The Pistol Mystics Win Best 2018 “Punk Band” From Cincinnati Beat And Drop New Release Recorded By Joe Queer, “Strip Mall Love Longs”

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Release Date: January 1, 2020                 

Format: Digital 

Label: Ammunition Records


  • Cincinnati, OH

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Joe Rains- Vocals, Rhythm guitar
  • Mike Templeton- Lead guitar
  • Jamie Taylor- Drums
  • Seth DeHart- Bass ** 

Favorite Tracks: “All Eyes on You”, “Work My Way

Sounds Like: NOFX, Bad Religion, Johnny Thunders, The Ramones and even Chuck Berry

Over the weekend I was asked to listen and review The Pistol Mystics newest 4 song EP called “Strip Mall Love Songs”. First glance I was a little confused by the image choice, old rusty broken Ferris wheel. I think it was a missed opportunity for a photo of a creepy abandoned strip mall. With broken abandoned carts in the parking lot, but you can’t judge an album by the cover (that’s what my dad always said). Anyways I tuned in via Spotify and have been listening to this album all weekend.

I want to provide you with my honest opinion about this record. Shhiiittt, I’m even listening to it right now as I’m typing. The Pistol Mystics have an interesting origin story. After Joe Rains mutually parted ways with their bass player due to medical issues he added Seth DeHart. **Seth joined The Pistol Mystics after recording of this EP; all bass tracks on this EP were performed by Cheetoh Bandito of The Queers!

Joe chats about the honor they got working alongside Joe Queer from The Queers, which is pretty rad. Joe Queer recorded “Strip Mall Love Songs”. I went into “Strip Mall Love Songs” just knowing this much about them. I didn’t want to see any images or videos of them until after I got to listen to the record. My first thought about The Pistol Mystics?

Rockabilly / Punk/ Melodic sound that takes you back a few decades. Back when parents would have considered this the “Devil’s Music”, because it made you want parents would have considered this the “Devil’s Music”, because it made you want to shake your hips, raise your fist in the air and party all night. The song I probably dug the most and caught myself singing a few times were “All Eyes on You”. 

The drums, the melody of the song, guitars and everything just made me want to get up and groove. Groove is probably not very “punk”, but shit this song had me doing some hip shakin , hand jiven and dancing like the devil myself took over my body. While “Work My Way” gave me this chanty, gotta have you now and I’m going to get it vibe. These two songs have left an impression on me.

Every song on this album has a catchy hook ranging from either
guitar riffs, chorus, back up vocal to even air drumming along. (Hope no one
saw me in my car). I’m definitely adding these tracks to my road trip
playlist. You can check them out here,

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  1. All Eyes on You
  2. Gotta Get Out
  3. Don’t Wanna Smile
  4. Work My Way


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