Denver’s Amazing Flying Dumbasses (AFD) – “Adventure Island”

Amazing Flying Dumbasses – “Adventure Island”

Released: April, 2019

Label: Independent



You know what’s awesome about the Punk Scene?

I was just noticing at a show recently, that a lot of the new-schoolers still sport shirts and patches from the old-school bands… even some of the more obscure bands, that I thought NOBODY remembered! But it goes much farther than JUST the apparel… these youngsters actually LISTEN to the music of years past!

Punk just seems to be the genre that keeps to the sounds, rhythms, and original formulas that made it a “thing” in the first place! Going all the way back to its New York and London roots, Punk has stayed consistent. In a rapidly changing world, there’s something comforting about that.

I mean, here we are in 2019, and I listen to an EP that makes me flash back to the first time I heard “Milo Goes to College,” by the Descendants… and that was DECADES ago!

This is best highlighted by the song, “Schlotzky’s.” It’s a song about just wanting a good sandwich, and it strongly reminded me of songs from my own youth, like “Kids on Coffee” and “I Like Food.”

Ahhhhhhh, nostalgia… how I love you…

The average age of the band members is 17… and that gives me HOPE for the future of Punk! Now, we just have to hope for an endless stream of socially and politically conscious, fiercely unapologetic, unabashedly individualistic, regretlessly idealistic youngsters and “juvenile delinquents” (the term of my day) to keep coming into their artistic and musical voices and sharing them!

Now, since I’m SURE you want to purchase this EP, you can find it here:

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I hope you enjoy your purchase… I’m gonna go get some Schlotzky’s… fuckin’ hungry…


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