is a fantastic EP.  The swings from melodic over to harcore are full of emotions that every one of us struggle with on a daily basis. I personally cannot wait for a vinyl release asap! So pick up the digital release first here on 11/1/2019,

Check out their last release below as well!

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  1. To Wound and Wander, Destitute
  2. 12312341
  3. Histrionics
  4. Mental Health
  5. Beer Bullet


Came And Took It – “Resume” (Early Preview)



Release date: Projected October 2018

Format: Digital

Label: DIY

Location: Ft Collins, Colorado

Current Lineup: Per Facebook

Austin – Vocals & Bass

Sotirios – Drums

Brady – Guitar

Favorite Tracks: Straddling The Line, Last Call (Cease and Sequester), Evergreen Palms, Waves, Resume, The Slow Boat To Siberia.

Sounds Like: Off The Mark, Fourbanger, Nerdlinger, Stray The Course, The Menzingers, The Queers and The Lawrence Arms.




Colorado is one awesome state. We have a prospering economy. The mountains, plains, and the sand dunes. We have a thriving art and music industry that is quickly approaching the likes of Los Angeles and New York City. We just recently celebrated 142 years of statehood. So a happy birthday is in order! This leads me to introduce Ft Collins based, Colorado punks, Came And Took It. The former Austin based band, picked up and moved to our great state.



We scored an early preview copy of their upcoming album, “Resume”. Before I get into, “Resume” let’s talk about their 2016 release, “Bait For Buzzards”. “Bait For Buzzards’, has some great songs on it like, ‘Broken Skull’, ‘All That Glitters’, and my favorite, ‘Drowning”.  It has a completely different sound when compared to “Resume”. I spoke with guitarist Brady Boyle and he offered some insight on the differences.

“Came and Took It originally formed in Austin, TX as Galley West. Then some dildos from Utah sent them a cease-and-desist order, forcing them to change their name. What a bunch of chodes. Posthumously releasing their debut LP, “Bait for the Buzzards” in 2016, Came and Took It took on the themes of addiction, mental illness, heartbreak, and hatred of hipsters

in a 13-song punch to the face, recorded in a time-honored DIY tradition by co-vocalists (and audio engineers) Austin Corley and Josh Cornal, themselves.



Fast forward to 2017 – the band decided to reunite and relocate to Fort Collins, CO, where they recently recorded a new LP, Resume, at the Blasting Room and are looking to spread their infectious dual-vocal assault of dour lyrics over catchy melodies and aggressive rhythms to their new home state.”

Maybe I should thank those Chodes, Brady mentioned, because this album kicks ass. This one was recorded at the Blasting Room in Ft Collins. So let’s get into “Resume”. The opening track ‘Straddling The Line’, kicks off the record. The lyrics are amazing.

The hooks and melodies blend in perfect combination. By far this is my favorite on the record. I don’t usually play air guitar, but when I do it’s to, ‘Straddling The Line’. I have high hopes for this song. Hello Dying Scene or Punk Tacos?

“I’m refining all of my theories of why you can’t depend on me,

I’ll fuck up something else along the way,

It’s a never ending science fair,

All are welcome, stop and stare,

This project here is called, “Don’t Drink, Now Pray”

Up next on the track list is, ‘Last Call (Cease And Sequester). This one has a really kick ass bass lines. The vocals and melody will keep you humming long after it’s over. The lead singer on this reminds me of a much harder version of Weezer’s, Rivers Cuomo. Again this one has some really catchy lyrics! The next song is ‘Sleep’.



‘Sleep’, starts out with a western guitar riff. This one is a bit on the slower side. I really like the drums on this one. Let’s move on to ‘Evergreen Palms’. This one is my second favorite on the album. This one reminds me a bit of the Descendants with a socal punk sound. I love the lyrics on this one. The vocals combined with the drums make for a perfect sing along.

“I hope the evergreen palms are treating you right,

And the 405 isn’t wasting away your life,

Suffering and sacrifice – See it all but can’t sleep at night,

I’m leaving you in the shadow of the shrine,

Suffering and sacrifice – See it all but can’t sleep at night,

Lose everything,

I’m leaving you in the shadow of the shrine”

Those are some really deep lyrics! Let’s move onto the next track, ‘Waves”. Here’s yet another favorite on the record. The guitar shreds while the bass brings in the edge. I think this one has some pop’s potential as well. This song reminded me of some past bad relationships I’ve had. This one meets our definition of “Break Up Punk”. ‘Resume’, is up next.

I simply love this fucking song! These guys really know how to write some great music. They lyrics are so relatable. You have this massive crush on someone. Yet all the douchebags are lined up ahead. The addition of the acoustic guitar at the end is beautiful!



‘You, Me, And Chemistry (Pleasure)’ is up next. This one is like the perfect follow up to ‘Resume’. “I guess I lost some faith in you and me and chemistry”. I drums are this one are perfect. ‘100’, comes in with an acoustic intro, which is quickly joined in by bass and drum.

‘Filters’, rolls up next on the record. This one seems a bit darker, yet maintains the pop punk melody. ‘Sticking It To Crazy’, comes up next on the record. This one is probably the hardest on the record with it’s melodic hardcore sound. ‘Unrealized’, continues the previous tempo. I love this one as it speaks to the human in all of us.

“Maybe I’m lost,

Maybe I always was,

If the stars don’t ever align,

I’ll just become,

Unrealized, unrecognizable,

Ostracized, marginalized, and unforgettable”

‘The Slow Boat To Siberia’, this tack is obviously on the political side. This is a true punk rock song. It speaks of America’s tradition of blacklisting anyone who questions it’s ideals. This one finishes out the record well sort of haha. “I got a little penis”.  This song really blew me away lyrically. The harmonies and message is almost like a call to arms for the punk community. Obviously not firearms of course, fists only please.



Let me make this a wrap. Came and Took It, has produced an epic record that combines the melodies and struggles of humanity. I personally cannot wait for this record to drop. With songs like, “’Straddling The Line’, ‘Evergreen Palms’, and ‘Resume’ they have mastered the pop punk sound. This one is added to the 2018 CPRA Album Of The Year contender list! Keep your eye out for preorder information here, .



These Fast Times – “On the Other Side of Fear” Review


Release date: July 20, 2018

Format: Digital

Label: Thousand Islands Records

Location: Montreal

Current Lineup: Per Facebook

  • Jeffery Vuorela (Guitar / Vocals)
  • Ryan Kennedy (Drums)
  • Jason Bellefontaine (Bass / Vocals)
  • Thomas Kolofsky (Lead Guitar)

Favorite Tracks: It’s Not Just Me, Lights Too Loud, On Our Way,

Sounds Like: Nerdlinger, Shift – D, Filthy Hearts, The Hang Ups


Awhile back we coined the term, “Break Up Punk” to describe an ep by Swedish punk’s, The Hang Ups. I’m sure we were not the first outfit to coin this term. So when I started listening to our advanced preview of, “On The Other Side Of Fear”, break up punk was the first thing that popped into my brain. Keep in mind this track order may be subject to change before release.



So let’s check out the album. ‘Falling In Love’ is first up. This track is a great introduction into the album.

The sound effect taken from Alan Watts recording, “Falling Into Love”. The premise when we fall in love we throw in all of ourselves and forget to take our brains with us.  The band plays a beautiful instrumental in the background on this one.

‘It’s Not Just Me’, a great example of “Break Up Punk”! This track has some very well written lyrics, it’s pretty powerful. I really dig the guitar riffs and fuzz sound on this one. This is a song that no matter who you are. You can relate to at some point in your life.

“And now this has gone on for too long,

My goals and my love on the wayside,

No matter I’ll get her back until she finally leaves,

Thank God it’s not just me”

Ashley Madison’, is a little heavier on the shred size. The bassline and drums are fantastic. For some reason Jared Leto’s the Joker from Suicide Squad popped into my mind during this one. It’s a bit on the insane, but good side.  



‘My Thanks’, slows the album back to a more melodic sound.The song is still heavy on the bass line. This song is basically says, “Thanks for nothing, except all the messed up things you did to me”.  It definitely relates to the human condition.

Next up on the record is ‘Take Me Home’. This one slows down the record. It’s extremely heartfelt. You really start to feel the pain in the songwriter’s heart.

The  next track, ‘That Was Easy’, returns with a wonderful rip roaring fuzz sound. The duet is immaculate and blends almost perfectly.



‘The Grind’,  the hero of our story struggles with trying to continue the love tragedy.

It talks about one night stands, financial struggles, and references, “My Thanks”. I really love the drums on this one, especially towards the end.  ‘Light’s Too Loud’ is up next.

The band recently released a video for the song. Be sure to check it out below. This is probably my second favorite song on the album. The video itself looks strangely similar or with purpose to the Talking Heads video for, “Once In A Lifetime”. This really kicks some ass! The fuzz is strong, the lyrics are amazing.

‘On Our Way’, this one really reminded of the Dead Milkmen or Vandals.  It has some great riffs and great bass lines. ‘Movies And Popcorn’, is the next track. It continues the storyline with again some great lyrics and enjoyable amount of fuzz. ‘End Of Day’ follow towards the end of the album. This was come in as my third favorite on the album. I love the cymbals in the background. You can just feel confusion the writer is going through on this one.

‘Dadcore’, I really like this track. There’s some thrash, that accompanies the fuzz. This track has a really deep message. Actually it’s a bit of a tear jerker for myself.

Overall, “On The Other Side Of Fear” is journey though the beginning and end of a bad relationship. This is perfect for someone feeling lost and in need of music that relates to them. These Fast Times, have combine each of their skills to produce a dramatic and definitive punk album.






In another review, I coined the term, “Breakup Punk.”

Well, here’s another GREAT example of Breakup Punk, as earlier defined!

Let’s get real, here… once the dust settles, and your significant other is suddenly not there, and you sit and think about the chaos that just came to an end; there’s a lot of shit in your mind, and one of the best and healthiest places to put it is straight into your music!

… but if you don’t have your own music as a venue through which to express yourself, then it helps to live vicariously through the music that came from other people’s breakups. After I left my ex wife, that’s the category I found myself in.

The self-titled 4 song EP from 10000 Volt Ghost is an awesome contribution to “Breakup Punk;” my only real complaint is the same complaint I have with pretty much EVERY EP… when it’s over, you think, “Wait… that’s it??? But I want MORE!!! MORE, damn you, MOOOOOORE!!!”

Gad Dammit!!!

If you want to get REALLY excited, and then REALLY sad that there isn’t MORE, then you can find the EP here:


I’m going to be blunt and straight-to-the-point for a change…

I know, I know… usually, I dilly-dally around, talking about “feelings” and “life” and other bullshit that I feel (in my deluded, self-absorbed mind) is relevant to the album… but not this time…

No, this time, I’m not going to talk about how much I like the bands that have apparent influence on this album… like King Missile (especially Detachable Penis), Dead Kennedys, New York Dolls, Descendants, and The Pixies…

I’m not going to mention that shit before I just bluntly state that THIS FUCKING EP IS GODDAMN AWESOME, AND YOU SHOULD JUST FUCKING BUY IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!

That’s where I feel I should start with this.

This is truly a brilliantly written album! I really appreciate it when a band puts some planning behind their work, and puts together a recurring theme or tells a story. Essentially, this EP revolves around a van… but not JUST a van… an EPIC van! Sure, it may not look like much from the outside, but the travels and adventures this van has seen paints a picture of the van that someone like Deedee Ramone must have owned at some point. It’s parked in strange places; it’s somewhat busted; lots of beer cans; been to some AWESOME parties… this van has seen it all!

In some songs, the van is the feature; in others, it’s there, but not as prominent. Either way, you know that this van has some stories to tell!

… and now that I’m done with this review, I’m gonna go get “Poo Pants Drunk” with my buddies!

You can find the album at  Be sure to follow this band!

Go get it NOW NOW NOW!!!

OK, so there’s kind of a sub-sub-genre that nobody talks about; or maybe it’s just that nobody ever gave it a name… but if nobody’s done it yet, I’m just going to go ahead and coin a term:

“Breakup Punk”

You know what I’m talking about… the music you listen to right after a breakup, that helps you feel strong at your weakest moments.  The stuff that helps you say “FUCK THAT,” and move on with your life with newly-discovered perspective into the way the world works; and what you do or don’t want for yourself in the future; and what you’ve learned about yourself!

Usually, it’s one album… enough for someone to get shit off their chest, and move on to the political shit.  Some bands, like Reel Big Fish, have made a career out of it.

When I first listened to “S/T,” by  The Hangups from Malmö, Sweden, this was my impression.

If you’re like me (and it’s probably safe to say that you are, if you’re actually reading this), then music is an intrinsic part of your life; and it takes the “right” music to help you through the hard times. If this sounds like you, then this is certainly an album that I would recommend to anyone that’s recently gone through the pain of a breakup; which is something that we all go through at one time or another.

It’s powerful, heartfelt, and the progressions and tempos have a definite harkening to the Ramones or New York Dolls.

Now, some might listen to the first track and think, “wait a minute… this isn’t a breakup song…”

… and to them, I say “NAY!”

ANYONE that’s ever gone through a breakup has “that phase,” where you’re going out all the time, getting shitfaced, and *pretend* to be having a good time.  While the first song may seem like a “party song,” don’t fool yourself… it’s aaaaaaaaall part of the breakup process…

I feel confident in saying, The Hangups have mastered the art of “Breakup Punk,” and I look forward to hearing their future releases, because quite frankly, this kicks ass!