#CPRANewMusicAlert: Las Nubes Teams Up With Palomino Blond For A New 12″ Split EP on BUFO Records

Release Date: March 13, 2020

Format: Digital

Location: Miami, FL

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Las Nubes: Ale Campos, Emile Milgrim, Nina Carolina
  • Palomino Blond: Kyle Fink, Carli Acosta, Jake Karner, Raven Nieto

Favorite Tracks:  Demonize, Tararear, Seventh Heaven, and Damage

Sounds Like: Breeders, Joy Division, Vampire Weekend, Pixies, and Arcade Fire

There’s one thing that the Corona Virus won’t stop, and that’s CPRA doing our best to get you some new music news. I don’t know about you guys, but this crap has got me bummed out. So I decided to sit down and listen to a new split from Las Nubes and Palomino Blond! Las Nubes are no stranger to CPRA, we checked out their last release “DVMT” here, https://coloradopunkrockarmy.com/2019/05/15/cpra-radar-alert-las-nubes-to-drop-new-lp-smvt-via-sweat-records-on-6-14-2019/. Las Nubes has been kicking some serious ass lately, even landing a spot on the III Points Festival, headlined by Wu-Tang, Robyn, Stereolab, and The Strokes. So let’s check out the new split with Palomino Blond. 

The first track is Las Nubes – “Demonize”. This track feels like a gentle sweeping dream with a constant kick from the kick drum. That is until the bass and guitar play the enemy and lend a heavy almost nightmarish edge. The second track Las Nubes – “Tararear”. A little more on the mellow side, it’s beautiful. Per Ale Campos, “”‘Tararear’ began as the single intro riff and transformed into a Hum-worship song (the title is actually a Spanish translation of the word hum). The despondent lyrics came from free-associative wordplay at a rehearsal.” 

The third track is by Palomino Blond and is called Palomino Blond – “Seventh Heaven”. Now I am new to this band. This song has a great little poppy sound to it. Yet still retaining the interesting “Salad Rock” feeling. I’d say this track hits a fine line between Indie and ShoeGaze. It reminds me of early grunge before it really had a definitive label. The last track is by Palomino Blond and is called “Damage”. 

“Damage” has this kick ass Bikini Kill sound. The quick hooks and hard driven melodies give this track a large amount of spit and grit. The split may only be 4 tracks, but it’s pushing me to listen to both bands over and over again. This is an excellent sample of 2 bands that know how to break their defined music molds. Be sure to pick up here, vinyl preferred, https://lasnubes.bandcamp.com/album/split-ep

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“Share My Frequency” By Race To Neptune is…

Release Date: September 28, 2019

Format: Digital 


  • FT Collins

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Brian Maier (guitar, vocals), 
  • Zach Berger (guitar), 
  • Matt McNear (bass), 
  • Matt Petersen (drums)

Favorite Tracks: Unnatural Desires,  Her Last Vengeance, and Motion Blur

Sounds Like: 21 Taras, Poor Moxi, Tame Impala, Strokes, and A Shoreline Dream

The FOCO music community is alive and kicking. I am constantly seeing some awesome lineups with some incredible talent on a daily basis. Sadly I don’t get up to Ft Collins often, so I can only hope the bands travel south towards Denver. Today I’d love to introduce Ft Collins based, “Race To Neptune”. Considering their Facebook page is already at 1.5K you may already know them. Let’s check out their 3rd EP, “Share My Frequency”, released on 9/28/2019. 

“Unnatural Desires” is the first track and my first introduction to the band. Right from the start I can tell these band members are talented as hell. From the kick ass drums, and fuzzy salad rock like guitar. The song is bound to have you bobbing your head! The next song is “Motion Blur”. When you’re reflecting back on this sometimes they feel like a quick glimpse. Often in times of trauma, our brains will pick out certain images we like and toss out the ones we do not.  This track has some epic riffs, and underlying melodies. 

“Will The King?” slows things down a bit with a great intro on guitar. Shogaze fans will love this track! As the progression builds you can feel a great rock coming. The next track is “Mr Sweet”. I love the playful intro as the song gets a bit harder. This song is dreamy and full of illusion. It’s somewhat similar to early Pixies. 

“Her Last Vengeance” comes in with a great organ like sound. It’s dangerous and full of plucky notes on guitar. This track is by far my favorite on the EP. I love the experimental sound. It’s really like nothing I’ve ever listened to before. This band is super talented on all fronts. 

The last song is “Watch It Bleed”. The salad rock fuzz sound is back and playfully join in with the drums in almost Arabic like dance. In conclusion, “Share My Frequency” is a record you will need to listen to multiple times. Fans of Indie, punk rock, shoegaze and more will find something just for them in this 7 track set. Check them out here for more, https://racetoneptune.bandcamp.com/

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Tracks: (Per Bandcamp)

  1. Unnatural Desires
  2. Motion Blur
  3. Will the King? 
  4. Mr. Sweet 
  5. Her Last Vengeance
  6. Watch It Bleed