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Dever’s Podcast Scene just got a little better

Punk rock on a podcast? You don’t say! Yep that’s right. Now we can reach more people with Cpra’s Denver Punk Rock Podcast! Join us for hi jinks, the best in local and international punk rock, and our discussions on day to day life. Please drop us a couple of bucks to help keep the content flowing!

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Season 1

Episode 1: Lala And Skabones talk about Cpra’s first podcast show.

Episode 2: Skabones is isolated and boooored!

Episode 3: Lala and Skabones talk 90’s Denver Punk W Tony Stanevich!

This episode contains bonus content from Tony’s band Full Pull and now defunct KTCL’s Musiclink.

Episode 4: Lala And Skabones Interview Cody and Matt from the Punk Rock Horror Podcast