Lockjaw Records Announces new Lockjaw Coffee and Punk Rock Compilation with Sham Roasters

The Coffee

Lockjaw Records Crew

Per Lockjaw Records, “Lockjaw Coffee is a medium-bodied city/full city roast with zesty hints of citrus,
lemon and almond. We’ve selected a Rainforest Certified bean from the Farallones
region of Colombia. It’s grown without pesticides, fungicides or herbicides at La
Lomida Farm, which also dedicates 40% of its land as a forest reserve and sanctuary
to local fauna.
The coffee comes in a 150g bag with a one-way valve to keep your coffee even
fresher. With your coffee you will receive a private link, allowing you to download our
exclusive Lockjaw Coffee Compilation.”

The Compilation


The compilation is exclusive to coffee purchasers only!

Per Lockjaw, “Available for digital download, the compilation features tracks from Lockjaw and
Sham City favourites, including Adrenalized, Not On Tour, Fair Do’s, Matilda’s
Scoundrels, Haest, Burnt Tapes, Wolfrik and many more.
Download the compilation for review”

This comp is stacked with some kick ass bands!

I want this coffee NOW and the comp of course!

Lockjaw Records: http://lockjawrecords.co.uk/coffee
Sham City Roasters: shamcityroasters.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lockjawrecords/
Instagram: instagram.com/lockjawrecordsuk
Twitter: twitter.com/lockjawrec

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