11/9/2020 – File Under #CPRAMUSICNEWS

So apparently when I write out my dreams they do indeed come true? Denver’s The Mazlows are releasing their debut album, “Community Locker” on vinyl. I love this album and so happy to see a release on record! You can read our review here, https://coloradopunkrockarmy.com/2020/08/06/best-pop-punk-album-of-2020-denvers-the-mazlows-release-community-locker-and-skabones-realizes-hes-a-music-snob/.

Considering this album is a nominee for best pop punk album of the year, You definitely wanna grab a copy of the vinyl as fast as humanly possible! You can pre-order here, https://www.themazlows.com/new-products/the-mazlows-community-locker-limited-edition-12-deluxe-vinyl.

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