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Paddy Peyton
Born Again Heathens (Self Titled) 2017 CPRA Rating 9.8 

Our friend, Paddy Rocker Phil Duckworth, over at http://www.paddyrock.com/home/ was the first to turn me onto The Born Again Heathens. I decided to get a bit of taste of their music on Youtube. I soon quickly ponied up the cash and purchased their new album.

Track 1- Irish Goodbye- Has someone ever walked out of your life without leaving an explanation? Your first thought was, “What the hell did I do wrong?” Your second thought was I better have a few drinks to work this out. Eventually you leave the bar and you’re like fuck? So what is the best way to get over an Irish Good-bye? Listen to this punk rock jam over and over again!

Track 2- McIntyre’s Lament- We all know that one person who can’t handle their booze. You know the one passed out before the show starts? Here’s a great tune filled with pipes dedicated to those people. Reminds me a bit of the Street Dogs –Tobe Has A Drinkin Problem or even Dropkick’s Spicy McHaggis Jig.

Track 3- Wild In The Streets- What happens when Black Flag meets bagpipes? You go wild in the streets! This tune will make you jump in your nearest pit! It’s a throwback to the days when you were hanging out with your best mates and probably drunk most of the time.

Track 4- Brass Tacks- A song about the truth. This tune reminds of how the multinational corporations are churning out drones instead of working folk.
Track 5- All My Friends Are Drunks- Another one of my favorite tunes on the album combine melodic punk with pipes and rock n roll!

Track 6- Stagger Alley- Let’s all meet in Stagger Alley after our night out on the lash. Of course this is the perfect response to All My Friends Are Drunks.

Track 7- Sadie Hawkins Slam Dance- Has a hot girl or guy ever grabbed you and headed to the pit? I’m not sure Born Again was going feminist on this track, but someone they managed to make it sound amazing.

I’m giving this album a solid 9.8 CPRA rating. This album is a must buy for any Celtic punk fan or even just a punk fan in general. If you plan on freeing Ireland anytime soon, make sure this on your playlist! You can check out their Facebook Page here, https://www.facebook.com/bornagainheathens/ . Their awesome merch is here, http://www.ncceltpunk.com/ .
Their album can be purchased here, https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/bornagainheathens .

Album Reviews​​​​​ 2017

The Rumjacks - Sober and Godless 2015 CPRA Rating 10

I decided to go back a revisit this kick ass album from 2015 for a variety of reasons.  I was first introduced to The Rumjacks back 2010. Their album the Gangs of New Hollond had just come out. My first reactions were, "This is some great shit!".

Back then I was still listening to mainly US Celtic punk bands, like Dropkick and The Street Dogs. I started expanding my search as there tends to be more Celtic punk bands across the pond.

I remember being somewhat upset after locating their Facebook page and seeing a post that they were breaking up. Thankfully the break up was short lived and I'm guessing that's due to the success of the "Gangs of New Holland". 

Now the Rumjacks are on AUS band which makes their sound even more authentic. A mix of Celtic punk, Irish Trad and blend of Australian Folk. So pull up a pint and let me have your ear.

​​Track 1- Home Rule- This a great intro into the album combined with the fife and bass. 

Track 2- No Pocket's In A Shroud- When you go down with Death there's no pockets in the shroud. I love the catchy guitar riffs and drums in this tune. This album in general speaks of man's common goal to fight the power.  The Sydney Bar Lockouts were starting to go into effect. In essence the State was prohibiting businesses from selling alcohol during certain times. This casued many venues to experiance a lack of customers

Track 3- Blows and Unkind Words- By far my favorite tune on the album. Punk finally meets the accordian for a rip roaring good time. Have you ever been dragged to a nightclub and forced to listen to  some shitty Taylor Swift remix?  Meanwhile some backwords wearing cap bros are ready to fight? Personally I'd rather be sandwiched between two whales.  "I can't take another night watching grown men fight to music made for teenage girls".

Track 4- One Summer's Day- I love the drums in this song. A rebel song? 

Track 5- Barred For life- Probably my second favorite tune on the album. "Nobby was a shit-for brains,
Tho everybody loved him to his boots for all his pains,
Dirty racist pig was no friend o' mine,
I'm glad I won't be drinkin' there again" Lucky for us in Denver the Nazi culture has somewhat faded since 1990's although the racists pigs are still out there. 

Track 6- Plenty- A song about the mistakes we've made and rising from those ashes. Also about accepting ourselves for who we are. Anyone who can't accept us? Well they can feck off. "I've been places my shadow refuses to go".

Track 7- Home- This tune slows it down to a perfect tempo. A mix of celtic trad and a little reggae. 

Track 8- Oh Sergeant Where's Mine- We've all been approched by the armed services recruiters. Before you sign those papers. Think of all the bullshit they feed ya. "All yer talk of computers, and sunshine, and skis, I'm askin' you sergeant, where's mine?"

Track 9- The Leaky Tub - Do you like your punk with a side of pirate shanty? Aye mate we do, we do.

Track 10- I Smell Trouble- I really enjoy the accordian and melodic shanty like sound of this song.  The dueling solos are awesome. "There's trouble in the way she looks at me".

Track 11- Sober and Godless- "Surely it's a sin to be sober and godless, when  half the bloody world is wearin' green". Another one of my favorite tracks. 

Track 12- The Reaper and Tam McCorty- When death comes ripping he decides to leave the old drunk alone and move on, waiting for him to sober up. 

Track 13- Me Old Ball and Chain-  Enough said, haha! Another Rumjackin pub drinking song. 

Track 14- 400 Miles Away- The pipes are amzing in this song as they blend well with strong guitar. "Oh, have ye known th esting of sweet regret? Or have ye no started living yet?"

In conclusion, I’m giving this album a solid 10 CPRA rating. This album has been playing on my phone for almost 3 years straight. The Rumjacks came to the US for a very brief US tour in 2016. We NEED to get them back to the states. Help us, by picking up some of ther tunes! Or pick up their new album, which is amazing as well, Sleepin' Rough. 

You can check out their Facebook Page here, https://www.facebook.com/TheRumjacks/.

Their album can be purchased here, http://www.therumjacks.com/ .

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