Sliver – Tiny Humans

Tiny Humans (Ep Preview)

What do you get when Bad Brains and Nirvana collide? You get Denver’s Sliver! We were lucky to score early access to the band’s new EP, “Tiny Humans”. Sliver is an amazing take on 90’s grunge, punk and rock n roll. I hear so many different influences it would be hard to nail them down to one genre. You get Nirvana’s sound from Bleached, along with the drumming from Bad Brains.  Unlike Beavis, we scored getting this preview!


So what can you expect with Tiny Humans? Let’s break this down by a few tracks. I particularly loved, “Emos And Stage Fright”. This distortion drops perfectly with the intro on the guitar. It made me think of driving around in my K car listening to my cassette tapes. Yeah I knew full well the neighborhood didn’t wanna hear my music, but they got to hear it anyway. Let’s move on to the next track, Pissky. With an accelerated surf sound, reminiscent of Dick Dale. This song quickly gives way into very Fugazi like experience. I’m hoping “Tiny Humans” makes it’s way to Bandcamp very soon!

Sliver currently has their EP, Cringe Worthy out now, . You can currently download, “Emos and Stage Fright” from the EP. Be sure to follow them here on Facebook, As well as on Instagram, . We cannot wait for, “Tiny Humans”!