Venice Punks On My Arms Release Happiness Laden EP With ‘More Than Drugs’ Out Now Via Mom’s Cellar Dweller Records/Waterslide Records

Release Date:  June 26, 2020                         

Format: Digital & Physical

Label: Mom’s Cellar Dweller Records (US) & Waterslide Records (Japan)

Location: Venice, Italy 

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • GANZ: Voce e chitarra
  • ALE: Chitarra e cori
  • REMO: Basso e cori
  • MARCO: Batteria

Favorite Tracks: Make It Up With You, Never Alone, More Than Drugs, Up & Down, and Going Home With You

Sounds Like: Ramones, The Follow Ups, The Hacks, Screeching Weasel, the Queers and the Manges

We are going through some really rough times as a world right now. The Corona virus is running rampant through the streets of America. Murder hornets and “Karens” everywhere. Ok so maybe no murder hornets, but the never ending supply of “Karens” is getting old. Yes things suck right now, but this is not the end of the world. Perhaps you need some old school punk rock in your life? Maybe an old school 1-2-3-4 Ramonescore beat?

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The Ramones have always been my go to band for a much needed pick me up. Along with some others like the Queers, Dwarves, Lagwagon, and I guess I’ll admit it here, Greenday. Ok so only their first 5 albums. Nothing after that though haha. It brings me great pleasure today to bring you straight from Venice, Italy, On My Arms. They released their latest record, ‘More Than Drugs’ a few days back. 

This EP follows their 2018 album release, ‘Life At Thirty’. Seriously go give that a spin as well! The new EP starts out with “Make It Up With You”. This track is catchy and upbeat. I’d have to say it’s my favorite off the EP. It’s simple and optimistic with great sing along lyrics. The next track is “Never Alone”. This one is heavy on bass. I love it! We all look forward to the next show and a few drinks with friends. 

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The third track is “More Than Drug”. Love can be a dangerous and addictive drug. This love song has some great guitar and drums. “Up & Down” follows with a great kick-ass beat and even some old school Casio sounding keyboard. The keyboard adds that Queers like fun to the mix. The final song is up next “Going Home With You”. It’s fun and honestly made me miss being a teenager again. 

Overall, On My Arms, blew me outta the water. ‘More Than Drugs’ is a fun romp through a familiar Ramonescore landscape while paying homage to the Queers. Plus it’s upbeat and happy in a time where the sunlight may be difficult to locate. 

You should definitely pick this one up right here and right now,

Track List (Per Bandcamp)

1 – Make It Up With You
2 – Never Alone
3 – More Than Drugs
4 – Up & Down
5 – Going Home With You


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