Format: Anyone who pre-orders the CD or LP will get a signed copy from the band!

Release Date: May 17th, 2019

Label: Primal Beat Records

Location: Fullerton, CA

Production: Album produced and engineered by Paul Miner whose credits include

New Found Glory, C.J. Ramone, Lisa Loeb, Adolescents, Thrice, Agnostic Front

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Greg Antista-
    (of) Joyride, Foxy, Flock Of Goo Goo.
  • -Warren Renfrow-
    (of) Cadillac Tramps, Manic Hispanic, Adolescents, Agent Orange, The Black Diamond Riders.
  • -Jessica Kaczmarek-
    (of) The Busstop Hurricanes, Russell Scott & The Red Hots, Bourbon Jones.
  • -Jorge E. Disguster-
    (of) CoDependents, Mr. Mirainga, Mink Daggers, Disguster.

Tracks and Art: All songs by Greg Antista except “Forever” by Steve Soto

Recorded & Produced by Paul Miner at Buzzbomb Studios, Orange, C

Logo & cover art by Louis Perez III

Favorite Tracks: Shiver, Goodnight Ramona, Forever, Carmelita, and Finally Say Goodbye

Sounds Like: Social Distortion, Reno Divorce, The Dead End, Tiger Army, Stray Cats, and Gamblers Mark.

There’s nothing in this world like some good old-fashioned rockabilly. Just like Brian Setzer’s, “Really Rockabilly” song. I have no idea what exactly is considered rockabilly in this day and age. Hell by now there’s probably even emocore rockabilly. We don’t get a lot of Rockabilly into CPRA. I’ll be the first to say hey, “That’s my review”!   

Pic By: Harmony Gerber

The story behind the formation of Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets is intriguing. The band has actually been playing together for many years before forming as the Lonely Streets. Just look up at line up notes above. This band is full of excellent and talented musicians. As you can see here multiple members from various legendary California bands.

The coolest part of this story for me is Greg Antisita’s friendship with Steve Soto. In 1990 Antista joined Soto in Joyride. Joyride released two well-received pop punk albums with Johnny Bravo (1992) and Another Month of Mondays (1994). I played this shit outta of Johnny Bravo back in the 90s.

Forward to 2019, this Socal outfit is ready to release their first new album, “Shake Stomp And Stumble”. CPRA was given exclusive access to preview the new album. Let’s check out some tracks. The first track is “Shiver”. This track is filled with some excellent bass and guitar. Right away your ears are gonna perk up. The lyrics are quite catchy while not relayed in a generic sense. Kaczmarek kills it on guitar.  Did I mention she is endorsed by Gretsch Guitars? How badass is that?

“Goodnight Ramona” is next and by far my favorite track on the list. There is a perfect blend of outlaw country, punk and rock. The drums really draw me in followed by some kick ass vocals by Antista and crew. Grab you a dancing partner and hit the dance floor. Funny thing is for a punk site. I don’t get to say that very often. I love this song, because although it retains an old-fashioned sound, it resonates with anyone leaving a relationship.

Goodnight Ramona Debut Video

“Nasty Weather”, follows with some great drum work. This song has a very Social D like sound to it with that familiar Socal surf. The lyrical writing on this is fantastic.  

“When the stars above are fallin’, and the streets below they offer no hope
It looks like nasty weather, you better find yourself some shelter
And we all go down together”

“U-Haul”, is the next track up. It almost feels like Antista is writing the song directly to me! We’ve all been in that shitty relationship. You get home and the house is empty, or they stole all your stuff. Yet another track with some great lyrics, drums and excellent guitar work.

Pic By Harmony Gerber

“Beat Down And Broken” follows up. Per Greg Antista, “This is the tale of a personal rock bottom that I hit in the years following the demise of Joyride. Although I typically enjoy intertwining reality and fiction when writing lyrics, this one felt like it needed to be literal. For me, the Thunderbird, the city and street shout outs — they, all help the song to ring true. I love this tune. We’ve all been beat down and broken.

“One by one the good things they all melt away
Till you find yourself at daybreak in Westminster again
The Thunderbird she’s come to die in this Chevron parking lot
There goes the last friend that I got”

“They Killed Lily Bell” is another one of my favorites. Personally I thought this was a cover of a much older song, but it was written by Antista. I was a huge fan of AMC’s, Hell On Wheels. This song pays tribute to the character Lily Bell. In the show her husband was killed by Indians, and she escaped only to be strangled later by the show’s antagonist the Swede. Frankly I was pretty pissed off at AMC for this, but I realize that it helped build the main character, Bohannon.

This track sounds like it pulls some influences from Richie Valens or Orbison. It just plain rocks! This is more on the western swing side. Per Greg Antista, “Lily Bell was the lead female character on the AMC series Hell on Wheels. She was abruptly killed off in a season finale and the song wrote itself. It provided a great chance to sing about the backstabbing and betrayal we all encounter at some point.”

“Forever”, this is a cover from Steve Soto’s version. This version pays pure tribute to Soto. It made me tear up a little. It deals with band struggles, being on the road, and feeling far from home. Soto’s is more on the folk side, while Antista is electrified. No matter whose version you prefer the most. This song still kicks ass.

Steve Soto – Forever

“Carmelita”, brings in a heavy bass before the melody kicks in. I know I mentioned Valens before. This song proudly represents the sweet album cover by, Louis Perez III, but also the proud Hispanic culture of Southern California. This is a simple love song, still well paced and very well written.

The record closes out with another hip shaker, “Finally Say Goodbye”. This song has more of an old school Ramones sound to it, still keeps that twang the rockabilly guys and gals love. Overall I’m sad this review has come to an end. Greg Antista & Lonely Streets, “Shake, Stomp and Stumble”, is masterfully composed. It’s the perfect blend of outlaw country, punk, and rock and roll. I can only hope that this review has done this album the ultimate justice it deserves. Hit that pre-order link here,

Pic By Harmony Gerber


1. Shiver

2. Goodnight Ramona

3. Nasty Weather

4. U-Haul

5. Beat Down and Broken

6. They Killed Lily Bell

7. Forever

8. Carmelita

9. Finally Say Goodbye

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Release date: 2018

Streaming links: ShjWcQ?
Format: Digital

Label: Johnny Beverage Records “18

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)
Johnny Beverage

Our Favorite Track(s): The Rule Of Dumb, The Hands Of Time, The Middleman

Sounds Like: The Scutches, King Shelter, Dinosaur Jr.


It’s not often we receive requests from one man/woman bands. So when we do the experience is pretty interesting. LA’s Johnny Beverage wrote and played every instrument heard throughout his new EP. He also recorded, engineered, produced, mixed mastered and serves has his own distributor. That’s pretty fucking wicked. So let’s talk about the new ep.


It’s rad when a musician can combine several different genres into their music. It keeps the listener, listening closely to every note.  I really enjoyed the song , ‘The Middleman”. The drums really kick ass on this song. The riffs are eccentric and deep. My favorite on the ep is by far, ‘The Hands Of Time’. I love the guitar on this track. The vocals are great as well.  Overall this song is just some good old rock n roll!


Let’s wrap this one up. “Only The Rad Die Young!!!” shows how talented Johnny Beverage really is. From indie rock, punk, and rock n roll. This ep has something for any music fan. You can pick up the ep here,

Also on Spotify as well   Be sure to check him out on Facebook, http://www.facebook/ Instagram link –

If You’re Like Me…
Then you don’t just persist on ​one​ ​genre of music.  And if that’s the case, then maybe, like me, you enjoy European power metal, as I’ve previously stated!

If the above statements are true of yourself, then you should probably go out and pick yourself up a copy of Origami, by DENVER BAND, Blue Mesa!

We saw them at the Lion’s Lair on Colfax, on Jan. 5th. It was a chilly Friday night with SMOKIN’ HOT music and good times shared by all in attendance!

(Was that too cheesy? Did that read like a bad impression of Wolfman Jack? Sometimes, I just like to share my post-completion re-read thoughts, because I think my inner dialogue is funny… I guess, if the readers think it sucks, someone will eventually say something…)
The first thing that grabbed me about the performance was their diversity in apparent influences, ranging from Led Zeppelin to Queens of the Stone Age, and was anxious to sit and listen in the comfort of my own couch.

What I was treated to, sounded like Leave’s Eyes or Evanescence, with maybe a splash of Rise Against.  Well-balanced guitars, solid drum work, and seamlessly complimentary basslines accompany clean, talented, Pop-ish female vocals reminiscent of Adele.

​All in all, Blue Mesa is a band that you’ll certainly want to see in person, and while you’re there, you definitely won’t be disappointed with this album, should you choose to obtain it!