After a 14 Year Hiatus, Downway Returns With “Last Chance For More Regrets”

Release Date: 5/1/19 via Thousand Islands Records

Format: Digital out 5/1/19, CD and Vinyl goes out around 5/1/2019 only 300 on vinyl will be released!

Label: Thousand Islands Records

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook) –

Dave Pederson, Ryan Eagleson, Dave Holmes,

Favorite Tracks: Black Taxes, Letters, The Show, Wild Ones, Punk OG and Rebel Ballad

Sounds Like: Came And Took It, Sunset Silhouette, and Boxing Day.

unnamed (1)

In 14 years so many things can change. One thing hasn’t changed and that’s Downway’s kick-ass sound! In 2017 they reformed to tour and produce their new album, “Last Chance For More Regrets”. The new album features 12 tracks. CPRA was lucky to score a pre-release copy.

This album is stocked with kickass pop, skate and the occasional metal lick. Personally I really would love a vinyl release. I’m finding it very hard to really nail down a favorite song as all are excellent. Downway may have taken some time off, but they came back harder and stronger than ever. Pick this one up on 5/1/19 here,

Track list: (Per Bandcamp)

  1. Intro
  2. Black Taxes
  3. Part of the Show
  4. Letters
  5. Same Sky
  6. Mary
  7. Wild Ones
  8. Rebel Ballad
  9. Saying Your Name
  10. Stars & Satellites
  11. PUNK OG
  12. Last Night’s Makeup

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Best of 2018 Albums and Ep/Lp Picks by CPRA’s Skabones

Best of 2018 Albums and Ep/Lp Picks by CPRA’s Skabones

It’s been a crazy year here at CPRA. We’ve reviewed so much amazing music this year. We debuted our very first show, “Happy Skanksgiving” at Tennyson Tap. By the way our last show of the year, “Merry Punxmas” is on December 29, 2018. I know we all get a bit tired of these end of the year lists. As admins we all couldn’t possibly agree on overall favorites. So we are going to individually announce our own personal picks.


Skabones’s Top Local Full Length Albums of 2018

1. Last Reel HeroLast Reel Hero (S/T)
2. Came And Took ItResume
3. Almataha – Kill The Leaders
4. Weathered Statues Borderlands
5. The Wannabes – Goodbye


Skabones Top 5 Local EP/LP

1. Sunset Silhouette Detour EP
2. RASP State Of The Union
3. Younger Than Neil Never Quite Asleep
4. Married A Dead Man Haunt
5. People Corrupting People Red Herring

Skabones Top 5 International Full Length Albums

1. The Corps Tales From 2814
2. Dirty Work In The West End
3. Off The Mark Aging Disgracefully
4. The Shell Corporation Fucked
5. Fourbanger Never Let Go




Skabones  Top 5 International EP/LP

1. FoL Therapathy
2. Debt Neglector The Kids Are Pissed
3. Millie Manders and The Shut Up Millie Manders and The Shut Up EP
4. Upper Downer Upper Downer
5. The F/A How Riots Start

Flag_of_Colorado Anarchy greyscale

Skabones Honorable Mentions Full/EP/LP/S

The Rumjacks Saints Preserve Us
Grinning Barrets Riot
Alternative Ulster “Boobies, Banjos, Bagpipes & Beer”
The Dead End The Dead End EP
Oh See Demons Personal Issues
Bottom Bracket Is Something Else
Fair Dos Closing In

We reviewed almost 100 albums in 2018. So picking only a few was very tough on me. Happy Holiday and don’t let Krampus get ya! Be sure to pick up a CPRA shirt, patch, or sticker before Christmas! Email soon if you want one by Christmas!

CPRA Pics by Cricket Fox!

Bring On The Storm – Altruism


Release date: 11/4/2018

Format:  Physical Distro

Label: Thousand Islands Records

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Chris Kreuger- Vocals/ Guitar
  • Brandyn Smith- Guitar
  • Josh Wallace- Bass
  • Clay Fandrick- Drums

Favorite Tracks: Deadbeat

Sounds Like: Propagandhi, Strung Out, Distillers, and Pennywise



Small Label October is going strong as we close out this month of reviews dedicated to small record labels. The “smalls” as I like to call them are going against the iron giants in the music industry. Some of my favorite bands, like Came And Took It, Last Reel Hero, and Nerdlinger are either DIY or on small labels. Let’s face it we are tired of hearing the same shit over and over again on the radio. Some days I feel like Hard Harry from Pump Up The Volume.


Here at CPRA we listen to a shit ton of music that will likely never hit the major radio waves. Yet I hear some old school punks complain that, “Punk Is Dead”. It’s not dead, you just stopped trying to look for it. We are the Hard Harries of Pump Up The Volume. Webzines may not be posted on telephone poles, but they are still out there. Punk Review sites are alive and well. All you really have to do is click!

This leads me to introduce Calgary hockey/skatepunks, Bring On The Storm. Their brand new record, “Altruism” will drop on 11/24/2018. Before I do my thing let’s check out this cool quote from the band regarding origin. “The sweat soaked locker room of a recreational hockey arena might seem like an unlikely birthplace for a punk rock band but for Calgary’s Bring on the Storm that’s exactly where it all started.” So there you have it! The band formed in a hockey rink!


The album starts out with ‘Deadbeat’. This is by far my favorite on the record. It has some catchy lyrics, anthem like in the chorus, and some kick ass drums. Next up is, ‘One Billion Dicks’, no not just a few dicks, one billion. This one is really good. It’s almost industrial with a Ministry like intro, yet still retains extreme skate punk quality. This is going to make for one nasty mosh pit.

‘Spineless Gutless Bitch’, is up next on the track list. It’s almost a love song, and the antagonist in this is not a girl. It’s the writer against himself. This one is deep, and somewhat heartbreaking. It still kick serious ass on bass and guitar. ‘Shithole’, is up next and truthfully the sound was kind of unexpected for me. This is a complete and welcoming 360 from, ‘Spineless Gutless Bitch’. This one returns with anthem whoas, and furious vocals.


‘Proud Of My Drool’,  intros in with some heart pounding kick and great little guitar hook. I am not sure why, but for some reason this song reminds me of watching old skateboarding videos. It may be due to some of the almost “metal” like riffs.



‘Life Sucks’, speeds the progression backup to a break neck speed. This one is definitely for all of you speed punks out there. The drums and guitar are going insane on this one. ‘F.F.L.’ is up next on the record. This one slows it back down to more of a pop punk sound. This one is a bit sad, yet so very relatable. The lyrics are beautiful. ‘Alive’ brings in some acoustic, it’s well written and a great ending to the album. 

This album review for me was somewhat hard. It’s a fantastic album, but I’m having issues nailing down a genre. I hear hardcore, metal, pop punk, skate punk, and even some industrial. This makes it definitely worth checking out!


  1. Deadbeat
  2.  One Billion Dicks
  3. Spineless Gutless Bitch
  4. Shithole
  5. Proud Of My Drool
  6. Life Sucks
  7. F.F.L.
  8. Alive


Call It A Day – “Mind The Gap”



Release Date: 11/01/2018

Format: Digital

Label: Thousand Islands Records

Location: Strasbourg, France

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Max – Drums
  • Alex – Guitar
  • Alex – Bass / Vocals
  • Ted – Guitar / Vocals

Favorite Tracks:

  • For Your Safety
  • Empty Promises
  • Valium

Sounds Like: No Use For A Name, JFA, Lagwagon, and I Am The Owl


It’s not often we get some really kick ass skatepunk. But when we do, we absolutely love it! Strasbourg, French punks, Call It A Day are releasing their brand new EP, “Mind The Gap” on 11/01/2018. The album is being released under, Thousand Islands Records. “Small Label October” hasn’t finished just yet! In proper CPRA fashion we gonna check it out! You really should take a few minutes and check out the kick ass music Thousand Islands are putting out. Anyhow let’s roll into, “Mind The Gap”.

‘For Your Safety’, kicks off the album. This one leans somewhat on the speed punk metal side. The guitar and drums are fucking nuts. The different harmonies and melodies are mixed well. ‘Empty Promises’, is up next on the list. The bass seems to be more emphasized on this track. This make for a great pit song. This one will be brutal! ‘Valium’ is the last track on the EP. The drums and guitar solo shine on this one.

Call It A Day’s, “Mind The Gap”, sits on the edge of hardcore while maintaining a core skatepunk sound. Any fan of hardcore skatepunk should add this their collection on drop day!


  1. For Your Safety
  2. Empty Promises
  3. Valium


Arising From – “Contemplating The Unknown”

Release Date: 10/25/2018


  • Digital

Label: Thousand Islands Records

Favorite Tracks:

  • Return To Sender
  • Was It You
  • Your Beliefs
  • One Life

Sounds Like: Came And Took It, Filthy Hearts, Descendants, Strung Out, and Sugus

Small Label October continues to remain hot as Hades here at CPRA. We just got word that Montreal punks, Arising From are releasing a brand new EP on October 25, 2018! We were lucky to score an early release. This new EP is full of 1990’s skate punk! So let’s check it out!

The EP kicks off with “Return to Sender” and no this is not an Elvis cover. This song is heavy on the bass and drums. The riffs are epic in mastery. “Was It You”, is the next track up. I really dig the vocals and lyrics on this. It’s also quiet on the heavy side, but not quite metal. This is a great I’m pissed off and need to vent song.
“Day That Never Came”, is up next and slows down the record. This one although a little slower is still full of the melodic hardcore we love. I love the different progressions and build up. Hey metal fans you may dig this! “Your Beliefs”, is up next on the list. This one is bit different in comparison to the rest of the record. It seems less, angry and bit more on the pop punk side. The songs speaks of belief systems and how they can corrupt the human mind. “One Life” is last on the track list. This is by far my favorite on the record. The catchy lyrics and beat will keep you singing along.

In conclusion I’m a bit surprised this is my first ever listen to an Arise record. This EP is stacked with great song after song. They fit in today, and just as good as they did 15 years ago when the band began. You can pick it up here and major distros on 10/25/2018,


  • Return To Sender
  • Was It You
  • Day That Never Came
  • Your Beliefs
  • One Life


Colorsfade – “In Real Time”




Release Date: August 30, 2018

Format: Digital

Label: Thousand Islands Records

Location: Gatineau, Canada

Current Lineup:

  • Frank: Guitar
  • Jeff: Vocals + Drums
  • Yan: Guitar + Vocals
  • Gui: Bass

Favorite Tracks: United for Our World & Frozen in Time

Sounds Like: Melodic Punk – Lagwagon, No Use For a Name, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes


I grew up on 90s skate punk. Epitaph, Fat Wreck Chords, Hellcat, Tooth & Nail, Fearless. An era where melodic punk was big. I could go through and name band after band with similar sounds, but I’ve never liked to play the “sounds like” game. I feel that it takes away from the artists’ own creativity. But if you were into the bands of that era, give this band a listen.



The vocals are strong here. Jeff can sing. A range of pitch that’s not always needed in punk rock, but you’ll definitely appreciate it when you hear it. Backup vocals are great too. I do wish I heard a bit more of the scream that came in at the one minute mark of “Imposter.” But backup vocals were great as well throughout the record.

Drums were fast, as punk rock needs to be, but able to keep it interesting. Bass was exactly what it needed to be. But the real strength here was the guitar. It’s unmistakably the punk sub genre they are going for, but you can tell that they guy is a metal head & also loves his classic rock. Just listen to “Frozen in Time” & you’ll hear the metal licks in there.



This record also have some fantastic cover art. I’d love for there to be a copy available on vinyl so the art could be fully appreciated. Art that is saying so much with a picture & is beautiful to look at. It matches the quality of music here.

Many great songs on here. “Invisible Man” is a great track about having faith in yourself & being comfortable with who you are. “Imposter” is catchy and will get stuck in your head. As I already mentioned, “Frozen in Time” is a lot of fun musically as well as lyrically.

But the standout track for me was “United for Our World.” Here I am writing this review, & we have yet another  story causing social media arguments. People are so quick to get distracted at whether or not a football player will stand for the National Anthem, & are either pissed that Nike is supporting them, or going out and spending inflated prices on shoes that were made in conditions & wages that are inhuman. Instead we need to focus on the real issues.


People are dying, and at an alarming rate. There’s a message everyone needs to hear from this track. The opening lyrics of the song, “Can’t you hear and see the people dying on the news? Or are you too busy concentrating on your views?” Are lyrics that sadly resonate more & more every day. “It takes more than one man, to give up on hatred.” Let’s unite around care for each other.



Great song, great message, all from a band you need to check out.


  1. Intro
  2. Disaster
  3. United for Our World
  4. Take Your Time
  5. Loaded for Peace
  6. Get Your Acts Together
  7. Impostor
  8. Invisible Man
  9. Frozen in Time
  10. Back on Track
  11. Obedience


CPRA Playlist:

About the writer:

Griffin has been listening to punk records for the last 25 years. Now residing is Colorado Springs with his wife & 4 kids, he still tries to catch as many shows as he can.

The Shorts – Bunker Monkey

The Shorts – Monkey Bunker



Release date: August 16, 2018

Format: CD and digital

Label: Thousand Island Records

Location: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Current Lineup:

Brodie Glen – Drums, Vocals,

Simon – Bass, Vocals, Jokes

Danny/Mr Beer – Guitar, Vocals, Alcohol

Favorite Tracks: Gimmie Something, Wall Street,  Your Party Sucks, and Silo

Sounds Like:  Millencolin/Frenzal Rhomb, The Queers, Ramones.




Our friend’s down under in Australia are pumping out some amazing punk rock. We recently reviewed The Rumjacks (No longer in AUS), Nerdlinger , Lucy And The Rats, and now the Shorts! Their album art alone should draw you into this record. Haha! So let’s dive into this record by the three piece from Ballarat! It’s not often I find some kick ass pop punk, but when I do you will be the first to know!



The record starts out with, ‘Gimmie Something”. I really love this song.

It has an awesome surf punk riff to it while vocals send it home. Next up is, ‘Ladies Night In Woomelang’. The drums lead the song along while the hooks get your head nodding. ‘Wall Street’, this is probably my favorite from the record. This one is catchy and just a blast to listen to.

‘Your Party Sucks’, be sure to catch the video below! If this video proves anything it’s this band is nothing, but FUN! How many parties have you been to that sucked? I’ve been to way too many!


‘Silo’, lucky us there’s another video for this one! I love the guitar and bass lines on this one! Their vocals styles are quite impressive. I’m actually having issues making a decent comparison.


‘The Judge’, this one almost has a western twang to it. The progression is quite fun. ‘Lenny The Shark’ is up next on the track list. This one has a catchy little backbeat to it. Let me emphasize the fun again here. ‘I Don’t Know Why I Do This Anymore”, this one is fucking rad. It’s the fastest track on the record. Check out the video below!


‘Here Forever’, closes out the record. It a great ending to a fun ep! This has more of a pop punk anthem sound. Overall, The Shorts have created ep, laced with beer, fun, and happiness. Even though some of their song’s, might not be actually be happy. They have cultivated something we can all relate to. Pick this one up today!!!

Track List

  1. Gimmie Somthing
  2. Ladies Night in Woomelang
  3. Wall Street
  4. Your Party Sucks
  5. Silo
  6. The Judge
  7. Lenny The Shark
  8. I Don’t Know Why I Do This Anymore
  9. Here Forever


Special guest review assistance from Michael Beseda from Denver Hardcore’s Bottom Bracket!