Kirsten Peckham – “KP Time!” Single Review for new track, ‘Black Lung’

Release Date: 1/25/2019

Format: Digital

Label: Crush Grove Records

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Current Lineup:

  • Kirsten Peckham
  • Additional Musicians:
  • Greg Moore
  • Jared Coyle
  • Greg Simpson
  • Elliot Denning             

Favorite Tracks: Black Lung

Sounds Like: Neko Case, Imelda May, Patsy Cline, The Jazz Spiders, 86-B and Billie Holiday


Louisville’s Kirsten Peckman is set to release her brand new ep called, “KP Time” on January 25, 2019 via Crush Grove Records. FYI – Skabones birthday is the 24th so if you want to send me a gift. Please do! Haha. The days of Bandcamp, Reverb and Soundcloud are among us. There’s so much music out there. Plus there’s also some realy, really bad rappers. It’s not often you may stumble upon some purely unique.

Peckman’s new single from KP Time!, ‘Black Lung’ is a song that deserves some special attention. The memories are dreamy. The hooks enticing and lyrics catching. Peckman’s vocals are beautiful, hopeful, yet in some ways a bit haunting. There’s something in her voice that just makes you want to hear more. So check out the preview below and make sure to hit this preorder link, .

Tracks: Black Lung


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