I Am the Owl – “I Can’t See”



Stuck at home, nowhere to go… nowhere is even open… I miss my friends… miss the world I used to know… feel like I’ve lost my connection with the world… hardly know what day of the week it is… been living in my sweatpants for the last month (and they’re kinda starting to smell funky)… the pets are confused as shit, but they love the extra lap time and walks… I’ve put about 20 years worth of mileage into my carpet, pacing around trying to figure out where I want to go walk… life feels “itchy” (if that makes any sense)…

How’s your “corn teen” going? Are you FEELING as “socially isolated” as I am?

I think we’re all in that boat, right about now.

Anyway, as a result of all of this, I have a considerable amount of pent-up frustration, anger, and general negativity; with no shows to go to, and nothing social happening. I mean, we here at CPRA exist because we LIVE for live music and the social scene that comes with it! Without that physical and emotional outlet, I’m going nuts!

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So, when the opportunity came along to review this particular album, I couldn’t contain my excitement! I really needed something with some real meat; something angry; something “screamy”; something that helps to alleviate the mental and emotional tension…

My friends, this project really helped a lot! It really helped to clear a lot of ugly shit out of my head; and if it helped me, maybe it can help you, too!

I only became aware of I Am the Owl in the last year or so. I don’t know why I was so far behind the 8 ball on this one; but these guys from Fort Collins, CO are AWESOME!!!

I Am the Owl falls in the gray area between “hardcore” and “metal.” Frankly, they could fall into either category or both. To throw out a comparison, imagine what would happen if you were to combine Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine with Mushroomhead; then, resurrect Dimebag Darrell and let him in, too.

“I Can’t See” is their newest release (out May 8th). This album is very consistent with their previous work. Each album has six songs, and after you listen to the first two albums, you know when you’re listening to an I Am the Owl song; with their trademark dual vocals, distinctive riffs, and rhythmically-driven instrumentals. They make a WHOLE lot of noise, for just four dudes!

This album is a bit more technical than the others, though. There’s more detail in the solos and riffs. Also, there are subtle areas where the engineering is better than the others. The extra work is especially apparent in the album’s title track; the last song on the album. I kept this song on repeat for over an hour, examining every minute detail.

I feel it’s safe to say, this album is perfectly timed, to help us all get through this with some AWESOME new music that feels like two socially-isolated months worth of “Mosh Therapy,” all wrapped up in six face-melting songs!

Do yourselves a favor and get your STANKY SWEATPANTED ASSES over to Bandcamp and get your copy NOW!!!


You’ll thank me later!




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