Skabones Picks For Best Album/EP For 2019

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Holy Shit its almost 2020 already? Where the hell have I been? Oh that’s right here writing album reviews till the cows come home. Well over 2019, CPRA has accomplished a shit ton. We wrote over 70 news, reviews and concert related items, started our own TV show, and started CPRA Skates! Don’t forget also our team up with AKA Just Miggy and The Kids Are Alright All Ages At Goosetown! On that note don’t miss the next Kids Show with the Potato Pirates on December 15, 2019, 2pm!  Check out my Top 5 List of the year below! 



Skabones’s Top Local LP Or Full Albums of 2019

1. Trick Punch – The Latest
2. AFD – Bruised (Out Now on all platforms)
3. New Narrative – Story So Far
4. All Waffle Trick – Second Breakfast
5.  Married A Dead Man – Awakenings



Skabones Top 5 Local EP

1.  Tuck Knee The Way Back Up and S/T
2. Sunset Silhouette   Far Beyond Suburbia
3. Barking Mad Rampage
4. Wild Lives Return Of The Kid
5.  Implied Risk Demo 2019


Skabones Top 5 International Full Length Albums

1. Jerkswitch BUFO
2. Crimson Riot Classy Punk For Trash People
3. Abolitionist Ugly Feeling
4. Year Of The Fist Revive Me
5.  The Follow Ups Don’t Like You Either
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Skabones  Top 5 International EP/LP

1.  Vera Kay  Pink Roses
2.  Spider Energy Gone Wrong
3. Trashed Ambulance Shorthanded
4.  The Damed  The Damed
5. Fine Dining Grass Fed Tunes
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Skabones Honorable Mentions Full/EP/LP/S

Bury MIA And Sleep It Off
Slap Happy  Cruisin
Hangtime Invasion
Spewers A New Disappointment
Over Time Decades
Wilmette Anxious Body
Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets Shake, Stomp And Stumble

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Well there you have it my picks for 2019! You check out all of our reviews here, Bands we love ya! Happy Holidays and stay safe. See everybody on December 14 At 3 Kings!

No Solution – “No Coast”

Release Date: 01/19/2018

Format: Digital release

Label: Caruana Records

Location: East Peoria, IL

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

Current Members:

  • Blake Ballard – Bass/Vocals
  • Tyler Starr – Guitar/Vocals
  • Cody Edwards – Drums/Drums

Favorite Tracks: Bring You Down, First Day Of School, Growing Up

Sounds Like: Descendants, Lagwagon, Millencolin, and Teenage Bottlerocket

Is it 1994? I’m asking this because for me it was the dawn of discovery. It was the year I discovered punk. A lifelong obsession was soon to follow. I ask this question, as it seems like so much good punk is either out or on its way. You will have your blowhards that say, “Punk was so much better in the 80s and 90s”. The music scene never left. You just stopped looking for it.

I hear it all the time. Mainly from people who would rather pay $60.00 to see Rancid for the 300th time. They won’t take the time to get to know their local scene. So they would rather be like Uncle Rico and dream about 82. Considering most local shows are $5-$10 bucks, what’s the issue? Oh well their loss I guess.

Anyhow I pose this question after listening to No Solutions soon to be released EP, “No Coast”. This short, but kick ass EP made me feel a bit nostalgic for my younger days. So let’s check them out track by track. ‘First Day Of School’ is the first track up. This one is hopped up on JOLT cola. It’s edgy, fast and lyrically catching. The next track up is ‘Growing UP’. This track has unique DIY sound to it. I can’t agree more, ‘Growing up, can kiss my ass’.

You’ll be joining along on the chorus quick. The guitar into is instant hook into the rest of the track. “Bring You Down” is third on the track list. If there’s something I’ve noticed about punks in general. We all seem to be very empathetic sometimes. It’s a curse and a blessing for us all. We may be afraid of letting others down the most. The lyrics are the highlight on this track.

This next one is hilarious, ‘Social Media Queen’. Social Media has changed the ways we communicate. Now we can do it instantly. Gone are the days of praying your Mom didn’t pick up the phone when you’re dialing into the AOL servers. It’s also made people extremely self pompous. Has someone ever gotten pissed at you for not following their stupid IG page? Give me a fucking break haha! The guitar and drums blaze on this track.

The next track up is ‘Intoxication’. This one brings the speed of the record back up. The drums are heavy with a great bass backing. I can see a nasty pit forming. “Slacker” is the last track on the EP and continues the pace from ‘Intoxication’. It retains the speed and darker side. It has some great hooks.

Overall No Solution’s new EP, “No Coast” is pretty amazing. I can see almost every song on this record coming straight out of a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. If you’re looking for some pop punk with some steely edge. This EP is for you!


  1. First Day of School
  2. Growing Up
  3. Bring You Down
  4. Social Media Queen
  5. Intoxication
  6. Slacker