Kenny’s Login – Oh Yeah For Sure


Kenny’s Login – Oh Yeah For Sure

Release date: March 1, 2018

Format: Digital

Label: independent

Location: Denver, CO

Current Lineup: (Per Bandcamp)


Favorite Tracks:

Me Too, Mary O’Mine, Good As Dead, Dancing in the Graveyard, Pancho & Lefty

Sounds Like:

Dropkick Murphys, Social Distortion, Granny Tweed, Mojo Nixon, Bad Religion

You know what?

This is just what I needed…

A little fucking levity!

“Oh Yeah For Sure,” by Kenny’s Login is just a purely FUN album!

So, I start listening… and the first two songs TOTALLY reminded me of a scene in the movie, Baseketball… follow me on this…

In the particular scene in reference, one of the main characters is having a moral dilemma, so he decides to take a drive. He flips through the radio stations and lands on “just the right” song.

It starts off uplifting and positive; but as the song goes on, it starts LITERALLY talking about things going on around him in traffic, and in his life…

That’s how the first two songs were, for me. The first one is a great drinking ballad, called “Gonna Get Drunk.” It’s a rowdy drinking song (if you couldn’t already tell), in the tradition of Dropkick Murphys.

The second song is called “Me Too.” This song just cut straight to my soul. It expresses, very plainly and directly, how I see the world, in a nutshell. It’s a song about the rainbow of emotions that we all feel at any given time on any given day, and puts everything into perspective by acknowledging that WE ALL feel these ways!

“Me Too” is a master-crafted song with great hooks, dancy music, a great message, and lyrics that make you want to keep listening to the song until they sink in!

The rest of the album is an energetic, eclectic mix of Oi Punk, Horror Punk, Revival Gospel (without the religious shit), and Rockabilly. The band, themselves, call it “Cowboy Punk,” and that’s a pretty accurate description.

To put it all into one box, it’s like a drunken tent revival in a graveyard with zombies.

This is what it would sound like if Granny Tweed did an album with Dropkick Murphys, and it’s AWESOME!

I thoroughly expect this album to find its way into my regular music rotation!

Tracks: (Per Bandcamp)

1. Gonna Get Drunk

2. Me Too

3. I Got Everything

4. Far As I Can Tell

5. Back In Line

6. Mary O’Mine

7. Good As Dead

8. Waiting On You

9. All Gonna Die

10. Dancing in the Graveyard

11. Visitors

12. Slop Bucket

13. Pancho & Lefty



Shakers – Not the Shakers


Release Date: March 27, 2015

Format:  CD/Digital Download

Label: A Jam Records

Location:  Margate, FL

Current Lineup:

  • Pat Stahl
  • Jon Stahl
  • Joe Marino

Favorite Tracks:

  • Just the Facts
  • Sad Song
  • No Fucks
  • Assholes in my Way

Sounds Like:

  • United Defiance
  • NOFX
  • The Vandals


  1. 16 Tons
  2. Sad Song
  3. Desper-ado
  4. Mr. Millennium
  5. Just The Facts
  6. Throw It All Away
  7. Gotta Get Into It
  8. No Fucks
  9. All For Nothing
  10. Pompano Beach (cover of Rockaway Beach, by the Ramones)
  11. Assholes In My Way/hidden song


Ok… I’m gonna call “punk privilege” and break a rule…

When I write an ALBUM review, I write about the WHOLE album… but not this time.

Don’t get me wrong… this WHOLE album is great! It’s one of the best engineered albums I’ve heard for a while… the music, lyrics, and HIDDEN TRACK (which is fucking hilarious) make me feel like a teenager in the 90’s all over again, waiting for my parents to go to bed so I can FINALLY crack the window and light my bowl…

Take the CD out of the fucking annoying plastic anti theft shit… tear open the heat-sealed plastic wrapper… carefully unhinge the bottom of the CD case, so that you can CAREFULLY pull off the identifying sticker on the top… pull the CD out of the case and put it in the tray… close the tray and hit play… take the liner notes out of the case and CAREFULLY re-attach the lid… open the bedroom window… fire up the aforementioned bowl… sit back and get lost in the lyric sheet and the music…

… and then it ends… and you think, “wow… that was great!”

… so you get up and walk across the room about to restart the album, when you notice the song timer is still counting…

“That’s w-”

“BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!” the hidden track begins, scaring you half the fuck to death, and you laugh your ass off (but plan to scare the shit out of your friends)!

That’s what listening to this album is like. It’s a very warmly appreciated flashback to the days of my musical infancy.

The lyrics… the accompanying music… the mix levels… all FANTASTIC!

… but that’s not what I want to talk about…

The events of the last few days have been chaotic, what with former Presidents, billionaires, high level governmental officials being sent a slew of bombs from the #MAGAbomber. These have been strange days for us all.

… but there’s one particular song on this album that I feel needs a highlight, because of the events of this week. This one particular song really hit me on a personal level, because I’m personally guilty of EXACTLY what the song is about.

It’s weird listening to a song and feeling like it’s a “dirty mirror” into your own ugliness. You want to turn away… it disgusts you because it IS you…

… and then you sit there and you stew. You think about the song, and what it means, and what it’s about, and the meaning of the song, and how it applies to you… and you’re less disgusted with the song and more disgusted with yourself.

But still, in your own mind, you try to defend yourself; all the while knowing that you’re at least somewhat wrong… you just don’t want to admit it to yourself.

Here’s where I’m going with this…

There’s a song on the album called “Just the Facts,” that really forced me to contemplate my own words and actions.

The song is about people who have good intentions and want to build a better society, but get dragged down into the shit, with all the other shit, talking shit, spewing shit… and it’s all somewhat counter-productive…

I mean, right now, I’m banned from Facebook for 30 days. This is because a FAKE profile reported me for calling it FAKE.

My intention was to alert other people to the fact that they were arguing with some Russian troll, nowhere near America… but look at me now. What did my words actually accomplish?

Ok… that’s a somewhat lame example… want a list of some of the other things I frequently say to people online? This is the list that really made me have to think about shit:


“_______ deserves the Gaddaffi treatment!” (Name omitted)

“Why don’t you do the gene pool a favor and go fuck a salad shooter?”

“1. Go to a cross burning

  1. Call them all Democrats
  2. Observe their response
  3. If you can cut yourself down from the lynching, report back”

“You’re not even a douchebag; you’re more like a used colostomy bag (full of shit)!”

“Subhuman Deplorable trash doesn’t care about facts.”


… and that’s just scratching the surface of the god-awful shit that I’ve sown…

Sure, a lot of it was written to be humorous, but I mean, that shit is RAW!!!

Over the span of a week, including the events of this week, I’ve been sitting with this…

I mean, here we are, watching people get BOMBS sent to them, and I’m wondering if my own words may have spurred the terrorist piece of shit…

… but then I see the responses of people like the piece of shit in the White House gave, along with Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, and almost EVERY OTHER Republican, blaming the victims and shaming the media for the FACTS that make them look bad…

Yes, I want a more civil society…

… and yes, I, myself, have been GROTESQUELY guilty of spreading my share of discord, out of disgust for one party that’s gone full Fascist, and out of disgust for the other party that REFUSES to accept the severity or recognize the roots of the problem at hand…

Frustration is a bitch. Where are you supposed to put all this shit? What are you supposed to do with all the vitriol that constantly boils beneath the surface, while trying to push society to be better? It just seems easy to take it out on faceless people who you’ll never meet; especially when they say the DUMBEST fucking things, and politicians that CAUSE or EXACERBATE every problem, and the media figures that LIE and create brainwashed cultists; but where does it stop?

I tried.

I tried to be nicer. I tried to be more civil.

But I couldn’t. It lasted all of about 10 minutes (on Twitter, because… you know… Facebook ban).

How the fuck are you supposed to be “civil” to people who think BOMBS are somehow equivalent to a bad dining experience???

… and another question… Eventually, this shit has to end SOMEHOW… but that’s not going to change what’s been said and done… neither on their end nor mine; and when you’ve thrown more shit than a monkey with the runs like I have, the world could be a very lonely place in the future. Is that really what I want?




About the writer:

A? is an Artist, born and raised in Denver, CO. He is 7 shades of certified badass in a candy shell

Wet Brain Hooligans – Skummy P

Recently, we (CPRA) were on the Headklapp Radio broadcast, and there was a brief discussion about the AMAZING young talent that our city has to offer… and then along comes a (way too short) EP that exemplifies precisely what we were talking about.

WBH may have put out a short EP, but they like many other young local bands are paving the way for Denver’s scene.

The album has a “name your price” tag on this album; but the creativity that went into the (roughly ten minute) album, and the PURE FUN that it is, make it priceless.

You can find it here:




Shriekback – Why Anything? Why This?

So, I think the best way to start this is to come right out front and say that while I’ve heard a few Shriekback songs before now, I wasn’t very well-acquainted with their work. As such, I can really only speak from a “fresh” perspective; and not one of a seasoned Shriekback fan. I don’t have the context of the full library of 13 previous studio albums and countless live albums, compilations, and singles to draw from, as I’m sure many of those reading this do.

To those who have been long-time fans, of whom there are many, please bear with the noob.

Let me just start by directly saying, I really like the sound of the band! I hear a lot of things that I like in the music; and given that the band has been around since 1981, it’s hard to say who has influenced who, in some of the sounds I hear. My first thought during the opening track, was that it sounds a little like Midnight Oil or INXS; certainly a recurring sound theme across the whole album. Throughout the rest of the album, I feel I can draw comparisons to Tom Waits, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, and just a tiny little dash of Skinny Puppy. I hear Blue Man Group in the drums, and The Eels in the bass and some guitars.

It’s macabre and poetic, with a little light humor splashed in, here and there. It’s relaxing, but with just enough upbeat-ness to clean your house (albeit somewhat slowly).

I really enjoyed listening to this album. By the end of the album, I found myself wanting to get a few more Shriekback albums, to see what I’ve been missing; so I’m off to the record store, now…

If that doesn’t say what needs to be said about this album from a newbie’s perspective, then I don’t know what does. I liked it, and I recommend it.


You can pick up the new album on 5/25/2018!



Rat Scabies – P.H.D. (Prison, Hospital, Debt

The rock world has pretty much shit on the idea of drummers writing songs, ever since the Beatles decided to put “Octopus’ Garden” on an album. To hear people talk about the song, one would think that it was the musical equivalent of the Hindenburg explosion or something. That ONE song has been a curse to drummers all over the world who want to write songs (a curse which Dave Grohl seems immune to… perhaps we should examine his DNA, for a cure). It’s safe to say, there isn’t a modern drummer alive who hasn’t been the butt of a joke relating to a song that they had absolutely NO influence in writing!

Well, maybe it’ll kill some of my cred, but I’m willing to risk it, in defense of the drummers… I’ll just come out and say it…

I fucking LIKED “Octopus’ Garden,” and I don’t fucking care WHAT anybody thinks about that!


The BACKBONE of the rhythm!

The one ALWAYS obscured by the other band members!

Usually, the CRAZIEST member of the band!


… now…

Having said that, Rat Scabies, the ICONIC drummer from The Damned, has his own album out now, and it kicks ass!!!

It’s eclectic, quirky, and would fall into the same kind of “unclassifiable” genre as bands like Ween. The album takes routes through several genres; everything from Big Band, to Pink Floyd, to a song that feels like you’re in a seedy basement punk show in London, c. 1980; and just about everything in-between. It’s largely instrumental; only a few tracks have vocals, but it is heavily laden with clips from various places.

In it’s entirety, the album is a really fun, very British-sounding album that’s best enjoyed while completely stoned out of your mind. Take a few dabs, pour yourself a nice sipping whiskey (I recommend Tullamore Dew or Bulleit Bourbon), and then sit back and enjoy this trip through eclecticity!

… and because I’m sure you want to know where to pick up this spinning disc (or other means of digital transfer), you can find it here: ​

It’s best heard on vinyl!



Latte + – Everybody Listens to the Ramones Even My Mom

You know, sometimes things just happen to live up to their name; and actually do what it says.

With a name like “Everybody Listens to the Ramones Even My Mom,” you expect an album that’s heavily influenced by the Ramones; and that’s exactly what you get. This album sounds like it could be a continuance of the Ramones legacy, if Joey’s empty seat was filled by Weird Al Yankovic (once I heard it during track #7, “Stitches,” I couldn’t un-hear it… and it’s awesome!), and the band got just a little more “surfy.”

I would say that this album is a fitting tribute to the old school from the semi-new school, in the form of solid emulation of style and technique; while injecting their own personalities into the music, with splashes of humor and a different vocal style from the originals. As a band, Latte+ proves that they’re still cranking out quality, even after 21 years!

The Fullers – Kingdom By the Sea

When you do what I do, sometimes you come across an album that you just love right from the word ‘go,’ but you just can’t find what you want to say about the album…

… such is my current conundrum…

This album is fun as hell! It makes you want to dance! It makes you want to move! It helps you clean your house!

The lyrics are fun, poetic, and pointed; and the music is energetic and rowdy. All in all, it’s most reminiscent of early Streetlight Manifesto, with a little Dropkick Murphys and Bad Religion peppered in, for good measure.

During the last song on the album, I thought it would be fun to hear them do a cover of “Dayman,” from the show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” because the singer reminds me a little of Charlie Day in that song; which is a pretty fucking cool element that meshes well with the demeanor and timbre of the music! While this vocal characteristic is present in spades during the final track, it isn’t as prominent on the other tracks. This has the effect of making you look forward to listening to the album again, to try and hear it in the other tracks (a genius ploy, gentlemen, but I’m on to you!)

This is a great, fun album, and it fully gets my seal of approval!

Now, go and buy it here:

NEON BONE – That Dog Won’t Hunt

Ahhhhhh, the sounds of high school (at least, for me)… Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Weezer, Ramones… it all just makes me feel warm and fuzzy and cozy and squishy and shit…

It’s kind of weird, getting older… when you’re young, you go see a concert at a little theater, somewhere in your hometown… you’re 16 or 17, and it’s loud, and it’s exciting, and everyone around you is jumping, and screaming, and singing along with the band… the whole thing is intense and fresh and new. Maybe you haven’t even heard the band before, but the tickets were free, and you’ve only been to one other concert, but you’re having the time of your life, and you don’t ever want it to end!

What you don’t realize at the time is how those 3-5 guys on that stage are going to end up being some of the most influential musicians for decades, and their sound and style will be emulated by future musicians for the rest of your life… and that brings a nostalgic comfort later in life.

That’s what I thought about while listening to That Dog Won’t Hunt, by NEON BONE. It’s a sound that combines a lot of influential bands that I like into a solid album that offers a warm, nostalgic feeling.

Good times!



The Follow Ups – The Half Of It

Release date: 4/20/2018

Format : Digital

Label: No Affiliation Records

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

Mike K – Guitar/Vox

Tyler A – Guitar/Vox

Jamie O – Bass

Greg M – Drums/Vox

Our Favorite Track(s) : The Half Of It and Monsters

Sounds Like : NOFX, No Use For A Name, Ten Foot Pole, Lee Rocker

From : New Brunswick, Canada 


Canadian punk’s The Follow Ups are back in the CPRA spotlight. As their new ep, “The Half Of It”, drops on 4/20/2018. If you wish to time travel back to the review click here. So when we scored an advanced copy of the ep we were super excited to review it. It’s not often when listening to music you realize you’re actually listening to a novel of some sort. Is this a hero vs villains kinda thing? I am absolutely loving this album. Let’s check it out track by track!

  1. Heart On My Sleeve – This is a great intro and sneak peek into the rest of the ep. I really dig the opening guitar riff and drums. Have you ever been in that situation where you really love someone, and that person doesn’t even know you’re alive? “I’m still a sucker for punishment, just tell me that I can see you tonight”. Man that’s fucking deep!
  2. Krista’s Getting Married – Written to the tune of The Dixie Cup’s, “Chapel of Love”. You know, “We’re going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married’. This is what’s like when the person you’re madly in love decides to get married to somebody else. It’s fucking heartbreaking, but our hero decides to deal. The Follow Up’s really show how talented they are on this track. They’ve turned this older tune, into a rocking psychobilly punk beat.
  3. Monsters – I love this fucking song! I’m guessing Krista changed her mind is now fucking with our hero again. Jesus Krista! Get your shit together! Trying to sleep when your head and heart are stuck on someone else, SUCKS! “I’m running from invisible monsters, and they’re waking up again tonight”.
  4.  At The Drive In – This is a perfect follow up to Monsters. It’s about reminiscing about times long gone. The drums again on this song are amazing!
  5.  The Half Of It – Next to Monsters this is by far my favorite song on the EP. I can definitely see this song landing on Punk Tacos, (Iheart radio you still sucks btw). You know the feeling when a relationship is just awful and will break at anytime? You’re dealing with those monsters in your head and now he/she says, “We need to talk”.  “Hold on till tomorrow, we about to see how bad this can get”.
  6. Rock And Roll Show –  Again the Follow Ups show their talent by shifting gears from a punk anthem like the Half Of It to a hard rock and roll beat. Yet it’s a beat you can grab your girl and dance to.
  7. Tell Me You’ll Be Mine – A simply love song that keeps you head boppin with melody and up tempo beats. Is our hero stuck in the friend zone on this one?
  8. No Remedy – When it’s over, it’s over. This a great progressive song about calling it quits.

Why does this EP kick ass?

The Follow Up’s have created an engaging ep, which shows their talents in a blend of superb punk rock and roll. Their songs are related to the human condition and trying to find strength none can be found. This ep really engaged the younger side of this old school punk. If you know anyone who likes punk even a little, bring them to the Dark Side with the Half Of It. I am hoping we get a tour sometime soon.

Pick up “The Half Of It” on 4/20/2018 here, Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram link – Be sure to also check out their label, “No Affiliation Records”, they have some great bands!

10000 Volt Ghost – 10000 Volt Ghost

In another review, I coined the term, “Breakup Punk.”

Well, here’s another GREAT example of Breakup Punk, as earlier defined!

Let’s get real, here… once the dust settles, and your significant other is suddenly not there, and you sit and think about the chaos that just came to an end; there’s a lot of shit in your mind, and one of the best and healthiest places to put it is straight into your music!

… but if you don’t have your own music as a venue through which to express yourself, then it helps to live vicariously through the music that came from other people’s breakups. After I left my ex wife, that’s the category I found myself in.

The self-titled 4 song EP from 10000 Volt Ghost is an awesome contribution to “Breakup Punk;” my only real complaint is the same complaint I have with pretty much EVERY EP… when it’s over, you think, “Wait… that’s it??? But I want MORE!!! MORE, damn you, MOOOOOORE!!!”

Gad Dammit!!!

If you want to get REALLY excited, and then REALLY sad that there isn’t MORE, then you can find the EP here: