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Best of 2018 Albums and Ep/Lp Picks by CPRA’s Skabones

Best of 2018 Albums and Ep/Lp Picks by CPRA’s Skabones

It’s been a crazy year here at CPRA. We’ve reviewed so much amazing music this year. We debuted our very first show, “Happy Skanksgiving” at Tennyson Tap. By the way our last show of the year, “Merry Punxmas” is on December 29, 2018. I know we all get a bit tired of these end of the year lists. As admins we all couldn’t possibly agree on overall favorites. So we are going to individually announce our own personal picks.


Skabones’s Top Local Full Length Albums of 2018

1. Last Reel HeroLast Reel Hero (S/T)
2. Came And Took ItResume
3. Almataha – Kill The Leaders
4. Weathered Statues Borderlands
5. The Wannabes – Goodbye


Skabones Top 5 Local EP/LP

1. Sunset Silhouette Detour EP
2. RASP State Of The Union
3. Younger Than Neil Never Quite Asleep
4. Married A Dead Man Haunt
5. People Corrupting People Red Herring

Skabones Top 5 International Full Length Albums

1. The Corps Tales From 2814
2. Dirty Work In The West End
3. Off The Mark Aging Disgracefully
4. The Shell Corporation Fucked
5. Fourbanger Never Let Go




Skabones  Top 5 International EP/LP

1. FoL Therapathy
2. Debt Neglector The Kids Are Pissed
3. Millie Manders and The Shut Up Millie Manders and The Shut Up EP
4. Upper Downer Upper Downer
5. The F/A How Riots Start

Flag_of_Colorado Anarchy greyscale

Skabones Honorable Mentions Full/EP/LP/S

The Rumjacks Saints Preserve Us
Grinning Barrets Riot
Alternative Ulster “Boobies, Banjos, Bagpipes & Beer”
The Dead End The Dead End EP
Oh See Demons Personal Issues
Bottom Bracket Is Something Else
Fair Dos Closing In

We reviewed almost 100 albums in 2018. So picking only a few was very tough on me. Happy Holiday and don’t let Krampus get ya! Be sure to pick up a CPRA shirt, patch, or sticker before Christmas! Email soon if you want one by Christmas!

CPRA Pics by Cricket Fox!


45 Seconds That Changed My Life

Recently, we were privileged to be guests on the Punk Rock Horror Podcast…

One of the questions took me by surprise… not because I wasn’t expecting it, but because I wasn’t sure how to answer it at the time.

It was a simple question… “What brought you to punk?” My mind started racing… flashing back through all the years and years of music and concerts and drinking and craziness; and in the moment, I wasn’t sure what to say…

In the time that’s passed since then, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it… when was the FIRST moment when I said, “yeah… that’s me… that’s how I feel…”

and you know what? It all comes down to 45 seconds of music.

45 seconds of comedy and chaos that changed my life forever, and sent me into the world to become what I am today.

Readers familiar with Denver in the 90’s will probably remember a show on channel KBDI 12 (PBS), called “Teletunes.” For those unfamiliar with the show, it’s a shame you missed out!

Teletunes was a music video show… I guess you could say it was Public Broadcasting’s answer to MTV. But the most awesome part was the fact that among the “underground” videos from Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, and the Ramones, they ALSO played a SHIT TON of videos from LOCAL bands!

At that time, The Descendants were still largely seen as a local band… they were pretty big in the Punk scene and they shared a drummer with Black Flag; but at that time, ALL punk was “local” because it didn’t really have much of a “mainstream” appeal until Green Day got popular.

I didn’t have cable, so Teletunes was really my only consistent exposure to music videos; which really gave me a skewed perspective on music videos when I FINALLY actually watched MTV for the first time while babysitting for the neighbors. (“Wait a minute… you mean MTV doesn’t play the ‘Detachable Penis’ video???”)

For years, everyone at school was talking about one video or another on MTV; and since I didn’t have cable, I didn’t really have anything to add… which also meant I didn’t have a lot of friends, because I couldn’t relate. To say I was “unpopular” would be a drastic understatement…

Years later, there I am in high school, and someone tells me about Teletunes… so I watch.

Ministry… COOL!!!

They Might Be Giants… AWESOME!!!

Siouxsie and the Banshees… SWEET!!!

and then…

KIDS ON COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The power! The comedy! The chaos!

Pure, unadulterated musical C-4, set to self-destruct in 45 seconds!

It was beautiful; but it went by so fast…

I had a thirst… I wanted more!

and Teletunes was happy to dish it up! I found out about Warlock Pinchers, and King Missile, and the Misfits…

Ramones… Exploited… New York Dolls… DEVO… Black Flag… Sub Hum Ans… Circle Jerks… Dead Kennedys… the list went on and on!

I had found a home… something that made sense: Nazis are bad, rich executive douchebags are looking to exploit you, society is pretty much fucked, unions (except the police union) are good, and the religious right are a bunch of hypocritical zealots…

All things that ring as true NOW, as they did THEN!

I went back to the person who told me about Teletunes. We became friends. Since then, I’ve made a lot MORE friends! That’s only been possible because PUNKS accepted me… they didn’t care that I didn’t have cable… they didn’t care what neighborhood I grew up in, or what my socio-economic status was… they didn’t care that I have the fashion sense of a Poindexter…

I owe my life, my career, and indeed, (what remains of) my sanity, to a 45 second period of pure joy that opened Pandora’s box and gifted me the life that I now know!

Mark Your Calendars and Bring Grandma to Merry Punxmas!

A Merry Punxmas to all! Come celebrate with Colorado Punk Rock Army and these amazing bands!

Kenny’s Login

The Dead End

The Unfriended

Queen city Sinners

The Swamp Rats

Tennyson’s Tap: 4335 W 38th Ave, Denver, CO 80212

Hope to see all of you there. Let’s rock those Christmas Blues!


Release Date: May 4, 2017

Format: Digital


Location: Long Beach CA

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)
Hector Martinez (vocals) Karl Izumi (guitar) Steve Westerkamp (bass, vocals) Alf Silva (drums)

Favorite Tracks: PCE, Pleasure Fold

Sounds Like: DK, Black Flag, and The Damned

image001 (1)
It should come as no surprise I am in the “dad-punk” or in my case “mom-punk” category. Because of this I am always looking for a new version of the old sound. This is the sound that got me through the angst of my youth. The insecurity of my 20’s and now to the cranky old me stage. I like to yell out the lyrics along with the band. I like a good base line that lays the foundation. I even like the old school punk guitar solo.
I want the founding fathers, Bad Brains, DK, Black Flag with all the different singers and of course OG ST. There’s a reason they are still listened to. There is a reason they have had such staying power, even with the kids today. This is Spider! They can hold their heads up and join the pantheon of old school bands that gave us the good sound. They have breathed new life into an old sound. With each song I listened to on the new EP I said, “I like this.”

By the end I loved it and started it over. This band was raised on West Coast Punk. Every element I listened for was checked off and blown out. The band has seen some ups and downs over the years. They have had some lineup changes, long breaks and an ever evolving scene. They continue to keep Spider going and melting faces on the way. Their sound not only embraces the foundation of punk, but adds something new with each song. I can’t wait for Spider to hit Denver for a show. I am also looking forward to the full length release.


  1. PCE
  2. New Junk II
  3. Barcode Baby
  4. Shooting Stars _ Get Caught
  5. Can’t Control


About the writer: Old crab that stands in the back and complains that it was better in my day, but is 100% for the youth take over. I’m a contradiction that thrives on holding on to rebellion with one foot on either side. – Lala

The Bob Gordons – “Why Is That Funny?”


Release Date: November 8, 2018

Format: Digital

Label: DIY

Location: Perth, Australia

Current Lineup:

  • Horsey Simpson – Lead Guitar and Vocals
  • Tom Manton – Guitar and Vocals
  • Bob Gordon – Bass and Vocals
  • Josh Barker – Drums

Favorite Tracks: Eme Goes Away, UFC, Nightmares, Rabbit, Stop Hate and Jerry Seinfeldhair, and Magic Glove

Sounds Like: The Decline, The Corps, Came And Took It, The Shorts, Nerdlinger and Frenzal Rhomb


Australia is putting out some great punk rock! We’ve reviewed Nerdlinger, The Shorts, The Rumjacks (Now UK based) and today it’s my pleasure to bring you, The Bob Gordons. Hailing from the city of Perth. The band has released their new EP, “Why Is That Funny”.  So let’s check this one out!

The record starts off with ‘Emu Goes Away’ its a badass introduction of great things to come. This song has elements of pop and some skatepunk. The drums really stick out, with some great shreds on guitar. This song is addicting. Next up on the track list is ‘UFC’. I can completely identify with this track. Most punks, not all of course are not huge sports fans. If there’s two sports I despise with a passion is basketball and UFC.  


The pure idolatry of the UFC makes me sick. I mean you’re worshipping a person whose job it is to hurt other willing contestants. Even boxing isn’t that bad. I guess it’s just not my bag. Anyhow this song kicks serious ass. It’s extremely catchy. The drums and Strung Out like sound are killer.  Next up is ‘Dog Rock’. This track is full on speed punk.

‘Liability’ is up next and by far by personal favorite on the record. This one is darker and struggles with addiction. The chorus will have you singing along quickly. There’s a kickass guitar solo as well. ‘Nightmares’ follows up with some great bass and guitar. The vocals are on point.

“It’s easy for you to tell me that everything’s alright, When, you’re not the one that’s having nightmares every fucking night, It’s easy for you to tell me that everything’s ok, Its kinda hard to confess when you can’t find the words to say”

Next on the track list is ‘Punishing Myself’. We call relate to this song. We are own worst enemies when it comes to punishing  ourselves. This one is another you’ll be singing along with. ‘Stop Hate’ is up next and my second favorite. The intro into the song will hook you right away. The drums are powerful, bass and guitar are insanely good.

Next up is ‘Rabbit’. Damn I love this song. It fast and furious with Motorhead meets hardcore sound. I’ve replayed this about a dozen times and seems to only get better! ‘Medication’ is up next and slows it back down to a more pop punk like sound. This is another relatable jam for every one of us.

This next one is called, ‘Jerry Sienfeldhair’ and brings the tempo backup to breakneck. This song immediately makes me wonder why this band hasn’t grown to massive amounts of popularity yet? The last track up is ‘Magic Glove’. This song is fucking hilarious, and kicks ass! The sheer speed and anger is brillant.

In conclusion the Bob Gordons should be playing on your device right fucking now. Their ability to play so many different kinds of punk is amazing. You’ll hear hardcore, pop, skate and even some metal mixed. Pick this up now!


  1. Emu Goes Away
  2. UFC
  3. Dog Rock
  4. Liability
  5. Nightmares
  6. Punishing Myself
  7. Stop Hate
  8. Rabbit
  9. Medication
  10. Jerry Seinfeldhair
  11. Magic Glove (won WAM punk song of the year in April this year)



Death Lottery – “EP II 7″



Release Date: September 11, 2018                 

Format: Digital and Vinyl

Label: DIY

Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Johnny // Guitar, vocals
  • Casidy // Bass, vocals
  • Joe Joe // Drums, vocals
  • Jesus // Guitar, vocals

Favorite Tracks: Tequila w/ Sammy Hagar,

Sounds Like: The Damned, Beat Obsolete, Stiff Little Fingers, The Stooges, and OC45



Florida punks, Death Lottery released their record, “EP II” back on 9/11/2018. Upon first listen to the first track it will get your head bobbing. This entire record, a bit short, but that’s an EP, will get your body moving. The one aspect I truly like is the infusion of classic punk, with the almost Stooges like sound.

Some of my favorites songs on the record are, ‘Wolf’s Bud’, ‘Tequila w/ Sammy Hagar’ and ‘Future Caveperson’. Death Lottery may not be treading new water, but they are breathing life back into a genre punk has seemed to forgotten. I personally recommend picking up the vinyl for a pure sound. Please contact the band via their social media pages for information on picking up a copy.

Tracks: Per Bandcamp

  1. Death Lottery – 12th Meal (Moser’s Lament)
  2. Death Lottery – Jesus Does What He Wants
  3. Death Lottery – Wolf’s Bud
  4. Death Lottery – Tequila w/ Sammy Hagar
  5. Death Lottery – Future Caveperson


The Public Image Is Rotten Documentary touring North America Now!!!


You might love him or hate him, but there’s no doubt John Lydon/Johnny Rotten, has left an everlasting legacy within the music industry. Per the doc’s website, “After the breakup of the Sex Pistols, John Lydon / John Rotten, formed Public Image Ltd (PiL)– his groundbreaking band which has lived on nearly 15 times as long as his first one.

He kept the band alive ever since, through personnel and stylistic changes, fighting to constantly reinvent new ways of approaching music, while adhering to radical ideals of artistic integrity. John Lydon has not only redefined music, but also the true meaning of originality.

Former and current bandmates, as well as fellow icons like Flea, Ad-Rock and Thurston Moore, add testimony to electrifying archival footage (including stills and audio from the infamous Ritz Show). With his trademark acerbic wit and unpredictable candor, Lydon offers a behind-the-scenes look at one of music’s most influential and controversial careers.”


That’s some pretty cool stuff right there. Be sure to check out the movie if you haven’t already! If you have seen it drop a comment and let us know your thoughts! This post will be updated with paid streaming links and merch site once they are released!