Release Date: February 7, 2020

Label: Lockjaw Records                                       

Format: Digital & Physical

Master: The record was mastered by a friend and fellow skate punker John Harcus from Scottish punk band PMX.

Location: Birmingham UK

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Steve: Vocals / Guitar
  • Jon: Guitar / Backing Vocals
  • Jim: Bass 
  • Andy: Drums / Backing Vocals

Favorite Tracks: Running With Coffee, Regression Session, Projectile Dysfunction and Bullshit With A Smile

Sounds Like: New Narrative, Voice of Addiction, No Use For A Name, Implied Risk, Modern Goon, The Drowns, Ten Foot Pole, Lagwagon and the Descendents

A decade is a long ass time. If we look back at the last 10 years here in America. We have been at war the entire time, elected a fascist President, and the economy is currently hurting the poor more than ever. I mean it’s good for the rich, but very bad for the poor. So I feel like I speak for most punks when I say, “We need a bloodless revolution. We need to band together on all fronts to stop the horrible direction the United States is heading. Personally I need some new anger driven punk rock in my life. 

So what’s different about today compared to yesterday? I got word, Birmingham skatepunks, Laughing In The Face Of are dropping their first full album in almost 10 years, “Here Lies Ordinary” on 2/7/2019! We previewed their single for “Running With Coffee” back in September. I’m stoked to check out a new album from the band. 

The album kicks off with “Regression Session”. This track is killer! Forgive for my slang, but when I was kid things were being called “Killer” as opposed to “Cool”. Yep I’m a punk dad now. One of the many things I love about skatepunk is sometimes it can seamlessly blend straight into metal. Keep in mind I’m not really a metal fan, but I do like some.  “Projectile Dysfunction” is the next song and does just that with some amazing guitar and bass lines. 

“Bullshit With A Smile” feels like it starts out more on the pop punk side, before going nice and hardcore. I love this track! This tune will be stuck on repeat for a long time. Raise your fists it’s time to charge! Next up is my second favorite song on the record, “Running With Coffee”. This track is apparently 20 some years late to being on the Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack. The hooks and solos sound like old school Suicidal Tendencies.

“Modus Operandi” follows and is defined by Google as, “a particular way or method of doing something, especially one that is characteristic or well-established”. The track feels heavy with some ripping bass lines. Steve’s vocals are amazing as he leads the band through a rambunctious charge. “The Insane Continue” is next and speaks of mankind using technology to its downfall. That’s how Trump was elected after all. 

“Rationalisation Of Stupidity” is next up and is fucking perfected. See the Trump tweet above? Since we have a ton of fans from across the pond. I need to explain. The Kansas City Chiefs who recently won the big sportball game. Are actually from Kansas City, Missouri, not Kansas City, Kansas. As an American student this is something you learn at a very early age. Yes both states host the city, but our “Dear Leader” is a certified moron. 

“Looks Can Be This Evening” come in next with a great assault. Damn I really want to go skate right now!  You can hear the guitar and bass battle this track out. Next up is “Helldweller”, the track reminds me of Strung Out as it bounces from hardcore over to skatepunk. This is pure anger as it works itself out.  

The 10th track is “Penguins”. I love Penguins they’re cute and appear cuddly. This song is no way cute or even cuddly. It’s time to hit the pit and get some emotions out as Steve’s vocals again go deep. “Reasons And Reminders”, follows and what is my first thought? When the hell is this band coming to the US on tour? This track is wicked!  

The final song is “From The Ground Up”. Again some amazing work on bass and guitar. The speed is insane and admirable. Skatepunks get your boards, it’s time to skate! This song is reminiscent of the Ft Collins based band, “I Am The Owl”. 

In conclusion I am throwing this record in as a nominee for best International Record for 2020! This album is 12 tracks of perfected skatepunk in every fashion. It’s angry, aggressive, and full of master craftsmanship. Here Lies Ordinary is available via Lockjaw Records on both 12″ vinyl and CD with multiple bundle options including an exclusive t-shirt design by Dan Allen, and two toxic colored vinyl variants. The album and single feature the vibrant artwork of Mark Bell.
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Track List 

  1. The Regression Session
  2. Projectile Dysfunction
  3. Bullshit With A Smile
  4. Running With Coffee
  5. Modus Operandi
  6. The Insane Continue
  7. Rationalisation Of Stupidity
  8. Looks Can Be This Evening
  9. Helldweller
  10. Penguins
  11. Reasons & Reminders
  12. From The Ground Up 


Best of 2019 Albums and Ep/Lp Picks by


Holy Shit its almost 2020 already? Where the hell have I been? Oh that’s right here writing album reviews till the cows come home. Well over 2019, CPRA has accomplished a shit ton. We wrote over 70 news, reviews and concert related items, started our own TV show, and started CPRA Skates! Don’t forget also our team up with AKA Just Miggy and The Kids Are Alright All Ages At Goosetown! On that note don’t miss the next Kids Show with the Potato Pirates on December 15, 2019, 2pm!  Check out my Top 5 List of the year below! 



Skabones’s Top Local LP Or Full Albums of 2019

1. Trick Punch – The Latest
2. AFD – Bruised (Out Now on all platforms)
3. New Narrative – Story So Far
4. All Waffle Trick – Second Breakfast
5.  Married A Dead Man – Awakenings



Skabones Top 5 Local EP

1.  Tuck Knee The Way Back Up and S/T
2. Sunset Silhouette   Far Beyond Suburbia
3. Barking Mad Rampage
4. Wild Lives Return Of The Kid
5.  Implied Risk Demo 2019


Skabones Top 5 International Full Length Albums

1. Jerkswitch BUFO
2. Crimson Riot Classy Punk For Trash People
3. Abolitionist Ugly Feeling
4. Year Of The Fist Revive Me
5.  The Follow Ups Don’t Like You Either
man in santa claus costume
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Skabones  Top 5 International EP/LP

1.  Vera Kay  Pink Roses
2.  Spider Energy Gone Wrong
3. Trashed Ambulance Shorthanded
4.  The Damed  The Damed
5. Fine Dining Grass Fed Tunes
person standing in front of a train
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Skabones Honorable Mentions Full/EP/LP/S

Bury MIA And Sleep It Off
Slap Happy  Cruisin
Hangtime Invasion
Spewers A New Disappointment
Over Time Decades
Wilmette Anxious Body
Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets Shake, Stomp And Stumble

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Well there you have it my picks for 2019! You check out all of our reviews here, Bands we love ya! Happy Holidays and stay safe. See everybody on December 14 At 3 Kings!

Release Date: 2019

Label: Lockjaw Records                                       

Format: Digital 

Location: Birmingham UK

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Steve: Vocals / Guitar
  • Jon: Guitar / Backing Vocals
  • Jim: Bass 
  • Andy: Drums / Backing Vocals

Favorite Tracks: Running With Coffee

Sounds Like: New Narrative, Voice of Addiction, No Use For A Name, and Face To Face

You need some new skatepunk in your life! In fact we all need new skatepunk in our lives. Birmingham, UK based, Laughing In The Face Of dropped a brand new video for “Running With Coffee”. Check it out below and stay tuned for more news as we get it! 

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Track List 

  1. Running With Coffee


The Coffee

Lockjaw Records Crew

Per Lockjaw Records, “Lockjaw Coffee is a medium-bodied city/full city roast with zesty hints of citrus,
lemon and almond. We’ve selected a Rainforest Certified bean from the Farallones
region of Colombia. It’s grown without pesticides, fungicides or herbicides at La
Lomida Farm, which also dedicates 40% of its land as a forest reserve and sanctuary
to local fauna.
The coffee comes in a 150g bag with a one-way valve to keep your coffee even
fresher. With your coffee you will receive a private link, allowing you to download our
exclusive Lockjaw Coffee Compilation.”

The Compilation

The compilation is exclusive to coffee purchasers only!

Per Lockjaw, “Available for digital download, the compilation features tracks from Lockjaw and
Sham City favourites, including Adrenalized, Not On Tour, Fair Do’s, Matilda’s
Scoundrels, Haest, Burnt Tapes, Wolfrik and many more.
Download the compilation for review”

This comp is stacked with some kick ass bands!

I want this coffee NOW and the comp of course!

Lockjaw Records:
Sham City Roasters:

Release Date: 4/26/2019

Format: Digital

Release on: Lockjaw Records

Location: Pesaro – Italy

Favorite Tracks: The Deserter, High Tide, Pipe Dream

Sounds Like: AFI,The Used, Strung Out, Flatliners, and A Wilhelm Scream


The UK’s Lockjaw Records are kicking some major ass when it comes to releasing some great music. We’ve reviewed a bunch of their releases, Not a single release has let us down yet. When I saw Italy’s Edward In Venice dropped a new video. My old man self did a fast fist pump. That’s what we all did before so called dabbing, haha. I got lucky and grabbed a media release as soon as I could.

I have to be honest. I’m new to Edward In Venice. They have over 5K fans on their Facebook page. “I guess you could say, things are pretty serious”. Sorry had to throw in a cheesy Napoleon Dynamite quote there.

Let’s dig into “Empathy”. The record starts out with, “The Deserter”. This song is wicked good. The drums, are fucking nuts! The vocal range both singers meet is admirable. This song is perfect when you need to release some anger on a nonviolent level.

The next track up is, “High Tide”. Throw this one in the, “I need a release bin”. Everything in this song is catchy and relatable. The sheer talent of all on this one is remarkable.  The vocals really shine again on this track.

“Spark The Philly” is full of pure skate punk love. So far this record has made me revisit my youth a bunch of times. It angry, fast, and perfect. I’m betting this or “The Deserter” will be their next video. Then this super odd transitional tune comes in called, “Manolo Riddim”. Ok what happened to my angry punk rock? Don’t fret it comes roaring back with, “Pipe Dream”. This song is super catchy and fun to jam along with.


“Blue Whale” is the next song up and will easily appeal to fans of the Used or maybe even some MCR, yet less whiny when compared to Gerard Way. Don’t get me wrong I love MCR, but sometimes they make me wanna slap them. The last song is “Vaporeon”. You can feel the energy that everyone puts out on this record as it culminates in a dramatic finale.


Personally I’m a bit sad this ride is over, yet I think I found myself a new favorite. I’ve also found a new band to add to my, “Fuck Off Playlist”. “Empathy” is definitely getting my recommendation for CPRA’s International EP/LP of the year for 2019. Hit that preorder link here,

Track List Subject To Change

  1. The Deserter
  2. High Tide
  3. Spark The Philly
  4. Manolo Riddim
  5. Pipe Dream
  6. Blue Whale
  7. Vaporeon

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Best of 2018 Albums and Ep/Lp Picks by CPRA’s Skabones

It’s been a crazy year here at CPRA. We’ve reviewed so much amazing music this year. We debuted our very first show, “Happy Skanksgiving” at Tennyson Tap. By the way our last show of the year, “Merry Punxmas” is on December 29, 2018. I know we all get a bit tired of these end of the year lists. As admins we all couldn’t possibly agree on overall favorites. So we are going to individually announce our own personal picks.


Skabones’s Top Local Full Length Albums of 2018

1. Last Reel HeroLast Reel Hero (S/T)
2. Came And Took ItResume
3. Almataha – Kill The Leaders
4. Weathered Statues Borderlands
5. The Wannabes – Goodbye


Skabones Top 5 Local EP/LP

1. Sunset Silhouette Detour EP
2. RASP State Of The Union
3. Younger Than Neil Never Quite Asleep
4. Married A Dead Man Haunt
5. People Corrupting People Red Herring

Skabones Top 5 International Full Length Albums

1. The Corps Tales From 2814
2. Dirty Work In The West End
3. Off The Mark Aging Disgracefully
4. The Shell Corporation Fucked
5. Fourbanger Never Let Go




Skabones  Top 5 International EP/LP

1. FoL Therapathy
2. Debt Neglector The Kids Are Pissed
3. Millie Manders and The Shut Up Millie Manders and The Shut Up EP
4. Upper Downer Upper Downer
5. The F/A How Riots Start

Flag_of_Colorado Anarchy greyscale

Skabones Honorable Mentions Full/EP/LP/S

The Rumjacks Saints Preserve Us
Grinning Barrets Riot
Alternative Ulster “Boobies, Banjos, Bagpipes & Beer”
The Dead End The Dead End EP
Oh See Demons Personal Issues
Bottom Bracket Is Something Else
Fair Dos Closing In

We reviewed almost 100 albums in 2018. So picking only a few was very tough on me. Happy Holiday and don’t let Krampus get ya! Be sure to pick up a CPRA shirt, patch, or sticker before Christmas! Email soon if you want one by Christmas!

CPRA Pics by Cricket Fox!


Release Date: December 7, 2018

Format: Vinyl & Digital

Label: Lockjaw Records

Location: Southsea, Hants, UK

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

Will Pearce – Guitar / Vocals
Ollie Richardson – Guitar / Vocals
Martin Spooner – Bass
Rob Day – Drums

Favorite Tracks: Artless Life, The New Lows, Call It Off, and Shameless

Sounds Like: Came And Took it, Stray The Course, Lawrence Arms, Husker Du, and Polar Bear Club.


CPRA recently had this same chat on the Punk Rock Horror Podcast. Will punk survive the evolution of the music industry? Personally I feel the major music corporations want their money, because with the new age of DIY labels. They are struggling to survive. It serves them right for all the things they’ve done wrong. Failure to pay royalties, BMG, CBS, Chrysalis I’m looking at you guys.

It’s time we form a new industry that cares more about the music, and less about turning out the next Niki Minaj robotic junk. That’s what labels like, Lockjaw, No Affiliation, A-Jam, are doing. They are reclaiming an industry that was stolen.

So when I popped on “Hermitage” by UK punks, Misgivings. I was pleasantly surprised to hear punks alive and screaming it’s lungs out. From the onset of ‘Call It Off to the end track, ‘I Keep Hoarding Up’, this album is a fresh blast to the face. This one will cycle my record player daily. Be sure to pick it up on vinyl for that pure recording sound.



  1. Call It Off
  2. The Artless Life
  3. Shameless
  4. On Your Tongue
  5. The New Lows
  6. Johnny Come Late
  7. The Last Word
  8. I Keep Hoarding Up




Release Date: October 12, 2018


Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl


Label: Lockjaw Records


Location: Quebec City


Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Chris Lehoux-Vocals/Bass
  • Jessy Boilard-Drums/Backing Vocals
  • Max Cat-Guitar/Vocals
  • P-O Brouard-Guitar/Backing Vocal
  • Jean-Philippe Alain-Guitar/Backing Vocal

Favorite Tracks:

Back Against the Wall, The Motion, Discord & Treachery

Sounds Like:  Skatepunk with a good amount of Metal-core thrown in


This is the perfect band that you’d hear at the peak of Warped Tour, then want to check out later when you were looking for new tracks to add to your playlist. Strong rock & roll, that you’ll want to hear more of once you’ve heard a little. Gritty vocals, skate punk bass lines, punk speed on the drums, and guitar. Holy crap, the guitar. This dude is a metal head.


The record starts with “Back Against the Wall.” Which, as a song title, does it get more “punk-angst” than that? And this is angsty music, not a feelgood album of the year. I mean, who hasn’t had a day where you want to turn up the dial on a song called “Losing at Bullshit”? Powerful, mad at the world music, as good punk should be.

The metal guitar shines on the aforementioned “Back Against the Wall.” The vocals are gritty, a little sloppy at times, but it’s punk rock. No one was saying that Johnny Rotten had the voice of an angel. The backing vocals are really strong here and throughout the record, & give a nice blend to their sound.

Another standout track again for me was “The Motion.” Here, the melodies of the vocals, both lead & backing, really shines, then there’s that metal breakdown at the close of the song.


On “Discord & Treachery,” the lead vocals go right into hardcore, & that where the lead vocals were strongest. On “Maze Dream,” I was really liking the sound & feel of the song, then it ended, as it was pretty short, but it still really stood out. Then it went right into “Leap of Faith” which was another great energetic punk track.

One thing that artistically stood out was that each song played into the next. It plays like a live show, & thought was put into the order like a set list, not just track after track.

Solid punk, that you’ll want to add to your list of bands to stream, & if it’s your thing, order the record for that next “Losing at Bullshit” day that you want to get through with a good rock record.



  1. Back Against the Wall
  2. Killdozer
  3. The Motion
  4. Dry Bite
  5. The Host
  6. Them Shots Deep
  7. Discord & Treachery
  8. Alter Ego
  9. Maze Dream
  10. Leap of Faith
  11. Losing at Bullshit
  12. Dare Me Once






Release date: July 27th 2018

Format: Digital, physical, and vinyl

Label: Lockjaw Records

Location: Manchester, England

Current Lineup: Per Facebook

  • Danny – guitar/vox
  • Dave – guitar
  • Josh – bass/vox
  • John – drums/vox

Favorite Tracks: Distress Call, Royal Flush, Cowabunga, Hostile Company, and Hanging

Sounds Like: All Out Helter, Propagandhi, Strung Out, The Shell Corp, Local Resident Failure, Main Line 10, United Defiance and War Fever.

Anger driven metal punk? Sounds GREAT to me…



We are really fucking lucky here at CPRA. This week we reviewed so many different types of music.

We started it off with Aussie melodic punks, Nerdlinger. Then onto glitter surf punks, Hayley and The Crushers, and now we get heavy with the Fair Do’s.  Let’s check out their upcoming new release, “Leopards”.



The album kicks off with by far my favorite song of all, ‘Royal Flush’. This track has some kick ass drums, awesome shreds, and vocals. Let’s flush the royalty out and for me that includes the American government. I wonder if Trump’s hair would make a cool swirly going down?

The next track up is, ‘Distress Call’, this one keeps up the melodic speed, with almost Dime Bag like bass lines. The drums again are fantastic. ‘Cowabunga’, is about not giving up a fighting for the common man. The vocals are fucking amazing on this one. The guitar riffs on this one are reminiscent of Maiden’s Dave Murray.



Next up, ‘Hanging’, this song will definitely bring out the metal head in you. The combination of shred, and drums is insanely good. It only seems to get better when the vocals kick in.  ‘Closing In’, really reminds me of early Corrosion of Conformity. The range the vocalist can reach is fucking nuts. ‘Hostile Company’ continues the onslaught of progression and speed. Watch out for the pit on this one, somebody’s going to the hospital.



‘Candleman’ continues the record and the mayhem. Again I hear very Dime Bag like bass lines, and awesome vocals. ‘In The Mean Time’, this might actually be one of their slower songs on the album. This track continues the extreme talent on guitar.

This track is another one of my favorites on the record. This one definitely needs to be heard on vinyl. ‘Lose My Touch’, I really dig the drums on this one. ‘Carried Away’ closes out the album. This one is less on the metal, but more on the melodic punk side. This is a great song with a perfected sound. It makes me wonder, are our leaders the Leopards circling us like prey? Or is it the exact opposite?

Overall this album absolutely shreds. The Fair Do’s have created an album which combines the brutality of metal with a melodic skate punk sound. Make sure to load this up on your playlist before participating in anarchic activities, haha! Get this one on vinyl for the best sound! Also be sure to check out Lock Jaw Records while you’re there!