CPRA Skate Team

The backstory

Since skateboarding’s humble beginnings it has been there for and the chosen activity of non-conformists. It was no surprise that when punk came along a match made was made. So it comes as no surprise that CPRA needed a skate team. CPRA Skate started as like minded individuals all inhabiting the same park at different times.

Then for one reason or another, call it skate cosmic energy, they started meeting up. A year later the team was born. All different skate styles and  levels are represented by the team. All different backgrounds and all different situations brought them to skateboarding and loving punk. Please support them, go skate with them and continue the love all of our local scenes. We will profile them here and on the new Facebook page. Thanks and keep spreading all the stoke.

Are you interested in joining the team? Send us a message, https://www.facebook.com/CPRASkates/

CPRA SKate Team Stars on CPRA Presents

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