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Issue 1

Edward Pittman: A lot of how Toxic Reasons came together is owed to Battlestar Galatica sucking balls one particular Sunday evening during its debut season in ’78/79. A bunch of us who had worked at Dayton’s TGI Fridays would get together and get high. Some were into the sci-fi thing of Battlestar… So, this particular Sunday I’d eaten some blotter acid, and the Cyborgs or some shit were freaking me out so I decided to walk down the apartment complex, (and) walk into the Office to get a pop. I get five floors down and I’m hearing the Sex Pistols being played on an electric guitar. I listen for a minute and it sounds ok. I go up to the door and knock, back then to find anyone who was into Punk was like finding a new best friend.

Bruce Stuckey answers the door and I ask him: “are you guys playing the Pistols?” He says: “yeah”. I ask: “mind if I come in?” Bruce says: “sure, but we are tripping”. I responded: “so am I!”

Inside I met Joel Agne, the other guitarist. He plays on the Warhero single, was on bass to begin with. I go back out to my car and grab some cassettes of the Dead Boys and Shan 69, Gen X. They didn’t know there were more bands. They had been playing in cover band called Exodus, doing parties and stuff- Eagles, Zepplin, Cheap Trick. I was able to steer them away from that with the help of a well-timed visit to Dayton by DOA. Spent the night drinking with Joe and Randy, after that Bruce and Joel were all in.

We got in touch with Jim Carter who was beginning to book bands. He did a small fanzine called ‘I Wanna’, he was managing a New Wave group called The Dates. He introduced us to our first drummer Mark Patterson at a Destroy All Monsters show in Dayton. Mark agreed to come over to Bruce’s place, (where the apartment complex allows for rehearsals). Mark shows up and he is fresh out of high school, 17/18. I’m only 23. Bruce and Joel, 21/22.

But Mark (was) unable to hear real well when we met and thought the name of the band was ‘The Toxic Raisins’, and thought it sounded too ‘new wavey’. He was OK when we straightened him out.

The name ‘Toxic Reasons’ came about from Bruce and I sitting around his dining room table trying to come up with a name cos Jim Carter wanted to put us on a bill at a local club with The Dates and another band, The Rulers. We were writing down stuff, ‘The Torsos’… ‘The Boners’… Bruce blurts out: ‘how about The Toxics? At that moment we were listening to “Never Mind the Bollocks” and John Lydon is screaming “Now I got a reason, it’s no real reason to go under… the Berlin wall” from ‘Holidays in the Sun’, so I says:

‘How about ‘Toxic Reasons’?

Stay tuned for Issue 2 of this story arc….

Courtesy: Edward Pittman and Jared Distortion, thank you

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