Indy Punks Towner Set To Release Debut EP, “Towner” On 7/19/2019

Release Date: 7/19/2019                                                             

Format: Digital and Physical

Label: Crush Grove Records

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Current Lineup: (Per Facebook)

  • EJ – Guitar & Vocals
  • Will – Guitar & Vocals
  • Dewey – Drums
  • Gab L.A. – Bass & Vocals

Favorite Tracks: Freak In Common, These Worlds Are Yours, Calm Down, Moving Target

Sounds Like: Dead Milkmen, The Pixies, Melvins, The Modern Lovers

What a time to be alive! The Indy punk scene seems to be blooming to life again and again. The nice part about Indy is that it can branch off with so many sub genres. You have just about everything Indy now. So let’s check out the new debut EP, from Towner with their self titled release, “Towner”. 

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The EP starts out with “Freak In Common”. There’s some great lyrical writing with some sweet riffs and eclectic drumming. Make sure you find a freak in common with you. Next up is “These Worlds Are Yours”. This track reminds of something you would expect to hear in the early 90s on a local college radio station. 

“Calm Down”, follows and speeds up the progression. This is my favorite on the EP. This song has a possible honky tonk sound, not yet fully committing to a country tune. Indy fans will love this song. “Moving Target” is the last rack on the EP. This the perfect way to close out the EP. The lyrics are catchy, deep and meaningful. 

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In conclusion the “Towner” EP, may quickly become a favorite for lovers of the Indy scene. You can check it out and download here on 7/19/2019,

Track List (Subject To Change)

  1. Freak In Common
  2. These Worlds Are Yours
  3. Calm Down
  4. Moving Target


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