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Speaking of Bad Desicions, our singer Gus had a breathalyzer in his car for like the first three years we were a band. But that’s a whole different Bad Decision story. 

Our first and probably only tour was 4 days in Nebraska and Kansas, which should qualify as its own fucked up decision. Gus got so drunk most of the nights that he still couldn’t drive in the morning, but of course that’s kind of the point of touring. The good news is that the left guitarist Jason (aka your humble narrator) is straight edge (and pretty damn lonely in this drunk ass band) so I drove Gus’ car. 

Right on the edge of Omaha we stopped for gas. Gus was in a different car halfway to Wichita. I was outside pumping gas and the breathalyzer started buzzing and counting down. The right guitarist John, who’s by far the best educated and supposed to be smart band dad, was like “Gus is a nasty motherfucker there’s no way I’m touching that thing.”

So he grabbed a bottle of hand sanitizer and absolutely pumped the breathalyzer tube full before anyone could stop him. Without any better ideas I took a deep breath and blasted hand sanitizer out the back of the tube and all over the steering wheel. It was a thick goopy mist of pure alcohol. 

The buzzer started freaking out and flashing red lights saying “fail” and we all just assumed helicopters were coming any second. I took the thing apart and started furiously cleaning all the alcohol out of the mechanisms. It was still counting down so with like 4 seconds left I tried again and passed. 

Gus didn’t think it was funny, and neither did the guy in Guitar Center when we were cry laughing and telling him that Gus was going back to jail as soon as we got home.

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Krista Brewer / 2021

We are stealing cool stories and posting them. Deal with it.

..So.. Where was I?.. After recording our first 45, Warhero/Somebody Help Me, we kinda hit a lull for a month or so in Dayton Ohio. We played a couple local shows. Just drunk stuff really…We weren’t getting any real feedback from a lot of media. Trouser Press and Thrasher gave it a good review, other fanzines liked it.

Locally we were quite the rage being that we just did the thing and it was out pretty quickly, but we were kinda stagnant.. This was 1979/80. You had to call people and write letters and shit to get information, book tours. The ‘network’ was small, and we really knew no one….So….drummer, Mark Patterson took off to Penn University for a semester, and while there caught the Dead Kennedy’s. He managed to talk to Jello who told him much to his surprise, that the Warhero single was in the top of the alternative radio charts in and around San Francisco. Number one at a few, KUSF maybe.

Mark comes home and we get invited to play with DOA and the DK’s, in Vancouver. We drive three straight days to play one show. It went very well of course. Both DOA and the Kennedy’s were always great help to us and others. From there we had help setting up some shows in S.F. with the DK’s and others. MMR and Tim Y. were real good to us too.

We meet up with Mark Barbaue, and Risky Records. We have tunes for a second single, and East Bay Ray wants to produce it…Great! We had “Ghostown” and “Noise Boy’s” from this second single written in Dayton. The third tune “Killer” had just been written in Vancouver, the same time I wrote “Riot Squad”.

We recorded some of this on the way downtown to the Mabuhay Gardens to play with Black Flag and Flipper… came back and finished it up with vocals and second guitar track. Stuckey’s lead guitar on this is so good. Midwest Hardcore Rock and Roll. Enjoy…

courtesy Edward Pittman and Jared Distortion

Stay tuned for Issue 3 of this story arc….

Courtesy: Edward Pittman and Jared Distortion, thank you

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