The Drowns – View From The Bottom

The Drowns – View From The Bottom


Photo Credit – Bridge City Sessions

Release date: 8/31/2018

Format: Digital or Physical

Label: 1984 Records, Live From the Rock Room, Bypolar Records, Gunner Records (EU)

Location: Seattle, WA and LA, CA

Current Lineup:

Rev – Guitar

Andy Wylie – Bass

Jake Margolis – Drums

Favorite Tracks: Eternal Debate and Faithfully, Faithless

Sounds Like:  Street Dogs, NOISE, Strung Out, Off With Their Heads


View From The Bottom is yet to be released and bummer for you, you will have to wait.  CPRA was stoked to get in on it early. This is straightforward punk sound; pre-labels and sub genres.  The Drowns are a three piece that put out a lot of sound. I’m always a fan of good bass lines and the ability to harmonize the agansty lyrics.  Boxes checked. This made want to get in the car and sing along nice and loud.

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Track List

  1. Eternal Debate
  2. Take Me Back
  3. Time Slips
  4. Where’s Bobby?
  5. Faithfully, Faithless
  6. View From The Bottom
  7. Overexposure
  8. Boston Accent
  9. I.C.U.
  10. Darkness


About the writer: Old crab that stands in the back and complains that it was better in my day, but is 100% for the youth take over.  I’m a contradiction that thrives on holding on to rebellion with one foot on either side. – Lala

Almataha – Kill The Leaders


Release Date: May 5th, 2018

Format: Vinyl, Cd and Digital

Label: Major Letdown Records

Location: Denver, Colorado

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

Trond Goderstad – Vox
John E. Quesada – Guitar
Bella Quesada – Bass
Max Arbess – Drums

Our Favorite Track(s): Illusion Wall, Genocide, American Taliban

Sounds Like: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies, Subhumans, Bad Brains, The Exploited

Great Hardcore? Look No Further!

When it comes to hardcore punk, there are certain things you expect: fast buzzsaw guitars, pounding drums and those over the top throat ripping vocals. Almataha’s latest effort delivers that in spades! Personally, I loved the little “vintage” atom bomb instructional intro on Illusion Wall. While this sort of thing has been done before, it’s fun and tasteful. Plus, with the warning siren in the background, it does feels like the big one is about to be dropped. Duck and cover!





The rest of the album quickly aligns with the sound and feel of “Wall” and doesn’t let up until the very end. This band needs to make its way to Milwaukee, they would do very well! Can’t wait to see what else these lads (and lass) come up with next.

Guest Review by: Maxwell Liam of Hi/Jack

Poison Politix – National Murder EP

If you haven’t guessed by now, we here at CPRA are mostly old-schoolers; and while I can’t positively say I speak for all us old-schoolers, I think I can at least speak for MOST of us in this line of thought:

One of the great things about punk; more-so than most other genres; is that the raw elements of punk’s original New York scene never fade away.  While it changes and adapts over time, the core familiar elements never go away. It’s the same loving, warm, comfortable feeling you get from visiting your Grandma’s house, and remembering the days of your youth, playing with your cousins on Thanksgiving.

So, when this album started of with a classic clip of George HW Bush’s “New World Order” speech, which was used in COUNTLESS songs in the 90’s, my interest was instantly piqued! When the album continued from that clip into music that sounds like the Ramones, Misfits, and New York Dolls had some kind of 3 way offspring, I sat up and got excited!

… until the album ended three songs after that one, and I was sad… but then the album looped in my media player (Music Bee, if you’re interested… it’s AWESOME and it’s FREE!!! … but I digress…), and I was happy again!

I’m not sure how many times I’ve listened to it all the way through, now; I just wish there was more of it, as with most EPs.

If you like the old-school New York sound like any TRUE punk should, then this is definitely an album that will make you feel right at home; just like Grandma’s House!

Find it here:



CPRA Band Radar Alert – The Bricheros – EP

So I’m just gonna start calling the month of April, “Unofficial No Affiliation Records Month” here at CPRA. In case you missed some of our reviews within the last few weeks. We’ve spotlighted some amazing bands like The Follow Ups and FoL who are currently signed up with NAR. Denver punks, The Bricheros are next to land on the CPRA Band Radar.

I know what you’re expecting, and shit that is not gonna happen. Usually some story how the band started out playing here locally and blah, blah, blah. The Bricheros have a kick ass origin story just like your favorite superhero. Maybe not Aquaman, well he smells like fish pee. All members of the band began their lives in Peru. On an interesting note, Peru’s punk scene began in the 1970’s and 1980’s, staying strong today.

We were lucky to score a chat with band member Ruben Patino. Here’s some band history we thought was pretty fucking rad! “Band was formed in 2017, we are all Peruvians living in Denver and our bass player lives in Hollywood LA, we have known each other since mid 90’s well Felipe (papi chulo) is my brother so I have known him since 1982 when the fucker was born, and I played with him since we were fuck like 13 years old, we have a band in Peru called futuro incierto (uncertain future). That band started in 1990 and we still get together back home and play shows.

When we moved to Denver roughly 2000 we started several bands. But the one that sticks out the most was Suburban Hostage. That was only Me (riko) and papi with these other dudes, then I played with Reno Divorce from 2010 till 2015 and after we parted ways. I decided to start a few bands, but nothing really worked out. Until about a year ago when I approach Jorge (mono) and papi and we formed Bricheros! I also fill in Drums for NY act The scutches, so that’s about it”


The band currently has a couple of singles out on Bandcamp, “Caving” and “Comb Over”. I love both these songs immensely. Per Ruben the band should have a new album out sometime this summer.  They are the perfect mix of pop meets political punk in a melodic style. You can pick up their singles here, Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram link – Make sure to follow No Affiliation Records as well!

Rene SG – Fucko

Rene SG – Fucko

Release date: 02/14/2018


Vinyl Single

LabelMonster Zero Records , Austria.

  • Current Lineup –
    Rene: Vocals + Gibson SG
    RJ SG: Drums
    Dennis: Bass

Sounds Like :

  • Black Flag
  • -The Exploited
  • -Ramones
  • -Motorhead

Our Review : Rene SG recently released their Fucko EP on Monster Zero Records. Hailing from Amsterdam this is the band’s 6th record release per their wikipedia page. From a glance at their Wikipedia page the band describes themselves as, “Speedpunk”. Speedpunk basically means that every song it quick and right to the point. At that is exactly what you get with Fucko. This album blends mayhem and speed. With songs like, “I just don’t give a fuck” and “Till Hell freezes over” combined might be near the 2 minute mark. In fact their album is actually only about 10 minutes long, thus labeling it as an EP.


The anger and animosity on the record fills a needed void from todays generic punk. These speed punks remind me of early 90’s trash skate bands. Some dude running around spray painting his band symbol everywhere he can without getting caught. Do yourself a favor a pick up Rene SG, “Fucko” here! You can follow them here on Facebook, .