The Penske File – Salvation

Release date : April 6, 2018

Format : Digital or vinyl or both

Label : Stomp Records , Union Label Group

Current Lineup : (Per Facebook)

– Travis Miles – Guitar, Harmonica and Lead Vocals
-Alex Standen – Drums and Back-up Vocals
-James Hall – Bass and Back-up Vocals

Sounds Like :

The Windermeres

The Bouncing Souls

Filthy Hearts

The Gaslight Anthem

Download Link :


The Penske File are dropping their new full length album on April 5, 2018. It’s just right around the corner. CPRA was lucky to get our hands on a pre release copy. And… all I have to say is this album is fucking amazing! It’s been on endless repeat since we first received it. I was hoping for a great release after 2015’s, “Burn Into The Earth”, which by the way is also great!

As I turned on the first track, “Kamikaze Kids”. I was thrown back into the happy memories from the late 90’s running around my friends and going to shows. My friend’s helped me become the man I am today.  It wasn’t the church or the bars, it was my crew. The album also speaks of life and death, take “Spin My History”. We all see these stupid commercials leaving some sort of legacy for our loved ones.

Personally I’ll leave my family my music. So they can take me wherever and “Spin My History”. Although it’s kind of a sad song the presentation leaves a hopeful feeling to it. I also love the song “American Basements” it resurrected so many memories. I loved the harmonica on, “Yesterday’s Getaway”. Along with the drums and melody the song just blends so well. “Are you losing your grip on a one way ticket to somewhere?” This album is for the young and old alike!

“They say it’s love, but it’s somber and holy. The churches and bars they did their best to console me. This is one thing that’ll bring me around. It’s those Kamikaze kids, painting the town.”


Alright let’s go a head wrap this one up. The endless punk anthems will have you singing along in a wired punk rock state of giddiness. Salvation is by far the best album the Penske File are about to release.  They have created an album that will span generations their songs relate to everyone. I personally suggest you pre-order asap! I can see this album hitting some US charts and hopefully Europe as well. You can pick up the album here, . Be sure to follow them here on FB, . You don’t want to miss this one as I’m voting for album of the year!