Dead Already land at CPRA with “Gilded Age Of Piss”. These Aussie street punks mean business


Release Date: 8/25/2018

Format: Digital

Label: DIY

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Current Lineup:

  • Rach S – Drums
  • Pat S – Guitar
  • Jack S – Bass
  • Paul W – Guitar
  • Scott R – Vox

Favorite Tracks: Radioactivity, Nervous Wreck, This Machine Empowers Facists and Darkness Glows

Sounds Like: Exploited, Almataha, Rene SG, Minor Threat, and Gorilla Biscuits


We get a ton of reviews requests on a weekly basis. Some are so good, we can’t refuse. Some we have to pass, because it may not fit our format. On that note if you would like to help keep our reviews and website up, please donate here.

On that note we get a ton of pop punk review requests. Don’t get me wrong I love me some good pop punk, but sometimes you just need some good street punk in your lives. You need the energetic, fuck the establishment, pure and raw sound. Melbourne punks, Dead Already are doing just that with their latest release, “Gilded Age Of Piss”.

This EP is non stop train of old school classic punk straight out the back alleys of Melbourne. With songs like, ‘Nervous Wreck’, ‘This Machine Empowers Facists’ and ‘Darkness Glows’ I find myself fist pumping inside my office. My boss is probably thinking I’ve gone mental. Oh well fuck him anyway. So if you need something to accommodate an angry outburst, socially powerful, Dead Already’s, “Gilded Age Of Piss” is exactly the EP you NEED.  



Tracks: (Per Bandcamp)

  1. Radioactivity 01:48
    2. Nervous Wreck 01:39
    3. This Machine Empowers Facists 01:39
    4. Gesso 02:05
    5. Multiball 02:31
    6. Darkness Glows 01:03
    7. Foetid Hell 03:07



RCKLSS – So Cynical (EP)


Release Date: 2/1/2019

Format: Digital

Location: Brighton, United Kingdom

Current Lineup:

  • Matty Halliwell – Vocals/Guitar
  • Lewis Horsley – Guitar
  • Laurence Burkitt – Bass
  • Josh Woolnough – Drums

Favorite Tracks: Every Time, Struggle,

Sounds Like: All Time Low, and MCR, Pierce The Veil, and The Used

A debut record is always a scary thing to release as a band. You’re wondering will somebody like it? Did we make any major mistakes someone will notice? I have to wonder if the members of RCKLSS are going through these now. On the other hand they might be super pumped and excited to release their new EP, “So Cynical”.


Let’s check out the tracks and see how they stack up. The first track up is, ‘Every Time’. This one is strong on the pop punk anthem side. The lyrics are addicting. I’m pretty sure you’ll be singing along quickly. The drums are powerful, with a strong bass background. The passion in Matty’s voice is admirable. ‘Animals’ is up next and kind of reminds me of a early 2000 MCR or The Used. It’s heavy and climatic. Lewis absolutely shreds on this track.

Next in comes, ‘Struggle’ the pace is slowed, yet builds again climatically. The piano is haunting, leaving the listener to drift off along with the melody. This is by far my favorite on the record. The next song is ‘Tell You’. The familiar melodic pop punk sound comes roaring back in with some well timed, “Whoas”. This song is just plain fun as it speaks of gaining your freedom from a bad relationship.

‘Sorry For Trying’, comes in slowly with a huge build. There some great writing on this track. I really dig this song as well. This song will likely get some time on the major airwaves. ‘Empty Space’ is the next song and the last on the record. The intro guitar riffs mixed with Matty’s vocals is engaging. This song is much slower and on the darker side.

Let’s wrap this review up. RCKLSS’s debut EP, “So Cynical” is a haunting yet powerful melodic journey of compelling harmonies and well written lyrics. Even when the darkness comes from songs like “Sorry For Trying”. The raw emotion from the band is sure to get you powerfully hooked. If this is their debut EP. I cannot wait to see how the rest of their discography will unfold.



1) Every Time
2) Animals
3) Struggle
4) Tell You
5) Sorry For Trying
6) Empty Space


Venezuelan Band Zeta: Friends, Music, Politics and The American Dream

Photo By Nick Zimmer

Zeta is a bold word that fails to encompass the energy these men represent. This Latin-jazz band is at the forefront of the underground movement. For those who think Latin-jazz is a dated time piece, likely with themes of love or partying, you are dead wrong. This band moves in ways music rarely does; guitars shred, drums thump, you can feel the energy from a mile away. It is hard to sit still to a Zeta track. Psychedelia is what this band is about; and where it plays the most is in their live shows.

Photo By Nick Zimmer

As a photographer, it can often be hard to keep an eye on just one member, everyone is moving; hell, the crowd is moving with them in an almost trance-like unity. Eduardo furiously keeping pace, Juan’s deep voice contrasting with his screaming guitar, Leonidas complimenting Juan’s voice in his bass, and Dani
seemingly at the helm hugging the audience into kinship in the quasi-religious experience.

Dani’s love for the crown becomes overwhelming at times it seems. His frantic running around, dancing, and overall harmony with the crowd often wins over those who have never even heard of Zeta, it did with me.


After shows Dani converses with the crowd and seems to treasure every moment of it. We talked on where music is going and how important touring bands are to the underground scene, seeming to hype himself up every moment of the conversation that mentioned how Zeta have positively affected the Colorado
community as a whole.

A healthy vegan diet, love, understanding, and unity are entirely what this band seems to stand for and their member Dani portrays all of the above and more in a positively inspirational light. Despite this, the Venezuelan act have recently applied to stay in the United States with all members, except for Dani, being allowed to stay.


I personally had vowed to not write any articles until my health
improves, but desperate times call for desperate measures and Dani, and the band as a whole, have impacted me and several others’ lives enough to require such action. As Dani is fighting to stay, I write this article express the true good Dani has done for this community and the good this band will do for the culture of our state and others into the future.

Sign the petition today,

Written for CPRA by Nou Nedih

***CPRA Editor Notes: As the Trump Administration continues its legacy of racially based immigration policies. CPRA will continue to fight and support good people facing deportation. I encourage everyone to read the story of Jose Algara Godoy. This story personally hit me very hard as I am a friend of a loved of Jose.


Dying Scene:




Arborview -Through This Storm (Deluxe) ep

Release Date: November 2018

Format: Digital

Label: We Are Triumphant Records

Location: Sydney, AUS

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Scotty Berger-Lead vocals & guitar
  • Eamon O’Byrne-Bass & backing vocals
  • Alex Powys-Drums & backing vocals

Favorite Tracks:

Stormy Weather, Fade, & Rise Up

Sounds Like:

Good Charlotte, All American Rejects, Relient K, New Found Glory, The Ataris



I’m ready to admit it. I love pop punk. I’ve dealt with a lot of “real punks” writing this genre off as too radio friendly, or too emo, or not gritty & overproduced. But damn it, The music is still catchy. Those melodies get stuck in your head, make you smile, drum the rhythm on your steering wheel, while singing terrible made up harmonies in your car where no one can hear how bad you are. In other words, the music is good.

I grew up loving Millencolin, The Ataris, Mr. T Experience, & MxPx. By the time the Good Charlotte & Sum 41 bands were hitting the radio, I was too much of a radio snob to just understand why those bands grabbed attention, but I later grew in appreciation for. Arborview is definitely influenced by that era, and is every bit of that quality of music. So if that’s your background, definitely give these guys a shot.

After an intro track, that didn’t really add much to the project, the music starts with their single, “Stormy Weather.” A tale that is a man trying to hold onto the relationship that had a rough patch. We’ve all been there, & it’s very relatable. “It’s you & me in this storm…” are lyrics where he’s showing his commitment & refuses to stop trying for what he wants to stay alive. It has great breaks, harmonies, and a drummer that keeps it interesting musically. What else could you want in your pop punk? You’re gonna be humming this one later.


Thematically, more of the same with “Corner of East and March,” where the writer is still trying to hang on to that love of his life after a mistake. Power Pop that drives right into “Fade” where, as a reviewer who is also a drummer, I love the tom work on the verses of this track. Again a loss of love track. Not sure if this was a purposeful concept of the record, or if this was just the recent life experiences that were being pulled from the time they were writing the songs for this project.

“Rise Up” is the track where he stands up for himself & stops longing for love. Instead the call to rise up and not last another day with others’ hands around their necks. Great breakdowns, again keeping the music interesting. And the conviction in the vocals by the last time the chorus is sung is the vocal highlight of this album.


“This Story’s Over” and “Wake Up” close out the songs from the original EP. and is more fast driving, positive move forward with your life anthems that are going to be stuck in your head for days after listening to them.

This “deluxe edition” adds 3 acoustic tracks of the first 3 songs. While I prefer the full studio versions of the tracks, it’s nice to show the range of the band for potential opportunities with acoustic sets as a possibility now, & you know they can still provide quality with that sound.

Again, the Pop side of punk isn’t for every punk fan, but if it is for you, you need to give this band a shot.


  1. Scotty Goes to the Studio (intro track)
  2. Stormy Weather
  3. Corner of East and March
  4. Fade
  5. Rise Up
  6. This Story’s Over
  7. Wake Up
  8. Stormy Weather (acoustic)
  9. Corner of East and March (acoustic)
  10. Fade (acoustic)


About The Author:

Griffin has been listening to punk records for the last 25 years. Now residing is Colorado Springs with his wife & 4 kids, he still tries to catch as many shows as he can.

Italy’s The Ponches release their new and final lp, “Quit”

Release Date: December 2018

Format: Digital and Vinyl

Label: One Chord Wonder (Italy) and Mom’s Basement Records (USA)

Location: Turin, Italy

Current Lineup:

  • Giulio – guitars
  • Tony Kelvin – bass
  • Lorenzo Bravi – drums/vocals
  • Zack – guitars/vocals

Favorite Tracks: Enjoy The Rest, What a Shame (Jani Lane), and 216

Sounds Like: Alkaline Trio, The Lillingtons, The Ramones, and Lawrence Arms


The Ponches go way back to 2005 when they formed in Turin, Italy. Sadly they have decided to call it quits, but not before releasing one kick ass single sided 12 inch Lp. The record is now out via One Chord Wonder (Italy) and Mom’s Basement Records (USA) . US listeners be sure to use the USA link to purchase.

On that note let’s check out their final release, “Ouit”. The record intros with, ‘Enjoy The Rest’. This one is fast paced. The drums and bass and perfected in this song. ‘Somerton Man’ is up next on the list. The pace slows down a little, but still rocks. This one has somewhat of a late 90s feel to it. This one is very Romanesque.


Up next is ‘They Didn’t Know What You Did Before’. This one is much darker compared to the previous songs. It sounds alot like the Lillingtons. I really dig the guitar riffs on this one. ‘What a Shame (Jani Lane)’ is up next. Not positive, but this may be a tribute to Warrant’s Jani Lane? Anyhow it’s a great tune!


‘216’ is up next with a strong melody. The harmonies on this are beautiful. ‘Autumn in Minsk’ is the last track on the record. This one has some great drums and even better melodies. Is this the last we will hear from the Ponches? Hopefully for our sakes this isn’t the last one and many more will follow. This record is a perfect way for a band to say goodbye to their fans. 


  1. Enjoy The Rest
  2. Somerton Man
  3. They Didn’t Know What You Did Before
  4. What a Shame (Jani Lane)
  5. 216
  6. Autumn in Minsk


No Solution – “No Coast”

Release Date: 01/19/2018

Format: Digital release

Label: Caruana Records

Location: East Peoria, IL

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

Current Members:

  • Blake Ballard – Bass/Vocals
  • Tyler Starr – Guitar/Vocals
  • Cody Edwards – Drums/Drums

Favorite Tracks: Bring You Down, First Day Of School, Growing Up

Sounds Like: Descendants, Lagwagon, Millencolin, and Teenage Bottlerocket

Is it 1994? I’m asking this because for me it was the dawn of discovery. It was the year I discovered punk. A lifelong obsession was soon to follow. I ask this question, as it seems like so much good punk is either out or on its way. You will have your blowhards that say, “Punk was so much better in the 80s and 90s”. The music scene never left. You just stopped looking for it.

I hear it all the time. Mainly from people who would rather pay $60.00 to see Rancid for the 300th time. They won’t take the time to get to know their local scene. So they would rather be like Uncle Rico and dream about 82. Considering most local shows are $5-$10 bucks, what’s the issue? Oh well their loss I guess.

Anyhow I pose this question after listening to No Solutions soon to be released EP, “No Coast”. This short, but kick ass EP made me feel a bit nostalgic for my younger days. So let’s check them out track by track. ‘First Day Of School’ is the first track up. This one is hopped up on JOLT cola. It’s edgy, fast and lyrically catching. The next track up is ‘Growing UP’. This track has unique DIY sound to it. I can’t agree more, ‘Growing up, can kiss my ass’.

You’ll be joining along on the chorus quick. The guitar into is instant hook into the rest of the track. “Bring You Down” is third on the track list. If there’s something I’ve noticed about punks in general. We all seem to be very empathetic sometimes. It’s a curse and a blessing for us all. We may be afraid of letting others down the most. The lyrics are the highlight on this track.

This next one is hilarious, ‘Social Media Queen’. Social Media has changed the ways we communicate. Now we can do it instantly. Gone are the days of praying your Mom didn’t pick up the phone when you’re dialing into the AOL servers. It’s also made people extremely self pompous. Has someone ever gotten pissed at you for not following their stupid IG page? Give me a fucking break haha! The guitar and drums blaze on this track.

The next track up is ‘Intoxication’. This one brings the speed of the record back up. The drums are heavy with a great bass backing. I can see a nasty pit forming. “Slacker” is the last track on the EP and continues the pace from ‘Intoxication’. It retains the speed and darker side. It has some great hooks.

Overall No Solution’s new EP, “No Coast” is pretty amazing. I can see almost every song on this record coming straight out of a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. If you’re looking for some pop punk with some steely edge. This EP is for you!


  1. First Day of School
  2. Growing Up
  3. Bring You Down
  4. Social Media Queen
  5. Intoxication
  6. Slacker


SAGO – “Flood Island”

Release Date: September 1, 2018

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl

Label: DIY

Location: Toronto

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Piers – Drums
  • Alex – Vocals
  • Marty – Guitar
  • Chad – Guitar
  • Mike – Bass

Favorite Tracks:

  • Capitol Punishment
  • Galloping Beauty
  • Burning Books

Sounds Like:  Agnostic Front, Zeke, Straight Faced


We’ve all been to that show where you go to hear the headliner, but there’s an opening band with a ton of energy that hits you out of nowhere unexpectedly. That’s how this record hit me. Just straight forward hardcore/thrash punk. It’s fast, & has a ton of energy. Great band that will drive you forward whether it’s a drive on the interstate, a workout, or just to hype you up for the day ahead of you, as well as make you want to get to a show & get your angst out in a circle pit.

It’s pretty unapologetically what it is, & that’s a fast punk record. 10 tracks that are over in 16 minutes will leave you wanting more, which is a good thing. It doesn’t leave tracks that you’d want to skip. From the first track, North X South, you know what to expect from the band. You could almost smell the sweat & beer smell from the club of fist pumping punks in the pit.


They do show some variety on Capitol Punishment, slowing things down a bit, dropping that bass, but keeping it hardcore. Fun intro on that track as well.

Good vocal range & good use of a fun, although short, guitar solo on the song Ahead.

Galloping Beauty, at just under 3 minutes, is the longest track on the record, and gives the most dynamics as far as song structure. I love the build to the chorus & how they flow into a great instrumental, then just the drum & vocal sing along of, “kill a man in cold blood, get away with murder,” leading into a great breakdown, then stopping with a guitar fade out. Definitely a standout track.

Lifejacket was a solid next track, love the backup vocals and solos on this one a lot. Then Burning Books was the next stand out to me, simply encompassing the bands sound in a track. While North X South was a solid opening track, this could have been a great alternate for the opener. Fast thrash to start the energy.

White Lies, & The guitar solo closing it was a perfect closing track. Left me wanting to hear what’s next from this band, because I think there will be more great stuff to come.

The lyrics, like the music, come fast & distorted. I loved the tone of Alex‘s voice, but wasn’t always lyrically clear on the recording. Which would be my one wish for the record, would be to be able to make out the lyrics & message of the vocals.

So if you like your music fast, distorted, and fucking punk, go check them out. The links are below for Bandcamp & Spotify. I’d recommend a listen.


  1. North X South
  2. Los Ojos
  3. Capitol Punishment
  4. Scars
  5. Ahead
  6. Galloping Beauty
  7. Lifejacket
  8. Squealer
  9. Burning Books
  10. White Lies


About the writer:

Griffin has been listening to punk records for the last 25 years. Now residing is Colorado Springs with his wife & 4 kids, he still tries to catch as many shows as he can.