Best Punk EP Of 2020? The Run Around Drops “Bombs Away” And This Record is…

Release Date: 2/27/2020 (Per Apple Music)                                      

Format: Digital

Location: Chicago, IL

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

Jason Fein – Vocals

Jason “Stretch” Enders – Bass/Vocals

Fabian Falcon – Guitar/Vocals

Mario Sanchez – Guitar

Mike Curran – Drums

Favorite Tracks: Bombs Away, Story And The Gaslight, White Coats, Young And High, Go Under, Hell Meet Hand basket

Sounds Like: Doc Rotten, Bad Religion, Debt Neglector, and Rise Against

We get a ton of music submissions weekly to CPRA for reviews, etc. Sadly we don’t get time to check out each one. We have to be picky and truth be told I really dislike that. Keep in mind CPRA is purely volunteer based and volunteers are always needed. Bands one way to get our attention is to have a kick ass video. Music videos can be pricey to make, but they will help your band! And this kids, is how I found The Run Around’s, “Bombs Away”. 

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The first track is indeed  “Bombs Away”. With a kick ass intro like this, you can’t help but start nodding your head. The drums are so damn good. The lyrics speak of America’s  desire to continue our never ending war machine. Why can’t we stay out of other countries’ business, Check out this awesome video below!

The next track is “Story And The Gaslight”. This track goes out to all bands who try to hit the road. I myself have never toured and have no idea what that experience may be like. Again another tack that kicks ass. Amazing bass and guitar riffs, energetic drums and great vocals by Fein. This track also pays homage to rhythm guitarist, Jeremy Kitt. Jeremy passed suddenly in 2014 leaving the band and his family at a loss. There’s also a great riff at the end of the track. 

Have you ever felt you just don’t belong, because some “Normie” put you down? Have you ever felt you’re crazy? Well welcome to the club. Let’s party until the “White Coats” take us away! This track is powerful yet playful. It filled me with a sense of pride. Yeah I’m crazy, but so is my punk rock family. This anthem will get stuck in your head!

Pic by Alex Zarek

The next track is “Young And Hi”. I love this drum beat. Growing up sucked and this track reminds us how tough it can be for young punks. When I was growing up I was told I can be anything I want to be. It wasn’t until I got older I realized I went through some serious shit. The lyrics relate on so many levels and are a blast to sing with. The guitar riffs have an old school glam metal feel, and I love it. 

“Go Under” is a love song. We all know what happens when the afterglow wears off. It sucks! If you’re going through this shit I really feel for you. “I was your lightning, you were my thunder, never really looked at another, but the lightning crashed, there was no more thunder, life goes on, then we go under”. I love this track in so many ways!

Well we have came to the finish line with, “Hell Meet Hand Basket”. This is hardriven political punk rock! Here we are in the USA where rednecks shoot “Robbers” in the streets and our ACAB cops slam kids to the concrete. As the track says, “We are lost, we are caged, we are anything but free”. I encourage you to read up on the so-called land of the “Free”. 

In reflection I have one statement to make. Where TF have these guys been all my life? I’m adding The Run Around’s, “Bombs Away” EP as a nominee for CPRA’s best of 2020 EP. “Bombs Away” has massive potential and this band deserves to hit the national touring stage. I found myself again through music, played by someone else. You can listen on any big streamer and be sure to buy if you can. 

Track List 

Bombs Away

Story and the Gaslight

White Coats

Young And High

Go Under

Hell Meet Hand basket





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CPRA Music News: Boston’s Duck & Cover Release New “Two Shots” EP Out Now Via State line Records

Release Date: January 10, 2020               

Format: Digital and Physical release


  • Charlestown, MA

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • daniel – lead guitar
  • damien – drums
  • rich – bass
  • chris – vocals, guitar


Favorite Tracks: Two Shots, Bleeding Edge, Unlucky 17 

Sounds Like: The Trade Ins, Descendants, The Dead End, The Living Deads, Lillingtons, and Ghoulies  

Besides the major music players like Rage, Social D, and etc. How many lesser known bands have landed on a video game soundtrack? Wait I mean bands that didn’t appear on any Tony Hawk Proskater games? Ok I also mean bands that didn’t appear on the NHL 2009 soundtrack, which in fact had Billy Talent W/ Anti-Flag

Boston’s Duck & Cover did just that by landing their song, “Knock Em Down” on the Rockband 4 soundtrack. This was back in 2015 when plastic guitars were all the rage. I thought that tidbit was kinda cool. It always sucks to only hear major artists in video games. Congrats to Duck & Cover for making it on there. Anyway this review isn’t about “Knock Em Down ” or Rockband for that matter. It’s about Duck & Cover’s latest release, “Two Shots”. 

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The first track is “Two Shots”. I love this song. Have you ever had a bad relationship never go away? No matter how hard you try that person is always coming back around in one way or another? This song has some great chords, drums, and vocals. So far I would say along the lines of the Lillingtons, but more on the rock side. 

The second track is “Bleeding Edge”. It’s much darker, with some excellent riffs on guitar. If the vocals weren’t as dark this track could easily be mixed in with an 80’s Corey Hart or even a Scorpion’s song. The next is my second favorite song on the record, “Unlucky Seventeen”. It’s lyrically addicting, simple, and fun to dance along with. 

Purchase here!

Overall Duck & Cover’s, “Two Shots” is a fantastic little EP that will appeal to punks, rockabillies, and anyone who loves some good old rock n roll. Their mix of horror, ramonescore beats, created a new fan right here! How cool is this vinyl? Check em out here,   

Tracks: (Per Bandcamp)

  1. Two Shots 
  2. Bleeding Edge 
  3. Unlucky 17 


The Business End Takes A Walk Down Insanity Lane With, “Limes”

Release Date: 12/21/2019                                     

Format: Digital 

Location: Santa Rosa, CA

Current Lineup: (Per Bandcamp)

  • Mike Ward: Guitar, Lead Vox on some
  • Bret Fontaine: Bass, Lead Vox on others
  • Neil Kelly: Lead Guitar
  • Trey Derbes: Drums

Production: Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Scott Goodrich at Nu-Tone Studios
Music by The Business End, Lyrics by Mike & Bret
Art/Photos by Trey

Favorite Tracks: Paper Crown, Et Tu?, Meat Sweater, Rock ’em Soccam’s Razor

Sounds Like: Protected Left, Good Riddance, The Killers, Wild Lives (DEN), Iggy and the Stooges, and Filter

Santa Rosa, California based, The Business End released “Limes” back on January 20, 2020. Sometimes you have to change things up. Lately we have been reviewing a ton of skate and pop punk. So today it brings me a ton of pleasure to check out a band that seems to have punk rock roots, but also seems to have many different musical influences.

“Do as I do, not as I say
Drop anchor then float away
Your first instincts are rarely the best play
I’ve sewn my mouth shut to rely on written words
And I’m at my best when I’m absurd”

The first track on “Limes” is “Paper Crown”. Grab your pit buddy and run in. While this song is heavy on chords and drums it’s perfect for those who want to dance alone. This track is totally me! I’m socially awkward, not great with compliments, but still push through. The next track is ‘Et Tu?” and is by far my favorite on the record. 

It’s an anger driven bullet song aimed at the demise of the United States.  Let’s take a short trip down memory lane when President Obama was in office. Sure things were not great. He inherited a war that wasn’t his, a broken economy left over by greedy capitalists. Sure he wasn’t perfect, but I think we as a nation we were happier. Fast forward to 2020. Trump is killing this nation along with his lackeys. This song needs a music video! 

My next favorite track is “Meat Sweater”. The riffs on this song are wicked. It has a nice heavy bass line and Trey’s drumwork is fucking excellent. As someone once said, “All my favorite songs are less than 2 minutes long”. Well this song has joined those hallowed records. “Sleepcreeper” follows up and has a great dance able melody. It’s dark and twisted and a strike at nationalists. 

“There’s patriots and nationalists
And when the latter don’t know the difference
My shadow comes out to play, lord I wish that I could say”

“Rock ’em Soccam’s Razor’ ‘ is next up and has some amazing work on vocals as they seem to bounce around the speakers enhancing the theme of love lost. Take some Iggy and the Stooges and throw in some heavier punk and you have a great song. Be sure to check out Denver’s Wild Lives as they are in close comparison. “Soft Serve Ace” follows is this a love song? An anti love song? It kicks ass!

“It’s their intent to own you, drain you, run you through
All for financial gain, there’s no regard for you
And it’s not truth they’re seeking, all they wants an answer
That lets them kill you slow with their own brand of cancer”

“Wince And Repeat” is sadly the last track on the record. Lyrically a fantastic tune, with a great skatepunk melody. I saw a study not long ago and can’t currently locate it. It basically said people who work 9-5 jobs, in artificial light have a higher chance of dying at a young age compared to those who do not. I really wish I could find this. We work for shitty pay with shit rewards. While our “Leaders” reap the benefits of our work. 

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The Business End, “Limes” in one word, is FANTASTIC. This tiny EP will not only make you dance, but question everything in our present day and age. It’s INSANELY good! With influences like hard rock, punk and metal you really cannot go wrong. Don’t be surprised to see “The Business End” up on your local venue marquee sometime soon. 

Track List 

  1. Paper Crown
  2. Et Tu?
  3. Meat Sweater
  4. Sleepcreeper
  5. Rock ’em Soccam’s Razor
  6. Soft Serve Ace
  7. Wince And Repeat 


CPRA Music News: Colorado Horror Punks, The Midnight Horrors To Release Debut EP, “Guitars, Grease, And Shallow Graves” in March 2020

Release Date: March 13, 2020

Format: Digital 


  • Northern Colorado

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Band Members
  • Evan – guitar and vox
  • Chris – drums
  • Corben – guitar
  • Previous members:
  • Steven – drums (2016-2017)
  • Austin – bass (2017-2019)

Favorite Tracks: Siren Song, Poison Oak, The Spider

Sounds Like: The Lillingtons, Blitzkid, Tiger Army, Nick 13, Hotel Murder, The Followups, Livermores, and Alkaline Trio

Northern Colorado Horror punks, The Midnight Horrors are set to release their debut EP, “Guitars, Grease, And Shallow Graves” on March 13, 2020. Let’s face a true hard fact. Here in Colorado. We don’t really have a huge horror scene. Sure we have some great bands like The Dead End, but aside from them we really don’t have many. So I must admit I’m excited to see horror punk being represented more. 

So let’s check out, “Guitars, Grease, And Shallow Graves”. The first track is, “Siren Song”. This track is strong on drums and power chords. Evans vocals provide and dark and dangerous backdrop to haunt the track even more. The chorus will be stuck in your head. The second track is, “The Unholy”. This track is heavy on bass with perfectly placed, “Whoas”. The 1950’s theme is awesome. 

“Poison Oak” is the next track up. The progression is much faster. The pop punk sound is much more evident. This song is dedicated to all those zombie exs that never seem to go away. 

We are no good, It’s plain to see, You’re poison oak, And it’s killing me”

The following track is “21st Century Frankenstein”. The sound of a slapping bass is amazing; although I’m not sure an upright is used. This song is a bit slow and more on the rockabilly side. The story line is beautiful, dreamlike, and deeply haunting. Next up is my favorite track, “The Spider”. This track is much harder in comparison to the other tracks on the EP. The lyrics are thought provoking while remaining dark and spooky. I LOVE this track! 

Picture by @tiertwolive

Overall, The Midnight Horrors, “Guitars, Grease, And Shallow Graves” is a 5 track treat providing an amazing mix horror punk, pop, and rockabilly. Their ability to swing over into different genres, without sounding generic is fantastic. Personally I am very excited to see what’s in store for the Midnight Horrors. I’m definitely nominating this track for EP of 2020! So prepare that download button on 3/20/2020 and buy it here,

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1. Siren Song

2. The Unholy

3. Poison Oak

4. 21st Century Frankenstein

5. The Spider