Screaming At Traffic – “I Don’t Like Sports”, (Neither Does CPRA)

Release Date:  June 7th, 2019                                                

Format: Record/Vinyl/Digital Album

Location: Winnipeg, CAN

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • Jacques Richer – Vocals, Guitar
  • Duncan Murta – Vocals, Guitar
  • Paul Colman – Vocals, Bass
  • Stefan St. Godard – Drums 

Label: Little Rocket Records

Favorite Tracks: They Call Me “Thrillhouse”, I Don’t Like Sports, Bitter, Broken Teeth, and Weekend Cartoons

Sounds Like: Filthy Hearts, Descendants, Neck Deep, Penske File, Eat Defeat, and The Flatliners

Photo Cred Winston Smith

Do you like sports? Well here at CPRA we really don’t like any of the major sporting activities. Ok so maybe some roller derby or some hockey, but none of that NBA or NFL stuff. So when Winnipeg based, Screaming At Traffic dropped, “I Don’t Like Sports”. I knew I had to check the album out. And yes in pure CPRA fashion this album review is super late! We are still playing catch up. 

The album starts with They Call Me “Thrillhouse”. This track is deep with extremely well written lyrics, great drums, and a catchy guitar riff. Check out the video below!

“Y.B.F.” rolls in next keeping up the progression. “I wish you would say something instead of shutting down like you always do”. What does Ybf mean? Someone, anyone, Buehler? This song kickass! The next track is “Pantomime”. This is a personal favorite for me. The changing hooks, and melody drive this one home.

“I Don’t Like Sports”, is the next song. Obviously this track has nothing to do with sports. The track starts out on a somber note as the progression kicks in. We’ve all been in that relationship where you can never win. It sucks to lose, but sometimes you have to lose in order to win. I love this song! “Bitter” is another kick ass song. The drums are powerful when combined with the anthem like lyrics. 

Photo cred Kiwi Photography

“Broken Teeth” follows slowing down a bit. I love the subtle bass line that accompanies the guitar. This track hit home for me. After a bad relationship in 2012 I went down a never ending rabbit hole of drinking and self doubt. I finally pulled myself up. This is a great, “Break Up Punk” track! The guitar rocks on in a Flatliners like tone. 

“And I should never go out drinking before I eat, 

and I know I never looked so good with broken teeth”

“Monstrosity” is the next song. The change ups and hooks are wicked good. “Hey, Koyuki”, follows with a strong bass line intro. Not sure, but I think this track relates to musicians struggling to survive. I am not a musician, but my passion isn’t working the 9-5 rat race. It’s writing and talking about music, but it really doesn’t pay the bills. 

The next track, “Weekend Cartoons”, while starting out in a slow fashion. The track builds into an angry climatic driven ballad. “Naproxen” follows slowing the progression, yet retaining the wonderfully written lyrics. The last track on the record is, “People Pay Good Money For Secrets”. Personally I’m a bit sad to see this record end. 

In reflection Screaming At Traffic’s, “I Don’t Like Sports” is 11 tracks of emotion, intense musicianship, located in an introverts heart shaped box. With tracks like, “They Call Me “Thrillhouse””, “Bitter”, and Broken Teeth. I’ll be playing this record on repeat.

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Photo By:  It’s A Music Thing

Track List (Per Bandcamp)

  1. They Call Me “Thrillhouse” (feat. Bleed American)
  2. Y.B.F. 
  3. Pantomime
  4. I Don’t Like Sports 
  5. Bitter 
  6. Broken Teeth
  7. Monstrosity (feat. Alex Guidry)
  8. Hey, Koyuki
  9. Weekend Cartoons (feat. Jenna Priestner)
  10. Naproxen 
  11. People Pay Good Money For Secrets 



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